Staring at the tankard, Elly opens her mouth to ask, then thinks better of it. "I think so, yes." She turns to Ruki. "Since you're the sober one here... we should only be about 3 weeks, but if things go awry... well." She shrugs. "You'll be busy fighting feylords and holding weddings and what have you, but a spare search party might be appreciated?"


“Adraxis” Calan exclaims with excitement. “Your going on this adventure too! That’s fantastic.” A grin passes over his face. “It’s always a good idea” he pauses a second “to travel with friends. You know in case something happens.” Calan giggles a bit. “Wait what do you mean unbalanced? Are you suggesting I’m crazy Elinor?” He throws her a look of suspicion. “Don’t worry, me n Ruki will come find ya even if you do think as much.”


Ruki smiled and nodded to the two new arrivals. He then turned to Elly, "we'll definitely search for you. You're our comrades in arms! Plus, we need as many people as we can that are willing to delve into the Reaches. I do hope you find what you're looking for and that you return to us in three weeks feeling fulfilled."


Calan raises up his finger in exclamation. He then rummages through his pouches again and pulls out a scrap of purple fabric. “ I don’t have the ritual.” He blinks a few times as he wobbles. “But this is a scrap from when I made the banners and sashes. If you keep it with you. We can . Hic, we can locate you.” He offeres the fabric to Elli.
Elly looks surprised. "That's... wonderful! And such a good idea for one so deep in his Intoxicants." She laughs as she tucks the fabric into one of her pouches. Readjusting her shield one last time, she motions to her two companions. "All right, boys. Let's hit the road." She gives Calan one last finger wag, "Don't die while I'm gone." And she disappears towards the portal.
Genevra is walking, looking down to assess her (somewhat limited) preparations so far when she nearly runs directly into Elly.

"Oh, Elly! Hello! Have you seen--" she spots Oathsworn behind her "--Adraxis. You are supposed to tell people when you run off. I wandered all over Calanhelm! It's... frightening to lose people. Where are you all heading with such purpose?" She returns her attention to Elly for the last.
Halfway through the door, Elly stops and holds it open. "Feel like going on an adventure?" She smiles. "Could use your help finding my brother."
Her smile falters a little. "Well, perhaps you'll get a chance to find out for yourself." Stars, let that be true.


Calan wanted to talk to Evo, but decided against it given his current state. Instead he clapped Ruki on the shoulder.

“Should you happen to see Evo let him know I would like to speak with him.”

Calan then stumbled away.