Dungeon Run Group Building 2019

Discussion in 'Calgary: Out of Game' started by DragonKitty, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. DragonKitty

    DragonKitty Scholar Calgary Staff

    Looking for a group to join?

    Or are you looking to add people to your group?

    Then this post is where you can do that! Some of the runs have participants that were assigned based off a previous mod or because of their IBGA’s. A couple are wide open. But get talking to each other and form your teams!

    Deadline for team formation is February 8th. I will keep this post updated with the teams as you are forming up.

    Currently we have the following runs planned (in no particular order, I will figure out run times later):

    6 runs – 6-7 PCs per - 90 minutes (plus 30 min reset)

    Hunting Viktor – Jaxx, Hamish, T'ellah, Isawda
    Mysterious Crypt – Calan, Jinn, Johm, Mal, Talon
    The Missive – Ruki, Arlyne, Pigeon, Bota, and Sarryn
    Crime City – Samuel, Lorenzo, Thistle, Darco, Liana
    Lux Delve - Mar, Billin, Savant, Tengu, Thoja
    PLOTted Against – Xamot, Morrigan, Cyril, Rohnan, Broolia, Aisling

    If we get more adventurers:
    7 Runs – 6-7 PCs per - 75 minutes (plus 30 min reset)

    See above for the first 6, and add:
    Random Awesome 1 -

    Go Teams!
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  2. Mechtofd

    Mechtofd Artisan

    Since I've been throwing myself so hard into working for the lux I don't mind volunteering to lead the Lux run
  3. Ruki

    Ruki Artisan

    Crime City sounds cool! I hope I can NPC that run.

    But! Joining Arlyne and myself: Pigeon, Thistle, Bota, and Sarryn
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  4. daengermouse

    daengermouse Newbie

    Any details about the Lux run? Is it a "let's go explore with the permission of the Guardians", or more "The guardians command the presence of their Ironroot companions". i.e. is there any IG plot hooking or RP we should know about when choosing our character/ run?
  5. Marie and I will be coming in as our alts and are looking for a group. We have a level 6 earth caster and a rogue.
  6. DragonKitty

    DragonKitty Scholar Calgary Staff

    This run is a "the Guardians have pointed out an area for further exploration that may have some interesting/useful information to find" kind of mod. So, not a specific summons by the Guardians...but could potentially have an impact on future Lux happenings - or not. :p As it isn't a direct summons, and no direct IG plot hook that I can point you too, the choice of character and their interest in this run would be up to you. :) Hope that helps.
  7. Mechtofd

    Mechtofd Artisan

    Billin is in for my run
  8. mythic

    mythic Knight Owner Calgary Staff

    The 2 highest level Earth Casters in a single run?
  9. Mechtofd

    Mechtofd Artisan

    Savant is also on my team now
  10. CRivers

    CRivers Newbie

    I have Jinn, Cyra, Johm, Mal, Lorenzo, and Talon joining me in the Mysterious Crypt.
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  11. mythic

    mythic Knight Owner Calgary Staff

    Currently on the “Victor” run it is Jaxx, Hamish, Nakor and T’ellah. Room for a couple more.
  12. Mechtofd

    Mechtofd Artisan

    Matt and marie if your still looking for a group i'll be happy to have you
  13. Mechtofd

    Mechtofd Artisan

    Matt (draco) and Marie (Liana) are in for the lux run with me.
  14. Myhkul

    Myhkul Artisan

    Shauna, slot in Isadwa or Myhkus somewhere in the last two runs so Brooke and I can stay on a similar schedule. If possible. Thanks!
  15. Mechtofd

    Mechtofd Artisan

    add thoja foja however you spell his name onto my run
  16. Mechtofd

    Mechtofd Artisan

    if i'm allowed a full seven add tengu onto my run
  17. Josh Voorheez

    Josh Voorheez Newbie

    Cyra is out of the crypt run as she is unable to make it to event.

    So if there is a spare earth caster around we will gladly take them, if not then we better be ready for a challenge
  18. Can you remove Nakor from “Hunting Viktor” run as I can no longer make the event because of work related injury to my lower back. Cory is aware of this
  19. daengermouse

    daengermouse Newbie

    Feel better soon Brian!
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  20. Thanks Dean

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