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    My name is Gend Mikol Vinchent Astrum Soposa and I've been a life long member of the Academy of Arcane Arts. The King has asked that I setup a Celestial and Formalist Guild both here in Valbrough, and at several other places around the kingdom. This is going to pull me in several directions.

    As you may or may not have noticed, the circles in the tavern have been removed in accordance with the law. But, we certainly can't leave the adventuring community with out ways of identification. So one of my first orders of business is to setup a new one.

    I'm looking for an assistant, partner, or apprentice to help manage the day to day of the guild. This includes helping folks identify items, managing the formal library, and maintaining resources for ritual casting and battle. You'll also need to make sure the guild is clean, setup correctly, and generally a welcoming place. I'll of course help as much as I can with this. And you'll have access to my council, resources we can spare, and hopefully one day, I can cease to run the guild myself.

    If this interest you we can talk here. Or when the snow lifts.

    Until then be safe!

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