Denver specific Racial Packets?


Let's talk about the real issue here: Sizeism.

*storms off grumbling about bunk-bed cots made for little girls*

TBH I would love to play a high ogre or stone elf... but that's a LOT of makeup to deal with, and as someone who sweats copiously with even mild exertion, I am severely worried about how it would hold up.

The challenge of playing a stone elf is actually very appealing to me.


Hehe I've played a stone-elf like PC before. I went to a new years party a few months later and people were like "You have a sense of humor???" It's totally a challenge, I couldn't like, just switch into the mindset, took some time to get into it, and some time to get out of it.

And omg...Im also too tall for those beds, I imagine it's utter BS for you.


lol Mike. You really brought the whole conversation perfectly into perspective.


The RL history of that song is interesting (its meant to be sarcastic/tongue-in-cheek)

Lee Nelson

OK, so I want to make sure I've done this right. Since I've never played before I want to make sure if you saw me that you would automatically think, High Orc? I don't want to confuse anyone and have them thinking, "Oh, that's a Troll..... LET'S KILL HIM!!!!" I tried several different greens and ended up settling on this green with brown highlights (???).



The pointy ears are nonstandard for this race, so Plot will have to approve those special -- although IMO, not like you're going to get confused for an elf. You'll just be a mutant high orc with weird pointy ears...

A mutant high orc with weird pointy ears... WHO LOOKS LIKE AN ABSOLUTE BADASS!!!!!!!



I love the coloring! And the costuming! And the tusks! I like that you have dimension to your coloring rather than just the flat cartoon green effect that can sometimes happen with only using one color. Very nice!

No clue on the ears, hopefully Jesse will chime in on that one.

Lee Nelson

Awesome, thank you both. I'll go ahead and just lose the ears for now, unless I hear back that they're acceptable. They were kind of tough to figure out anyway, so it won't be a bother to not have them.


*eyeroll* Just because it dosnt say you have to, dosnt mean you shouldnt if it looks right for the theme and the character. Show me an orc in classic fantasy art that dosnt look better with pointy ears, I dare ya.

The Orc mask I sold Jesse had pointed ears and he was perfectly thrilled. KEEP THEM YO!

THey complet the look and make someone not look like a football fan (yanno... body paint... yeah)... THis looks really good, you rock on with your orc self man : )

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Actually, I super like the pointy ears, and would like to have that as the distinction between the High Orcs and Regular Orcs. Ditto for Ogres.