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Sorry this took so long, I got pretty sick Tuesday, and was just out of it ever night when I got home.

This was my first FEAST! It was really really cool. Thanks to Genevieve and family! And alll the others that helped! It was a cool experience.

I had a blast this weekend. Here are my bullet points in no order

The brothers being jealous of there lack of gifts, “it’s for you Ardos, but your name is spelled wrong”

All the nipple talk. Who does and doesn’t have nipples.

IF a dryad falls in the woods, did it make a sound?

Cyn’s slowness

Free food stand

The people chess game. It was good fun. But it left yonkie all ready for battle. I was seeing red and ready for blood. Thanks for Sword board Bada to the rescue

All thing Mutt. It’s always good to inter act with you!

Scaring Nya after she was talking about me.

Taking glen off in the woods :)

Then taking two dryads, to the secret dance area.

I know there is more, but love you all! If I didn’t mention ya, it not because I don’t love ya. I just forget things as yonkie.

Ohh, fun tavern antics. x

The Fight!

I was all excited about my one on one fight with KO. I was like bring it Ko. We started fighting. And I had to keep stepping back. I was thinking “crap I’m about to fall” and then out of nowhere someone hits Ko on the left. He does a 90 degree turn. Just like in tron and wade off thru them. The whole time I’m shooting. Stop he’s mine. The abruptness of the turn still makes me laugh

The Promise of Adros to make me Invincible agains the spider when he took body only. Only for me to be sad to have to turn him down due to I only can swing body from behind. And the spider moved way too fast for both of us to stay behind it.

The Spider was just scary and awesome! Every time it came on the battle field, I was like, oh no.

There was nothing about the giant fight I didn’t love. It had a cool mechanic. Something for everyone. And made a big bad guy, the newbie goal.

My circle buddy in the way back. While everyone was cramming in the circles in the front. I would sprint forward and enjoy a nice big open circle. Just me and Beryl (oog Sam)

But, every time I ran back there. I saw the flashing. As it flashed I was like “am I going to make it?”. The last flash before it went up, was a little longer than the rest. I though each time, oh no, I didn’t make it, then it flashed down, flashed up, and stayed up. Phewwwww. I made it. That happened ever time. It was pretty cool.

It was just a hand that came out of the darkness. Beaconing you to come to it! It was also funny to see what happened when it hit an unexacting foe.


So it's my turn now. I'm very glad people have gushed a bit so I handle the terrible guilt of doing the same #sorryNOTsorry

This was the best Dragonfall yet.

I know I'm speaking as an owner and plot member so my thoughts are certainly skewed on the matter, but I offer this to refute some of that. I've had a long personal standing mantra when it came to this game: "if I'm not having fun I'm done". There is always stress with running the game, lots and lots of it, but the payoff comes through for me. So when I say I had the best time it's because despite the months of work leading up to it Dragonfall paid me back for all my stress in spades. That can only happen if the community comes through and everyone buys into it all.

So thank you players and staff! This event was amazing for me. I hope it was for you too, but we are talking about me right now... ;)

Let's start with big thank yous. I'm quite certain I am going to goof some of this up. I wholeheartedly apologize for my terrible memory. I assure you it does not cheapen my thanks for everyone that helped us make this a great holiday.

Thank you to Genevieve and her family. Mike, Dave, Kristie, Lisa, Kat, and more that spent time in the kitchen working on the feast. This was the best yet. I couldn't have been more excited with the meat selection. The ribs alone made me want to concur a small country and give it to Genevieve's father in thanks.

To Christopher, Louis, Cory, Plotting/NPCing is the backbone of all LARPing. Without you this would have been just a terrible cosplay summer camp with amazing catering.

To those that rallied to the call of NPCing, again my profound thanks. For those that put in their four hours to help entertain the chapter: TC, Becky, Jenn, Joe, Nicole, Taed, and a few others, you are my rock. Special thanks to Joe M. for giving up Phoenix's spot at the feast with the Order so that Stonefist could be present.

To those that gave up their spot in the Saturday grave yard fight thank you very VERY much. That fight simply wouldn't have been anything like it was without you. We hurled a complex set of instructions and you ran with them. Thank you again for "always going left".

Ok Favorites:
  • Friday night Ko
    • I have had the privilege to play Ko Minmatsu for coming up on a decade now. How that character has evolved is a product of the players and the living world they support. Without question perhaps half of the top ten heaviest/most powerful role-play moments I have ever had as plot have been when playing Ko. This weekend's role-play made me feel like I have only just gotten started.
    • I had hopped to talk to everyone, but it was a big event and the world didn't stop spinning because of tavern conversations (I'm proud to say). Still it was just a privilege to spend so much time role-playing with many people that don't often get enough of the Count's time when he comes to town. More than that it was even better to talk to people from outside our chapter and have truly excellent role-play listening to their stories.
    • Lastly it was a profound compliment to me that several people declined not only on my offered chits but custom personal plot offerings just to sit and talk with the old warhorse. That honestly blew me away. I won't identify anyone because it all belongs to the in-game world but you know who you are. I might have gone to bed after 6am but I crashed with a very satisfied smile on my face.
  • Saturday mods and good times
    • Elemental crunch was fun. We don't often crunch but I loved watching the players adjust tactics and role-play to our elemental cards.
    • Setting Nicole and Joe loose as golems and watching them have an outright blast npcing was just glorious. It felt like we taught them to ride dirt bikes and they immediately took off in the obstacle course. They grow up so fast.... :)
    • The golem mod players. Quite a few newer and lower level players were on this mod. I want you all to know I thought you handled yourselves excellently. We did not pull punches with you and kept the challenge high. You fought well and recovered even better when you made mistakes. It was great to watch.
    • I'm upset I missed the birthday cake mod. I actually set it up for Chris, and then I passed out in a chair in monster camp and he kindly let me get powernap in. So I missed it by tthhhhaaattt much. Still I loved hearing the story.
    • The one that got away. Well he didn't, and Travis learned that jumping down a heavily eroded path was going to cost me later. Like a lot. It was kinda awesome that while I tried to recover I was effectively surrounded. Your follow through still got me. The rest was just bad luck in the end.
  • The Feast
    • I don't think I can say much that hasn't been said already here, even by me above. The mingling role play with the nobles before hand was excellent. I don't think we will ever do the posed pictures again due to how close a line they toed for immersion breaking, but everyone rolled really well with it. In the future we will maintain our simple candid and action shots. I really appreciate everyone trying out that experiment with us.
    • The food. Ok I will pay this compliment again: AMAZEBALLS.
    • The talent competition. The songs, the stories, and the joke. Top notch work. Nothing like Dragonfall gets me deeper in immersion than this.
  • The Prizes and challenge
    • This event is different that all others. I loved how the players all got to make our own fun with so much to do and be challenged by.
    • The Prizes, a big thank you goes out to all who donated to the prize table. It really goes a long way toward helping everyone up their larp game.
    • Special thanks to LARPtopia for supplying us with such great reps and gear for some high quality winnings.
    • Special thanks to Annette and her dragon painting challenge. This really drew out some incredibly creative submissions and is a rare and special kind of interaction with the holiday and players alike.
  • Moments and Role-Play
    • Blue and her artwork of Ko. A left hook to the feels I didn't see coming. Thank you.
    • Cyn's super glow. Wow. I mean... wow. I knew it was coming and you surprised me with your excellent rep.
    • Christopher's servant disarming players. Ko asked that large weapons blocking isles and just generally looking funny at the king be removed. Christopher just starts quickly and British-butler-to-the-queen level of no-nonsense politeness just sweeps through and disarms like 10 bewildered people who wondered what just happened.
    • I'm afraid the name escapes me of our Arrrnnoolld-like barbarian. If I am being honest the voice annoyed me for like five solid minutes... but you held out and made it your own. After that I was gut laughing hearing him ask even general questions and even speaking out of game maintaining the voice.
    • Dark Elf role-play. My people! It's rare I get much of a chance to explore dark elf role-play, more so the SoMi world of DE role-play. Let alone with multiple players. That was a big deal for me. You guys were just great. I am not worthy of your praise. Please come play again with me some time.

And last but not least, The Empress and the Graveyard of the Four Winds
  • We started talking about this mod back in the spring. We wanted to try lots of new ideas. Perhaps only 1/3 of them actually made it to the final fight, and yet it was still very satisfying for us on many levels. My thanks to the plot team for prototyping the arm and body of the Mad Empress aka "Lola" all the way back in April. I took several Saturdays from you to get it working and I'm very grateful.
  • Chad's puzzles and timed circle reps were just plain amazing. They bonded the whole thing together and expanded the challenge to include everyone on the field.
  • Chris's spider "Cynthia" took the pressure and the fear of the battle up and over the top. Hell even I flinched at a 8' spider walking in.
  • Lou for puppeting Lola's arm and making her feel real and alive. That rep is not light nor easy to use.
  • Christopher for becoming our master of arms for our small army of DE spirits. It made the pacing real and the mod great. Thanks also for keeping water on hand to keep our hardworking spirits alive.
  • Cory especially for biting the bullet and keeping the shoulder mechanism upright and functional when it crashed. Your sacrifice of holding an arm in place instead of having a good time fighting was greatly appreciated. If you are reading this and didn't know the arm crashed, you can thank Cory for that.
  • To the players for trusting their plot team in such a challenging and very dangerous mod. Your triumph came in at record speed. You all stayed very in game despite pressure and danger. It really made the mod.
  • To the challenge players and the role-play that followed. Nate, Brooks, Mike, Matt, it was a privilege. To TS, Matt W., TC, Ian, Becky, Baylan... I could just keep on going here... you all made me really feel like I was there even through the stress OOG of making that mod work properly.
  • To all the players. You kept silent, you stayed despite multiple chances to leave, it was a big moment. Yes you heard my voice break with profound guilt and worry at the start. Your role-play got me there, not mine.
  • The line up. Few things in LARP feel better than natural moments. A reluctant commander calls for the spirit to line up. Immediately Dragonreach does the same. Groups, guilds, loyalties, and race all thrown out the window so that everyone could stand shoulder to shoulder. It was truly a movie moment, like straight out of LOTR. Two straight lines of battle clashed head on.
  • "Dragonreach, Charge!". I never thought I would get to be on the field with players to say something like that. There was no script to this fight only cause and effect. It wasn't planned, it just happened. The roar you all let out has placed this moment in the top 5 of my all time greatest in my nearly 24 years of LARPing.
  • Lastly the role-play after everything was done was more than just profound for me. This was something of a background story that took place over 6 years. TC, Ian, Mike, and more... it was truly an amazing ride. I'm just so glad it isn't over yet.

Thank you everyone for making this event not just amazing but one for the history books.

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