Cheap Costumes and Boffer Weapons?

SkollWolfrun said:
Wraith said:
Inaryn said:
As far as boffer weapons go, there's cheap, there's good, and there's light. Pick two. :funny:
Honestly, as a brand new player? Don't worry about light so much as cheap. You're probably going to end up with very different ideas on what you want to fight with after a game or two anyway, so no sense in investing more than you have to to build something safe and durable.
Which is actually a very good reason to NPC an event. You get time with various weapons more than as a PC.
I'm going to NPC my first event! More for money than any other reason, but I'm looking forward to trying out a bunch of different stuff! :D

Thanks, Luke! I tried to get my vest to look "in period". :D

Thanks for the tips everyone! I'm going to have to do something about my footwear... Now all I have is a pair of black and yellow reeboks. :p