[.11] High Orc Racials


Can I ask what the thought process behind replacing Resist Fear with Resist Poison for High Orcs was? I really like Resist Fear on them from an in-game standpoint, and it will be a major change for a lot of players who are used to their PCs being able to shrug of fear effects as that is a very noticeable and prominent bit of High Orc roleplay.

I can't see it as a 'simplification' point, as other races with multiple racials seem to be keeping them, and in fact adding to them in the case of Kin.


Fair enough. I guess I've just seen enough stuff over the years with voice radius fear effects that 2 build seemed fairly useful spent there.


Alliance Rules
Barbarian player here with two Resist Fears.

Thing thing that I've found about Resist Fear is that you either use all of them or none of them. Most of the time it's a dead 4 build on my card. In October I'm probably going to fight something Halloween themed and I'm going to use all of them and could use about 12 more after that. While it's something that I'm a little sad to see go from a thematic stand point, I'm more happy to receive something more universally useful in exchange.


With the removal of Terror, it wasn't considered a valuable effect anymore. Since it only covered one specific effect, that was also weakened, as fear went from 10 minutes to line of sight.
Backing @Alkalin3 up on this one: this was absolutely the reasoning. With Terror gone (woo!) Resist Fear was considered "sub-par" compared to other racials.