Dragonhold Council


The new Dragonhold Council of Fort Alliance will be meeting before the next gather to go over our agenda. With this in mind, we would like to ask if there is anything that you would like us to add to our agenda.

You can add anything here or personally speak with any member of the Dragon Council.


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Here is a list of the current member of the Dragonhold Council:
Valentine, Askeksa, Saiorse, Fredrick, and Orsoleya


Utah Staff
The following notes have been attached to this thread from various folks around Dragonhold


(Note 1)
"The newly founded Farmers Union of Dragonhold demand and audience with the Merchant's Guild of Dragonhold. Prices keep fluctuating between the months, and while our harvests this year have been... bountiful, our profits have largely lowered. There is no demand for the crops we are yielding for the region and we are tired of the lack of profits. The Farmers Union demands that the council take steps to improve our position in the region. If we do not get results, we will walk away from our farms and let the soldiers deal with feeding the people!

Jacob and Lydia Townsend
Representatives of the Dragonhold Farmers Union"


(Note 2)
"To the Dragonhold Council,

The Eastman Lumber Company would like to formerly express our concern in a matter regarding the Wyrmwood. Our lumber mills and employees have been under attack from vines and thorn like creatures for the past 2 months. We cannot fulfill our orders, and the high demand of lumber is increasing. We fear losing our contracts with the region, not to mention disappointing his highness, Prince Malidor. We request the aid of the Company to deal with the infestation of brambles in our region.

Samuel Eastman
Eastman Lumber Company"


(Note 3)
"Council of Dragonhold,

We have watched as you enslaved us, beat us, killed us... and forced your ways onto our culture.
We have seen the horrors of the Empire and the slavers that take us from our caravans.
We anguished when we learned that the Emerald Falcon slayed our captured brothers and sisters at the infamous Litimore Wedding.

And yet, your Prince Malidor showed us mercy and gave us a place to call home in the midst of all the troubles we are facing.
We repaid your kindness by aided your region with stories and friendship; with laughter from the hearts of your children and your families.
We brought a sense of calm during these troubling times.

And yet I have learned of the slaughter of a caravan of my people?

We demand justice for the deaths of the Rateski Family caravan! We demand justice for the crimes you have committed to our people! We demand justice for the loss of our brothers and sisters!

Baron Ghedi”
Myself and others have expressed concern within the hold itself, for the dividing of bounties and loot whilst dealing with threats throughout the area. A reworking is in order for the system in which loot is split up within the town. There are fairly simple ways to make the system much more efficient. Perhaps look to the workings of other shards to make the process faster and simply better.
-The Town Adventurers


Utah Staff
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I formally invite the Council of Dragonhold to my services as an advisory on matters both public and private. Discretion is guaranteed.

-Brother Faux


Posted in the Tavern and the Town Council Hall, with the signature of the Town Council, is the following:

Prince Malidor came to Dragonhold earlier this month to meet with the Dragonhold Council. The Council publishes the following notes from that meeting.

The Council's job is to protect the Outpost and surrounding lands; A promise to protect the land and people must be made.

The Sheriff's job is to defend and uphold the law above all else. The Sheriff is allowed to recruit two Deputies to enforce the laws. The Sheriff and Deputies are allowed to serve in any guild, because loyalties are meant to lie with the people over guilds.

The Council is meant to act as a court and judges if crimes are committed.

Rather than elect a single battle leader, or Warden, the Prince requests that strategy and defense of the town be cooperatively coordinated through the Council.

The Prince will act as his own Regent and not replace Lord Brightstone.