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  1. Ryan S

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    Hey guys!

    The CMA is now active for our chapter, and many of you have gotten emails letting you know that your account is now active. However, we've already gotten quite a few players reaching out to us with errors on their character card.

    We can't directly edit XP totals or change the email address attached to your character. For these things we have to contact the CMA technical folks to get things corrected.

    So what I need everyone to do is log into the CMA (here: )and check your character. If you see something wrong, send us an email ( detailing what you need fixed.

    For this upcoming game we'll be using the CMA cards for people who have accurate cards, and our stored cards for people who need fixes to their character.

    Thanks for your patience as we transition to this new system!
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  2. Bigens73

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    I do not believe it had the event I went to in Chicago on here and the long weekend I blanketed I should per our email be at 89xp. Bruisey Foemangler only character I have on the card. Thanks guys.

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