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Discussion in 'South Michigan: Out of Game' started by AvacynIronRose, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Hey Guys, Gals, Non-Binary Pals!

    Feels like all I am doing is asking for help but- as a lot of you know I missed last game due to health. While my health has improved greatly - I am not as strong as usual (and lets be honest I am not that strong to begin with :))

    While helping my husband load up the car with all the healing house supplies and my characters supplies I realized exactly how not strong I currently am...

    While I always have an amazing amount of help setting up and taking down the healing house I fear I may need to ask for a little
    Bit more this time. Everything should be the most organized it has been and ready to go in the boxes - in theory... but if anyone has extra time during set up I would appreciate it! I can offer nothing but my thanks and a mom hug but really you will get the mom hug no matter what lol

    If time runs short on me there is a chance the Healing House will not be open Friday night and I can finish Saturday AM with set up- I really really do not want that :)

    Thanks for any who can help- I will try to make it as painless as possible :)

    Gratefully Yours,
  2. Grianadhmad

    Grianadhmad Artisan

    Since I'd asked to overnight in the Healing House anyway and that's where I spend most of my time in-game, I have no problem helping you out Nette. :) I'm sure you'll probably have other volunteers too.
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  3. Thank you Taed !!!
  4. Grianadhmad

    Grianadhmad Artisan

    Bear in mind that I only got on the road about an hour ago and I'm probably not going to be there till 6 or 7... But if you haven't gotten help by then for some obscure and strange reason, obviously I'll help with whatever needs to be done LOL

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  5. Naomi

    Naomi Artisan

    I will of course help set up/unload for the healing house. Let me know when you get to site

    I'll be there soon
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  6. Grianadhmad

    Grianadhmad Artisan

    I've got about 80 minutes before I get there, 70 if I speed a wee bit LOL. Nette said it would probably be another hour before she got there, she's thinking more like 7 or 8.

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