Brother, I brought you home, I will not stop until I bring them home. Ruis your Hiwa is coming and I bring the Dawn with me. The nightmare will end l promise.
The nightmare will stop when Teiran wakes up and exits this dream for some reason my ears are twitching about. Hopefully all the screaming will stop then.

Grrraw hawhaw

Serving always,
Corporal Zimps


Gettysburg Staff

A failure at funny that many times in a row can only be caused by stupid which is understandable in your case, I suppose.



All of you,
It is clear that whatever is going on is affecting different people differently. We need to figure out how to identify questions and seek answers. I am going to need each of you to be ready to catalogue what is going on with yourselves. Any new traits you have gained, malformities etc. I hope that by compiling as many together as I can that something can be learned.

T'vard, Chulainn, V, the three of you have a great deal of time with Barran and central knowledges that might be most useful in helping to put this mystery together.

Santet, it will be very good to see you again old friend. I will be blunt, is Ciarrah travelling with you? I apologize if I have misspelled the name, but she might be singularly helpful in reaching the one place I can think to look.

The greatest power that pain possesses, the greatest danger is represents is panic. I know it is asking a hard thing but each and everyone of you are champions and heroes of so many lands. You all have the strength required to do this, so remain calm as best you can.

Well, Teiran, I know it truth that your breed has griffon. So which half did you receive? Because its obvious but I just want some clarification.

Half loyal, half faithful, all coyote service,
Corporal Zimps

Theo Zhounil


I get a headache when i read. That's about all ive seen so far. Although I can definitely feel the change in magic around me. Also something invigorating but i dont know what exactly.


*noticeable pain can still be heard in his voice * Simon I do not mind sharing our new strengths with you privately but I will not share our weakness with anyone. We are in a very vulnerable state and I can not risk the lives of my family. I humbly thank you,as well as everyone , for the help.


I do not expect anyone to dream anything aloud. Have it written or be prepared to speak when we get together. Keep in mind the weaknesses being afflicted might tell far more than the strengths...but again....this is not the place for that talk. Private contacts would be best. Feel free to do so.



Rayna.........Kailani!?!?! What's wrong? What's happening?
Cuhlainn, what's going on with my wife and her siblings?!?!!?! Are you with any of them!?!?!!?
The Mists are refusing to allow me travel from Synvia. I'm not sure if Bri Sciath is somehow influencing them since this started or what, but I am going to continue to press through to you.
Stay strong, I am coming.

And "Corporal", your attitude is most unbecoming of a soldier of any rank of any country.
Lest you have anything beneficial to add to this matter, I would suggest that you stay....your....tongue.

Oh, and should you be formulating any manner of snark-filled retort for me, save it for the physical realm so you can look me in the eye and say it directly to my face.
Winter I am trying to get home, I have entered the mists, but no mist walker has greeted me yet.
I have a jester's heart and a tongue of a snappy whip at times. I am sure Tieran knows well of the harmless nature I have. In fact I am sure when push comes to shove, he knows I would stand next to him shield and sword ready. Never would I stand opposing him.

Now you, Winterthorn, with no offense I don't think you ever look anyone in the eye. You're always in a kneel or looking aside. Perhaps I'm not as seasoned as you, so you feel you can try to triumph over me because so many you kneel to are above? Even Rayna seems to have more direction and a leaders way over you.

Perhaps you are more anxious because rayna is being affected which if so, I apologize for your family's illness.

I stand by Tieran. Side by side. If you continue to misjudge me, then question yourself if I will stand by yours.

This is not a challenge. This is not an invite. It's more of dont judge a solider by the jesterly attitude when she is off duty at the moment.

Always in service (but off duty),
Corporal Zimps


I apologize for intruding into this conversation, but I feel I must.

If an individual holds a military rank in a Protectorate or in the Royal Guard of the Kingdom of Arandin and chooses to identify herself by using that rank, she WILL act with decorum even when "off duty". She will certainly not disrespect members of the Office of Defense who do, in fact, outrank her. She will also not insult the commanding general officer of Arandin's most closely allied kingdom.
If I feel the need to address this issue again I will be compelled to take punitive action.

Duke Agnar Justicar of Silverfell
-High Lord General of the Office of Defense of the Kingdom of Arandin
*A pained and confused groan cuts through the dream.*

Y-your Grace? AUGH.... are... are you here in Barran too? Be... be careful... I... I will return to... my troops as soon as... I am able...

...please be... safe, Sir...

With a due respect. All I heard is title title title. And ended with a big donkey butt of a title. Title does not impress me nor does it define anyone. I respect those for deserving achievement and service.

I will do something some are cowardice to do. I renounce my corporal title because it means nothing. It is a title. I am still a solider by heart and determination. Any army would be happy to have someone so brave and loyal and faithful. In fact, I am a solider of Fortannis in my eye.

So if you are honored by achievement, service, and accomplishment then lets see you renounce your long title. Become an equal. And become a duke of Fortannis. A duke that is a duke in the heart and not by title.

I was taught well by a teacher close to me. I know what I bark is righteous.

ALWAYS in service,
Zimps, just Zimps


Dame Kailani is among us and is in as good a care as we can muster.

I STRONGLY advise against tampering with the metal fragments until we know their source and function. They are obviously of magical origin and fussing with them by physical means will likely only cause more heartache.

Other symptoms include heightened strength and apparently some kind of claw like growths. As much as it pains me, we must be wary of outside influence on our most loved brothers and dusters, because they seen to be transforming into weapons.

Some may recall the metal spikes that were inflicted upon the ents? Though there is little evidence to support a correlation, keep your eyes open.

In the mean time, treat for pain and always keep your dryad companions in an easily sealed location, lest some foreign entity catch us while out guards are low and turn our most loved friends against us.

In Service,
Tvard Sendal

Theo Zhounil

I'm not going to hear anymore of this.


Shut up. The sun is gone. Were moving out. Your not important unless important people say you are.

Anyone else,
I'm converging on your location whether you ignore my presence, my help, and my obvious skill, or not.

Anyone who is fighting with Zimps,

Congratulations, you're fighting with a 5 year old.
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Gettysburg Staff
Anyone who would casually toss aside a military rank, where people both above and below depend upon your competence, has no place referring to themselves as faithful or loyal.

And is not someone I want standing anywhere near me.

Were it not for the fact that Thermosis calls you friend you I would meet on the field for the disrespect you have shown the Duke.

Tvard, I need you or V to contact me in a private dream.



I suppose I'm lucky that I have no regard for your opinion of me. I am definitely not going to resign the titles and office granted to me for my "achievement" and "service" to Arandin on a dare. I am proud of what I have done and of what I have earned. It doesn't matter anyway, because no matter what may happen, Zimps, I will never be your equal.