Changes in nobility

I'm not sure if you missed the lesson we received on the empires justice. So allow me to elaborate. There are several ways you can ask for Justice from the empire. Two of them struck me as odd. The first one is a trial by combat. But if you pay enough you could have a second help you with your combat. Making it a two on one. The other is if two people have a disagreement you can use coin to sway the court in your favor. So if you're rich or powerful or both you can get justice. If you're not well I guess it sucks to be you.
I also wish to add Mr. Gideon. All the points you brought up were discussed between Alhana, Neo, Karstark and myself. Neo and I brought up the "administrative pay" and were against it. I became convinced however that some form of renumeration could be beneficial in getting others to buy in.
So far no one has shown up that I trust enough to put in charge of our town. Every person seems to have some ulterior motive or loyalty that isn't what is best for us as townsfolk, Ardik, or the realm as a whole. I will gladly give up my position. To be frank, I hate it. I dislike having to be pleasant to people who are clueless and stupid. And there are times when I would be just as happy to watch this town implode. But I get up every market day, set aside my feelings, and try To do what is best for all of us. Try to keep people from helping creatures that I already have far too much power and we just nothing but ill. If you have a suggestion for someone to be the mayor and be in charge. Please give me their name I will gladly look into them and transfer power and the nightmare that comes with it to somebody else. So that I can just go back to being havoc, member of the house of games


Thank you for this addition. I don't think our ideas differ that much, simply coming at the ideal of law and order from different angles.

It's good to hear you aren't opposed to non-adventurer ruler-ship. There has simply not been a suitable option thus far.

Thank you for taking up the mantle in the interim, hopefully we can rid you of that burden if a suitable person emerges.
I do not have one in mind, but I will begin looking.

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There seem to be a lot of question about this. I will gladly answer any questions at the next market day. Though it maybe a moot point but this could all change depending how things go between now and then.
If I may say my piece here, I support an adventurer-run administration, for several reasons.

First off, though this much should be obvious, all the adventurers have their own ambitions, moral codes, and reasons to be adventuring. As pleasing as it would sound to say that adventurers are a succinct collection of extraordinary individuals who travel the realms saving their various worlds from destruction, such a notion is far from the truth. In actuality, we are a hapless conglomerate of realm-unbalancing potential powerhouses who, lest anyone forget the gravity of this fact, can COME BACK TO LIFE when killed. Taking these things into account, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that trying to govern such outlandish beings as a normal being would be quite a tall task, and one they would ill be suited for. To explain why, over the years I've been adventuring in Valdanis and Ardik, the community as a whole has shown a certain propensity toward skewed sociological views: where a normal being would be deeply offended to be attacked by their comrade out of the blue, steadfast adventuring friends will fight for the smallest of reasons, and laugh off the cuts, burns, and bruises as childsplay with a few healing spells from their pocket, wounds that a normal being would need treated at a healer's guild or likewise. Adventurers will also sit and watch others be attacked by enemies, and sit quietly eating food whilst it happens, so long as the person in question is picked up from death afterwards. Such mentality is, I'm sure, very unique to adventurers, and thus rules to govern adventurers should be made by those who can understand such a mentality, otherwise they will never fit or be followed.

Second off is the issue of respect. Adventurers are prideful beings, in general at least, and would never take kindly as a whole to an outsider they do not respect trying to rule them. In Baron HaVok's case, even if he isn't particularly loved by every single adventurer, his actions, experience, and deeds warrant and demand respect that could not be garnered by some random beaurocrat from the Empire. It is likewise for the other nobles, who have earned their titles in service not to some random lord, but to the adventurers themselves. If some random Elf noble from the Empire arrived in Ardik and proclaimed that he was the appointed Mayor of the adventurers, not speaking for any other adventurers, I would show him only the respect that would be given to any normal adventurer, and his laws would mean little more than trash to me, because they come from a being that knows little about what we as adventurers do. I would infinitely rather be governed by a human adventurer than that Elven noble, because that adventurer can see from our perspective more than the Empire noble ever could. They would understand that the adventurers as a whole, we are not good, we are not evil, we simply ARE, a state that I simply cannot expect any Empire or other official to grasp.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, of the Seekers.

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While I disagree with your general point, you are entitled to your opinion.

I would like to point out that coming back to life is not a feature unique to Adventures merely an aspect of this world.


I'm sure the fact comes as quite a shock. I, myself, was perplexed to learn that particular truth.


On the contrary, Gideon, not all beings have the strength of spirit to resurrect. In my studies on the nature of the Spirit, I found that there were many individuals lacking such a trait, the strength of spirit to reconstitute their bodies. It is a condition constituting the unique lack of metaphysical bond between spirit and body, one I dubbed, "BLS", Body Link Syndrome.
So far, I have not found any adventurers bearing this stigma, thus my point. I tried to keep my dream on the shorter side, so I did not clarify my statements, for which I apologize.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, of the Seekers.

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Heh. Ok

Well done. You called me wrong, and explained how I was correct in the same dream.


That was, in fact, an error in my syntax. I intended the use of "In contrast" rather than "On the contrary", but a previous dream took precedence over that first half of my thoughts. The message was meant as a concession of fault on my part, please forgive my mistake in execution.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, of the Seekers.

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Paying gold to be considered "a citizen" seems odd. Most of us did not become adventurers to pay gold to help others. At least Pebbles didn't. Pebbles don't give crap about gold. But will not pay gold to be part of da community dat Pebbles has come to love and know as an almost home for years. Pebbles come to help friends and dats it. A huge rift in da town, bigger dan da one already present, will appear if dis goes through....whatever happen to helping each other out of friendship and freewill. When someone dying on da ground, do ya also expect dem to pay you when you fix dem? Dis seems ridiculous...
As I said, I did not I do not want to be in charge of the adventurers. Leading the town is like herding cats. We have numerous different races, and cultures. Adventures by nature tend to be non-conformist. Hopefully my plan will come to fruition. We shall see how persuasive I am. And they may change Everything. I will explain further at the market day.


Do you have a new plan or are you referring to earlier in the dream?

Yes I have a plan. Slight modifications to the plan I had last season. Now I have a way to accomplish it. And yes I was alluding to an earlier post.
Your Excellency Havok,

While I am only a visiting noble - and I would never presume that my words have any weight to them within your lands, if I may be any help with this please let me know.

I will be joining the adventures this upcoming Gather and would be more than willing to be of any assistance with nobility in your lands. I will even assist in the paperwork aspect as that is my speciality!

While I am in your lands I am completely at you and your people's service - I ask you make good use of me, Your Excellency.

Yours In Service,

Lady IronRose of Storm's Rose
Special Envoy of King Grimlock to Dragonreach
Founder of Forgotten Hope

"My Life For Theirs"
"Defending the Dealings of Time and Space"

Sunny (Ark)

Whichever the case may be, who ever is spearheading this operation I would like to talk in person about a suggestion I would like to recommend. To whom would that be that I need to talk with?

Shameless promotion. I love it. As I said earlier in this thread. I will discuss all the changes live and in color at the start of the next market day. After I have made my statement I will yield the floor to any and all questions. I do accept pigeons if you would prefer to ask in private.
As I have also previously stated in this thread, all of this discussion could be for naught if my plans come to fruition. That to will be explained at the market day.