Dealing with the Myconids in Whitford



It appears that our aid is still needed in Springdale. Since we are returning to that area I hope that I might convince some of you to consider the issue of Myconids in the Lightlock Mine. Reports from the mine indicate that our previous efforts were helpful in securing much needed access but the presence of the Myconids slows production.
If there are any who wish to venture back into the mines I would appreciate your assistance. I will do what I can to acquire more alchemy to deal with the creatures and I can explain the lock on the door we visited so that we can handle that matter with greater speed on a future visit

Travel safely
Sir Mathis
Knight to his Majesty Lycergis, King of Dragonreach
Order of the Emerald Flame


I will not be in attendance, but I would like my book back.

If such a venture is attempted, I'll add a 5gp reward for the return of my book.
Certainly not enough to go back in, but if you are going anyway, please look around on the ground for a black journal.



I wish I could help. As I am preparing many gases for the fight. I am currently preparing myself for the trip to wayside and will come back with as many gasses as my shop there can handle. Also any new information you come across will help me creating such things that can defeat them faster and hopefully cheaper.

The brotherhood


I will be happy to assist in whatever meager manner i can manage, as i owe the myconids a return visit regardless. I will meet you all in three days time.



I will check to see what gases I can bring, but I am making a point of it now. If we are doing this and I say its time to leave, I am leaving with anyone who will follow me. I will not watch everyone around me be put in that situation again and I am certainly not risking anyone's spirit to just take another look.
Ardos Irani
Selunari Defender