None will put me in a sealed location, much less a human. I am no weapon for any but the forests themselves and my family on occasion.

I will personally tear the throat from the fool who set this whirlwind of horror in motion with the very claws they forced upon me. You thought you could dull me by forcing constant pain upon me, but you have only awakened the full fury of nature.

Disregard the drivel and poor attempts at humor of lesser minds. Prepare for battle, friends.

-Liliaceae, Chosen of the Sun


This is a disaster. The forest itself is crying. I can't catch a moment's sleep with all of this poison infesting the earth, and without sleep, I cannot protect it as well as I must.

I wonder if this is related to the last time someone put metal into trees. The mind possessed by the one now afflicting the dryads with this same pain is a mind I would love to meet.

- Rali
I'll be right behind you Rali.


<Zeph's speech is slow and soft but deliberate>
All of you are far too loud so I've been trying to avoid this place but I agree with Simon.
If we can order the races in how severely they are being affected we might be able to find a direction in which to start looking.
Clearly, the Dryads have it the worst. Since Theromosis and his magnificent race is only slightly bothered they'll go near the bottom.
My horns constantly feel as though they are being twisted with pliers so it seems we'll go somewhere in the middle for now.
No need to go into detail but any contribution would be helpful.


Though the magics have made me feel ill. I've found that while holding my weapon, it gets a frost on it.
And to those I've told where, if you need a safe lodging,my house is open to you.I know I don't have the best reputation amongst all of you. I will offer you shelter, and whatever protection I can provide. Contact me in private dreams and I will tell you where to go if you wish.
Artalon Dragonflow
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Gettysburg Staff
Mairead and I will gladly stay towards the bottom of the list.



The Besche should probably be near the bottom as well. Celia and myself have been gifted incredible strength it seems.
This metal erupting from the tree people has me curious. I would like to examine metal to see if it is an unknown kind. Maybe we can find a safe way to remove it. Be strong. Chulainn we will do whatever it takes to rid them of this affliction.



Good luck with your request for one of the children to sit still long enough for you to pull the materials out. They are suffering enough as it is.



I think he means well, being a blacksmith he just wants to inspect the metal and determine what he can from it. However, since it may cause the afflicted even more pain, I would suggest if they aren't willing to cooperate (in which I wouldn't blame them) he may want to find an alternative.
Trevor Dae



We have not met. You misunderstood my meaning. Kerek and I are associates. I merely meant to... rib? him.


You are right, I did misinterpret your meaning. My apologies. I've known Kerak, as well as Noldrik, for a good while now from our time in Ashbury. I will be meeting up with them shortly in Barran, after Kerak and I return from The Deadlands.


I didn't mean to come here, but here I am again... mists are weird. Anyway, I feel... really strange actually, but not all that bad. So I guess Sarr can be put near the bottom as well.

Uncle, I'm glad you're feeling good! I'll try to find you. Any other Hunters around?

-Kiba Shanshi
Topsy, bottom, middle all around. I won't tell you where I should be but I'm sure that dragon can speak for me.



Asheville Staff
Kiba, seek me out when you arrive. I should be joining you for the gather. I need to speak with Ciarrah if she is coming. Santet, it will be good to see you.
I and not quite right. Not awful or painful, just odd.

~ Aisling