Dungeon Run Group Building 2019

Do we know the times for the runs yet?
Do we know the times for the runs yet?

HaHa I was just finalizing that! Here are the run times:

DR Times
6 runs 90 minutes plus 30 (final order!)
11:00 Mystery Crypt
1:00 The Missive
3:00 Crime City
5:00 PLOTted Against
7:00 Hunting Victor
9:00 Lux Delve

REMINDER!!!! If you are in the first two groups (Mystery Crypt and The Missive) you must be at the hall at 9 AM to help set up. Those in the last 2 groups (Hunting Victor and Lux Delve) are asked to stay and help tear down. Of course, everyone is welcome for both set up and tear down, so if you are in one of the middle runs and want to come early/stay late to help it is greatly appreciated! Also everyone must be on site, in costume and through logistics one hour before your run time; for those in the very first run, you will have time to get into costume and through log once the majority of set up is done and while we are setting up the run.