Ceriopolis Trainers


<A Raccoonkyn dressed in green is seen attaching the following notice to the tavern wall>

With the arrival of so many newer adventurers, as well as the plight of the refugees, I believe it would be good for teachers to be well known. If you are willing to teach, please add your name to this list, as well as a description of the skills you have, and how many students you can effectively teach with a single day's lessons.


<The Raccoonkyn will remain nearby for those unable to read and write, and will write for them>
Name: Zeth, of the Arahkounem tribe, student of Kiarra

Students per day: Two

Skills: Earth Formal Magic, and all skills that lead to it, as well as knowledge of merchanting.

Additional: Students who learn from me should expect to be trained thoroughly in incantations, and may be tested without warning. Also, necromancy is vile and terrible, and so will be your fate if I teach you and you use it.
Name: Thousand Bones of the Bleeding Eye Clan

Students per day: One

Skills: Fighting Styles, Weapon Styles, Slaying Enemies and Disarming them, Stabbing the enemy with great efficiency.

Additional: My training is rigorous and will last up to an entire day. I will make you analyze your mistakes and force you to learn from them. You may need a healer.
Name: Kailin Moanna

Students per day: One

Skills: Alchemy, Identifying Herbs, Cartography, Music, and Reading/Writing
Name: Daylynn

Students per day: One

Skills: Is it Tuesday? If I cannot teach it I can probably find you a teacher, so ask.

Additional: Currently focused on fighting skills.
Name: Garrick Aragon, Headmaster of the New Leaf Academy (Earth Guild)

Students per Day: 5

Skills: All earth magics and related skills through formal, alchemy skills, and the use of a blunt weapon (although I may recommend a more skilled fighter for that lesson).

Additional: I enjoy using puzzles, visual perception tasks, and hands-on methodologies when working with students.

Note: All members of the Academy are skilled at teaching and we are happy to covene classes with multiple instructors across the community should a group of students be interested in learning the same skill.
Name: Gally Thornrose

Students per day: One

Skills: Earth magic, blacksmithing, creating potions, staff
Teacher: Eli'Razael Daeva'Sahkar Saephis

Students: Subjective.

Skills: While the typical and expected skills one would be capable of walking away with include the casting of any degree of Earth magics, the behaviors fitting to society and how to comport one's self amongst various walks of life and races are offered. Philosophy on prejudices, behaviors, expectations and all related topics are to be expected and, once that is understood, moving to topics of battlefield awareness, triage and asset utilization.

Knowing how to perform your chosen skill set in combat is one thing, it is another matter entirely to understand why you do it and to maintain your sense of self is another. Expanding your skill set is laudable, however growing as an individual and a pillar of community is another entirely. History of those who have come before, their actions and repercussions will be available, as examples of study are needed for reflection and resulting discussion.

While many will, undoubtedly, espouse that things such as necromancy is a thing most foul, discussions centering on why this is the case will be regular, as well as difference between necromancy, chaos as an element, and chaos as a state of being. There is no shortage of those willing to teach Earthen magics, however, understanding the vital dichotomy between these thought schools is of import to any who would claim mastery of it, and accepting something as 'bad' for the simple reason of the actions and beliefs of others is willful ignorance that serves only to limit knowledge.
Name: Earthen Apprentice Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth of the Earthen Eye of the Aquilix of Odekrag

Students: One, currently.

Subjects: identification, classification, avoidance and dispatch of locally encountered subsets of undead. Earth magics to the fifth circle. Reading and writing. Archery, though I would recommend my teacher Sprig's skills above my own. I can also teach willing and capable students to be more resistant to mental commands, but willing and capable students are few and far between.
Name: Maealas of the Dúlin Council
Students: One
Basic literacy.
First aid and the arts of healing.
Basic tracking.
Fighting with two weapons.
Fighting with a shield.
How to resist Command effects, and how to break them on others, if you're able. Not everyone is.
How to properly wield sharp objects with one hand, and how to stab select locations to cause additional harm to your target.
How to tell the worth of certain objects, and how to sell them to the right people in the markets.
How to hit a limb hard enough to temporarily stun it. I'm not very good at this one, still learning myself, so I'd suggest looking for someone else more proficient to teach you on this subject.
Teacher: Arkelos Maelstrom

Students: One

Basics of Economics
Shield Use
Celestial Magic
Reckless formal casting
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Teacher: Durnic Daeron,

1 a day

Sword, spear, shield, archery, tracking, teaching, martial proficiency with swords, merchant contacts, reading, writing, parry, riposte, two-weapon fighting, florentine, stylemaster and first aid.
Name: Shin Shanshi

Students: One a day

Literacy in Common, Runes of magic and varied other languages.
Earth Magics of all Circles
Earth Formal Magics
Tracking and Hunting
Herbal Lore and Poultice making
General Anatomy and First Aid
Shield Use and Tactics
Varied sword techniques
Battle Field Theory and Combat Treatises
Moral and Ethical Philosophy
Fortannis Cosmology
Martial Battlefield Techniques
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Name: Taliya

Students per day: One

Skills: Celestial Magic
Name: Septus

Students per day: One

Skills: Edged weapons, two weapon fighting, alchemy.
Name: Hugh

Students per day: Two

Skills: Literacy.
First aid.
General anatomy and healing diagnosis.
Rudimentary earth magic.
The wielding of all manner of weapon, melee and ranged, in all styles, including shield.
Efficient application of force with said weapons.
Various martial maneuvers with said weapons.
Mercantile skills, value assessments and trade negotiation.
Hunting techniques for elusive cuttlefish, squid, and other tentacled creatures.
Name: Karzel

Students: 2

Trap setting and disarming.
Dagger work.
Sword play.
Pinpointing your enemies weakness for effective and efficient dispatch.
Finding vital areas to make your enemies bleed much faster.
Lore about herbs.
How to make those herbs into useful concoctions.
Reading magical scrolls.
Rudimentary Celestial circles.
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Name: Sprig Elliotia, Captain of the Inner Guard for the New Leaf Academy (Earth Guild)

Students per day: one

Back Attack and Back-stab
Herbal lore
First Aid
How to be a fern

Note: All members of the Academy are skilled at teaching and we are happy to convene classes with multiple instructors across the community should a group of students be interested in learning the same skill.
Name: Kidda Copperpot, head chef at Maple Leaf Inn

Students: 1

Celestial Magic of all Circles
Formal Celestial Magic