Favorites October 11th-13th


I enjoyed the entire event. Thank you so much to plot for pulling off such an action packed event! You dudes are amazing! Also, thank you to Hannah and Clay for NPC'ing the entire event. You also rock.

For my favourite moments-

  • Chad screaming 'TRY SOMETHING' after we took forever to figure out our puzzle.
  • NPC'ing.
  • Watching Mathis waddle like a penguin
  • Gafaldin being the ritual 'cheerleader'. I had a great time watching that.
  • When I was hallucinating (the first time) Chad just having a pleasant conversation with with me asking me how my day whilst pointing out the pretty butterflies. I loved that random moment
  • Trying to claw the 'Brood' out of Gabe's chest when I hallucinated the second time.
  • Chris being killed by Phoenix on one of the mods and pulling his arms into his chest in fear.
  • Fighting Chad on the last elemental fight was probably one of my favourite parts of the weekend. I had a great time working around his tactics.
  • The utter look of shame of Chad's face when I missed him twice with doom and hit him with the pin. In my defense, I couldn't see him. I have a flood light in my eyes and was hoping for the best. Still that shame filled look will haunt me.
  • Gafaldin continuing to explain his weird beard experiments.
  • The dock fight with the ooze.
  • Mutt playing fetch with someones wand.
  • The softest most pleasant head shot ever.
  • The three prop monsters were awesome. We had 2 monsters with sound and light effects on the field. We. Are. Spoiled.
While I am a little sad next year we wont have our regular plot team that spoils us greatly, I am really excited to see what next year brings!
What a blast! I had just as much fun pulling an NPC shift as I did PCing (maybe even more cause the action felt nonstop and there was a break from the pressure of being 100% dog 100% of the time).

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but in no real order....

-Salt. All day, all the time, it's my favorite game mechanic and really combines combat and roleplay.

-Playing an elemental that Yonkie (under hallucinoid) thought was a friend of his, and he was determined to save. Mad props to the players in that door fight-- I was able to stand, prisoned, and I took precisely zero head shots while no less than 5 people fought around me. I trusted ya'll to fight in a safe, controlled manner and you did wonderfully!

-Ooze bog. I heard no less than 3 people say "wow, I never knew this part of the campsite existed!"

-Ice encounter. Hauling tail from NPC camp all the way down a death cliff, to the lake, along the shore, past the back cabins, past the pride cabins, and to the ropes course all without being seen. We took the longest route ever and jogged part of it to make up for lost time, but had just enough time to catch our breath before the PC's rolled up on us.

-Spicey Hate Cloud & co. That fight was enjoyable from multiple angles. Not only are we as a chapter spoiled to have prop monsters, but the extra lighting and sound fx were on point. One comes up, there is some controlled concern. The second one comes in, terror level heightens. The third comes in and I swear PC's threw their arms in the air Kermit the Frog style and ran rampantly around. The fight was ridiculously fun and a great use of the field.

-"This is not part of my illusion."

-The Heck! Followed by many plays on words. Heckin Violence, Heckin Concern, Left the Heck Behind, etc etc

-Love Letters convo with Jote! This encounter is going to be very interesting when it happens haha...

-Friday night puzzle! Especially trying to communicate with Belfry in a dimly lit room, about colors and letters.

-The food. I don't think I have ever eaten this much at an event.


Okay, I’m just writing so I get something on the board. If I forget anything, or anyone I’m sorry. Just sooooooo much happened this weekend.
Thanks to Hanna and Clay for npcing! You guys were great.

We had a lot of people step up and npc this weekend, and it was great to see. I personal noticed John / Bada npcing a lot an wanted to say thank you. Maybe it was just cause you were following us around during the ooze thing. But I did notice you npc’n a lot, and it was awesome!

My luck at the Contract being 8, and the Pride being 7 strong this gathering. It worked out for me to have fun playing with a different group.

Stupid Friday night rain, and my gear being at the bare minimum. Fighting monsters that were no effect to silver. Normally I prepare for such things. But I was a little light on gear due to the rain. I did get to re-learn how infective using a two handed sword to block against Travis really is. But wall of forces saved the day.

Then Jote got to use me as a human bridge. Really Lisa, it didn’t hurt.

Then the magma fight. I had me a shiny new borrowed retribution item. And was too eager to use it. Ended up healing our bad guy. Suck.

Bad telephone. We left the essence in the swamp. Then Saturday when they came back weak, like the Celestine said, I knew what to, but nobody believed me.

Friday night was long and worth it.


Having to jogging around the camp .

Collete reading my spell book.

Me trying to sun myself. And Scarlet sitting on top of me, and knocking my tooth off with my own hammer. Just mean. (And no, I didn’t have anything of hers, honest :) )

Summoning the role-play courage to use skills I know I need when I’m hallucinating.

Becoming a member of the Heck. Yonkiecken

Jogging around the camp again.

The very pretty, but packet eating swamp. I really could have used the arrows at the end.

"yonkie where are you going" as I try to sneak away to look for the big bad guy.
"I don't want them to see me as I sneak away, incase they have hive mind, but that's blown now"
another asks, "why do you think they have hive mind?"
"I think every baddie has hive mind, until I know otherwise, why don't you"
"uhh no. Yonkie your mind is a scary place"
"tell me about it"

Okay, lunch over I have more……. Part 2 to come


The thing I noticed most about this event was the abundance of amazing roleplay deliveries. The prime examples I can think of:
  • The last three elementals, obviously. Heard someone say "glowing eyes" and Ilarion's first thought was "biata?!?" and then something worse took form from the shadows. In my case, at least, Jenn's recollection of the PC response was pretty damn accurate.
  • Bristle popping in to the tavern Saturday morning to assist me the PCs against the Elementals. Had forgotten that I had sent him a message. (Heroic leap and casual "Hello there" were Oscar-worthy.)
  • Travis as random fire elemental Friday night, and here's why. I was telling Jake and Naerduil that even though we hadn't warded our cabin yet, some elementals could rift into wards anyway, but I hoped that perhaps it would be a nice quiet night. Travis had no way of knowing I would be saying that and I'm not even sure he heard the conversation, but the fact that I was hit with 6 Flame four times in rapid succession the moment the sentence was out of my mouth, was comedy/drama gold.
  • Whatever trigger made Dust Ardos finally start attacking the Pride. Suddenly the whole mod which had already been ripe with paranoia hit another level of "oh s**t."
Other favourite and/or hilarious moments:
  • Jake's heroic run for help that, literally, saved Ilarion and Naerduil from resurrecting. Like ten seconds away from resurrecting.
  • Salty Yonkie breathing down my neck for five solid minutes because he was convinced I was possessed and Mathis wouldn't let him kill me yet.
  • Taios, Gafaldin, and the Air Elemental.
  • Scarlet is secretly a dragon
  • The Heck! <3 Everything about The Heck. I love The Heck.
  • "It's gonna be okay." "No it's not gonna be okay, it's October!" "....oh crap. It's not gonna be okay."
  • As still a n00b relatively new player, having a moment of "leadership" during the search for the Dust Icon. Directing our blob, making sure everyone was watching our backs and sticking close to each other, vaguely stressful decision making. Thanks to everyone that either encouraged me or let me get away with it.
  • The OOG moment of horror when I realised IG that Banradi is going to be pissed at Ilarion for a long time
  • Ravenswood mod, when we had technically cleared all of the ash elementals but we still hadn't found the source (and I'm trying to search the ground in the dark with one eye), and Inger kindly but blatantly rifted in once more about two feet from the aforementioned source. :D
  • Genuine feelings of pride and accomplishment while learning to use a shield.
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Ton of fun this weekend, and my body was shot in the best way. Some highlights:

  • The escalating terror of the Biata mod as we ran away and ended up exactly where we started
  • NPCing! Got the chance to play my first big card. Wakeup elementals were great too.
    • Sneaking around the entire campsite to hide by the obstacle course.
    • Getting to see behind the curtain a bit to how much thought and discussion this plot team puts into making sure the players are having a good time.
  • Ooze bog fight! What a great setting for a mod.
  • Puzzle mod friday night, and the panic when Chad started rifting in so suddenly after we got the first part right.
  • The Heckin' Heck.
  • Turning around to find like 5 people on the ground and fake-fake Ardos (not real-fake Ardos) looking like he's going to make it 20.
  • "Are WE the baddies?" on saturday night
  • Yonkie's incredible hallucinations. Gamon (?) in the doorway!
  • Running with -and- NPCing across from almost everyone at some point in the weekend.
  • Of course, the prop monsters saturday night. The noises + lighting effects helped them really feel enormous and threatening (the spray of dooms helped too)


Part 2!
the look on Adros face every time I said the same 5 words to him.

Jote being a better battle buddy than me. I left, with out a word, to go sneaking, and she followed! Then the look of Horror when I sent her on ahead to investigate the building without me. But she did!

Mathis cackling that his minions have just done a good job.

Having to work ten minutes, past interruptions, past distractions, to finally land my “bane” joke on Mutt, and to see her laugh.

Watching Pebbles work! She was the only one attacking things while they rifted in. Then we all started doing it.

Shinny and his fast refits. Oh, sooo good.

The 3 monster fight

The rock monster died first. So I gathered the other rock guys, and we went to watch the rest of the show from the big tree. It was kinda of surreal just watching this actually lighting storm, sound and everything thing, move around. It was the coolest fight to watch from a distance, because you could see all the chaos from a birds eye view. We are spoiled. It also makes me want to carry a camera on me at all times. Maybe I’ll repurpose my old iPhone 5s, to be larp ready.

I also got to see Namoi do her thing! And finally sneak up on it!

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Weekend was great! Thank you much to the plot team, npcs, and kitchen folks who make the weekend possible.

Highlights include:

1. Friday night Biata Mod. I could not figure out what was going on and Kanki getting shattered scared the crap out of me. I actually was panicking oog that I was going to have people angry at me for not researching enough or something

2. Major points for Louis being a sport laying on the cold wet ground while I performed an autopsy on the field. Also everyone else being so grossed out over matters. I found that ironic since you guys were the fighters here!

3. Everyone and their mother piling on Blue Friday night. Poor bunny is so not use to everyone coming to her and suddenly having authority and needing to know things. The entire time the Celestine was talking she’s like “I did not pay enough attention to this stuff!” Also made me really upset because I had forgotten all my notebooks at home and was so suffering without them.

4. The town searches. It was interesting to have this little group of misfits that I was in charge of. Even if I feel we ran more by “hey he has a good idea”. Helps get the pressure off the bunny on all this!

5. Ooze mod, location was gorgeous I will say but Becky asks not to ever go back there in the dark and please limit them. That big hill terrifies me and I was praying not to destroy my ankles. I seriously pondered asking for another route cause I did not like that. The bridges and bog were lovely though even if I was on the ground a lot refitting
or dead.
6. The last vault door. Hearing Shiny bitch up a storm about the make of the door was hilarious! I love such role plays

7. Talking insanity with Mutt and Blue touching on what she would do if she had a Biata at her mercy. Ardos just looking at me and going “Uh...are you...promoting Biata genocide?” Before Blue can answer or anyone ask more though the ritual was done and Triple Threat was going.

8. Triple Threat field battle. It was great as we all just started getting organized and asking where things might be and all I hear next to me is Tolib going “Uh... are those glowing eyes?” I look over just in time to see this rock come out of the darkness! Big heroes are on it so I start trying to organize the rest of us to take the little elementals and the we have the next one and I lol past it to see number 3. Cue panic as everyone is running about like crazy and I’m just trying to make sure people on the ground are not dead and refits were someplace relatively safe.


All the amazing work by Plot, the NPCs, Tavern folks, and the great comradery.

Getting to go on Mods as part of: The Heck, The Pride, and the OEF (loved being Mutt's sidekick as rear guard).
Being able to heal because of the gifts from The Pride and from Scarlet Rose ...... I just have to stay alive to use them :)

Hallucinating in the Tavern (twice), and the help I got to keep me safe(ish) - that's a super cool mechanic.
Thudd saving my life (yet again) with his foot stomp, and chastising me (again) for turning my back ... some pesky NPC seemed zeroed in on me :)

The scene when we entered the bog was breathtaking - loved adventuring to someplace different.
Wondering who is the bad DUST things - being paranoid was really fun.
Running around the battlefield like a scared rabbit, looking for a place to refit.

Seeing the glowing eyes and thinking .... oh **** ... that thing is REALLY TALL!
Hearing the roaring sound from another and wondering when it was going to take off like a hot air balloon.
Running away from the evil rock.

Having a spell pouch nail me on the end of the nose while I was leaned against a tree [heal+teary eyes=wide awake]
my Saturday NAP!

Regarding: Jake
Jake running to town for help & hearing Mathis publicly thank him.
Chuckling at his new hiding place in the Tavern, in the corner behind a crate.

Hearing about Jake saving two fellow travelers by going for help.
Yonkie (once again) trying to get Jake to do something foolish.

Not being at the meeting between Sir Sebastian and Jake was ideal, loved hearing about it.
..... The bracer granting Jake access to Fort Aegis and allowing him to speak with Sir Sebastian is perfect!

FROM: Jake
Running to town for help from the woods
Saving Taed and Naerduel by running for help when we got ambushed by the elementals
Talking to Sir Sebastian
Enjoyed talking to Naerduil in the cabin.
I like traveling with Tolib

FROM: Kiara (Diane)
Watching the three monster mod
Getting to help out in the tavern
Talking to people