Fate is loose.


Not sure which group has been following up on the aspects.

Fate is definitely on the move.

Does anyone have any further information on Fate's abilities? All I've been able to gather is that he can "Influence people's Fate", and quite honestly, that raises more questions than it answers. Is it a chronomantic effect, forcibly steering people toward a different future? Can he effect the past or present as well?

Semantically speaking, "fate" is a construct derived from a transcendent view of time, rather than a subjective one: only when viewed by a being outside of time, such as the World Dragon (I would presume), can the concept exist as an absolute, because everything that was, is, and will ever be has already occurred to the higher being's perspective.

If Fate really can alter timelines, he should be our number one priority in sealing from here on out, especially if he's anything like Hope or Despair. The kind of havoc such a force could wreak if left unchecked would be unimaginable, AND undetectable: if the past was changed by some monumental cosmic force, we would change with it, unaware of what had been gained or lost.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, First of the Seekers.

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That sounds kinda scary! Are these people I should know about as a visiting adventurer? This Fate guy sounds pretty bossy. Is he gonna upset my MWE friend, Kalith?

As far as we know, Fate is a kind of Aspect, so it should be very neutral in nature. So long as we can reason with it, as we did Bob Hope (sort of?), I don't think it should come to any chonomantic firefights. We'll just need to have some tact, and approach Fate as an equally neutral party.

As far as free will goes, I'd love to sit down and have the philosophical discussion on Fate vs. Free will, always enlightening for both parties if he'd be willing!

- Velnaeus Xevaz, First of the Seekers.

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So long as we can reason with it, as we did Bob Hope (sort of?)

I ᴀm hᴀʊnᴛєd ᴛo ᴛhıs dᴀy by Һopє's non sєqʊıᴛʊɾ ɾєpєᴛıᴛıons of "nınє fɭᴀmє" ᴀnd "bєᵹınnınᵹ fıɾsᴛ ᴀıd, hopєhopєhopєhopєhopєhopєhopєhopєhopєhopєhopєhopє."
It was always a gamble with Hope. You could ask him for healing, but there was a good chance a Dragonsbreath got snuck in there. My personal favorite was teaching Hope to sit down.

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I think Bob hope was special in terms of these constructs. Feeling hopeful and having fate messed with. Bob was also kinda dumb so I don’t think you’ll be having any deep conversations. I would be more afraid of fate than despair...

Fate enjoys playing games. And likes to make jokes about cheating fate, as he cheats at his own games.