Evodia Season 4: Expanding Horizons - Season Finale Castle Event - Eidolon's War


Minnesota Staff
Welcome to our sixth and final event of the 2023 season; Eidolon's War! We are excited to close out our inaugural season with a great event, and we are excited to see you all in a month! Please review the information below, as there is some new, castle specific, information included!

Thank you,
Alliance Minnesota Ownership


CMA Registration Link | 2.1 Rulebook - Draft 10


Site-Open: 5:00pm CDT Friday, October 20th 2023
Off-Site: 11:00am CDT Sunday, October 22nd 2023


Parker Scout Reservation - Miller Castle
21930 Paradise Dr. N Nisswa MN, US 56468

Parker Scout Reservation : Directions to Camp

Google Maps - Parker Scout Reservation : Miller Castle


Refer to the linked map; you may park in any area denoted with a shaded grey area.

Parker Scout Reservation Map

Sleeping Accommodations​

Outside in the designated tenting area.
Upstairs Main Castle Bunk Room, which accommodates up to 32 people in 16 bunk beds with a room divider.
Downstairs Main Castle Bunk Room, which accommodates up to 32 people in 16 bunk beds with a room divider.
6x Private Rooms, which each accommodate 4 people [See this post for Private Room Reservations]

Outside in the designated tenting area.
Dining Hall Building, which accomodates up to 40 people in a large room (cots will be provided, please bring an air mattress or your own cot if possible!).


5:00 PM: Site Opens. <<Do not arrive before this time.>>
6:00 PM: Logistics Opens
8:30 PM: Logistics Wrap-Up*
9:00 PM: Opening Talk
*Characters may soft lay-on in the tavern once they are checked in

9:30 PM: Lay-On!
2:00 AM: (Major) Plot Dark

8:00 AM: Plot Live
2:00 AM: (Major) Plot Dark

8:00 AM: Cleanup
10:00 AM: Cleanup Concludes
11:00 AM: <<Everyone is Off-Site>>

Location TBD!

Tavern Menu (Food Provided with your Registration Fee)

Many PCs usually have food and beverages for sale for in game coin as well.


The Alliance Minnesota Logistics team has some requests to ensure check-in progresses smoothly for everyone:
  1. Get completely dressed in-character before you check-in! This is extra important if you are checking in late.
  2. Bring all weapon reps you intend to use to be safety checked. Every weapon rep will be safety checked.
  3. Bring a small sampling of your packets if you intend to use packets this event. We will be checking packets for size, contents, and overall safety. (NEW)
  4. Bring all magic item reps and magic item tags with you, every registered magic item will be checked.
  5. Put on all racial reps, costuming, and armor you wish to have evaluated for race requirements and armor points.
  6. If you are a new player:
    1. See one of our New Player Representatives before check-in; they will ensure you have everything you need before approaching the logistics table.
    2. If you are a new player and arrive late, ask anyone to point you to any member of staff and we will sort you out as soon as we are able!


Payable via PayPal or Zelle (Preferred) to gm.alliancemn@gmail.com, you may also pay cash on site.
  • PC: $75.00 ($90.00 if Payment and/or Pre-Registration in the CMA is not completed by 11:59pm CDT Friday, October 13th)
  • NPC: FREE! ($15.00 if Payment and/or Pre-Registration in the CMA is not completed by 11:59pm CDT Friday, October 13th)
2023 Season Membership: $10.00 (All players will be required to pay the membership fee at their first Alliance Minnesota event in 2023.)

NOTE: If you are a new Alliance player, your first two events are half-cost! Additionally, your 2023 Season Membership Dues are waived for the first game you attend!

[NEW] Castle PC:NPC Ratio Policy (Effective this event ONLY)​

In order to offer the best player experience for everyone at an event of this size, we are enacting a maximum 5:1 PC:NPC ratio for the event. This means that if the PC ratio is higher than 5:1, we will NOT allow more PCs to register for the event until we get more NPCs registered. PCs will be placed on a waitlist in the order which we receive both completed preregistration and payment for the event.

Pre-Registration List

Below is the current list of registered players, with record of preregistration status.

<Updated 10:00a CST 10/16>

Pre-Registered PCs​

Player NameCharacter NameComplete Pre-Reg (CMA)
1. David E.HeinrichtYes
2. Nay S.AdlaoYes
3. Laura S.AichaYes
4. Sam S.BerylYes
5. Jared M.GlennYes
6. Ryan S.RoderickYes
7. Jeremy R.IbanYes
8. Reese L.PalucirYes
9. Troy B.EricYes
10. Matt M.StryfvasYes
11. Ria J.RoanYes
12. Eli L.KalenYes
13. Zach H.AidenYes
14. Zach B.TravisYes
15. Gray H.DionisioYes
16. Claire B.CassYes
17. Leanne L.CookieYes
18. Tanner S.VenrickYes
19. Emma B.IlanaYes
20. KittyNatalyaYes
21. Lacey M.CalliopeYes
22. Cory B.NevenYes
23. Jenny S.JaminaYes
24. Emma D-G.EdwinaYes
25. Zach S.ElrosYes
26. Ethan B.OakengroveYes
27. Sol G.KatarinaYes
28. JT E.WillemYes
29. William P.ErickYes
30. Caitlyn W.PennYes
31. Michael S.CecilYes
32. John B.BishopYes
33. Daphne P.EveYes
34. Victoria M.EnokiYes
35. Matt M.von GryphonYes
36. Quinn S.LockeYes
37. Sean O.TylluanYes
38. Dena CM.KalwynYes
39. Morganna P.VenessaYes
40. David R.IganeousYes
41. Patrick L.ArtemisYes
42. $pazShenYes
43. Momo C.OnyxYes
44. Morgan M.TenYes
45. Jacob B.EdwinYes
46. Dani N.NikkiYes
47. Charles F.JackYes
48. Matt M.DesylviaYes
49. Rynn L.AurynYes
50. Dani C.IsaboYes
51. Nate B.NyoYes
52. Carrie B.PebblesYes
53. Ethan R.IgnathisYes
54. Beans S.AuraYes
55. Brenda H.MintYes
56. Aundrea C.CassyYes
57. Brad K.ZihrYes
58. Sid P.BerylNO
59. Kelly L.KiraYes
60. Nicole E.GwenivereYes
61. India F.LeLuneYes
62. Dan P.KylarYes
63. Conner C.FrancisYes
64. Tony M.RaganziYes
65. Daniel C.DasanYes
66. Deforis N.SindrakeYes
67. Tab M.WickYes
68. Curtis W.FaelanYes
69. Dena D.ThibideeYes
70. Paige B.MauverraYes
71. Luke D.MarcusYes
72. Tim V.RexYes
73. Julia S.ZeniaYes
74. Todd W.ThistleYes
75. Shane N.EzrinYes
76. Aaron B.VarusYes
77. Wren R.AzebaYes
78. Samson B.KaineYes
79. Liz H.EuthymiaYes
80. Kori I.AstraeusYes
81. Judah B.Tall SeanYes
82. Brian H.AstryalYes
83. Frank G.DuneYes
84. Jeremy M.NephorusYes
85. Reden R.EdosYes
86. Sam P.EldandirilYes
87. Andrew N.RustyYes
88. Erik L.DramignophyteYes
89. Amy G.BrantaYes
90. Ian H.ThornYes
91. Stephen F.ZodYes
92. Andrea R.GertyYes
93. Tercero C.XelverYes
94. Charlie W.KarlYes
95. Alex M.J'RajjYes

Pre-Registered NPCs​

Player NameCompleted Pre-Reg (CMA)
1. Ryan C.Yes
2. Jonathan M.Yes
3. Nate M.Yes
4. Cole D.Yes
5. Anna D.Yes
6. Ainsley S.Yes
7. Mike B.Yes
8. Becca B.Yes
9. Dylan L.Yes
10. Payton A.Yes
11. Briar R.Yes
12. Bryt D-G.Yes
13. David N.Yes
14. Cal M.Yes
15. Ben K.Yes
16. Scott Y.Yes
17. Josh H.Yes
18. Tabby S.Yes
19. Gordon W.Yes
20. Jordan P.Yes
21. Stuart B.Yes
22. Jonah S.Yes
23. Tony H.Yes
24. Sawyer T.Yes
25. Andrew J.Yes
26. Nathen V.Yes
27. Chris M.Yes
28. Ryan K.Yes

Registered PCs​

Player NameCharacter Name
96. Ib A.Rengar

Registered NPCs​

Player Name

On behalf of the Alliance Minnesota staff, we welcome you to our game!
-Alliance Minnesota Staff
not sure where to place this but, when we need to do an IBGA for the castle event do we wait for next event starting in 2024 or how do we go about doing that??

David Raatz aka Iganeous
not sure where to place this but, when we need to do an IBGA for the castle event do we wait for next event starting in 2024 or how do we go about doing that??

David Raatz aka Iganeous

I don't think it's been announced yet, but I'm certain it will be soon! I'll try to remember to send you a message when I see it so you don't miss it. Will Iganeous be hunting trolls again? :D