House Therion


Solveig sat in a chair by the hearth of her new home. As the fire crackles beside her she sighs and stares into the flames. She was troubled and while the house was empty she had time for quiet contemplation.
Her mind rested on her wedding, it had been joyous, standing there and pledging her heart and her life to Sarryn, but it had also been tense and even horrific at times. She had invited the Duke out of noble responsibilities and also out of a hope that he would lend some much needed aid to the Lux.
She thought back to right after the ceremony as she walked back to the tavern with her new husband, she had been so filled with joy and then Sarryn started to explain the Duke’s guest. Tears came to her eyes as she remembered the story he had told her, of the horrors the duke had inflicted upon her allies.
Her joy was quickly replaced by sorrow as she realized what her attempt to win this war had done. She had rubbed salt in a wound she didn’t know even existed.
As she watched her friends and family enter the tavern she smiled at them all as her heart was torn apart with guilt.
Every gift came with shame for her. Until that final gift was offered, not to her but to Sarryn. That belt...
She let out a shaky sigh as tears ran down her cheeks.
After the duke made the offer she could remember the quiet of that room, that had previously been filled with laughter and song. She had been trembling and trying desperately to hold it together. She knew that he couldn’t refuse, it was a wedding gift from someone who was technically noble, not to mention extremely powerful.
That silence felt like it lasted a lifetime, until those agonizing words were heard...
I accept.

Solveig brakes into tears as she remembers how quickly people left. She knew right then that either way, her husband would go through the circle for this. She knew that is was her fault, she had invited himand caused so much damage in doing so.

She stood up abruptly as her sorrow turned to freezing rage. She began to pace in front of the hearth as she recalled what had happened next.

The day after their wedding she watched Sarryn’s spirit shatter as the belt was removed. She had slowly picked up his belongings before heading to the circle to wait for him. Mal had followed and she was grateful for that. Who knew that she would find such an ally in the Orc?
She was seething by the time she reached the circle, and had it not been for Cameron’s kind words to Sarryn as he coaxed him home, she was ready to strike down all of the people who had taken this opportunity to air their grievances with Sarryn. She had yelled at Evo and the Fatespinner as she stood waiting to see if he would come back.

Solveig chokes back tears as she calms herself, her hands trembling.

And then, that same night the Duke had arrived and she went to speak with him. It took all of her will to keep herself from attacking him. Instead she calmly spoke with him, offering him the chance to make things right. Still, he had refused with cold indifference to the Lux’s plight. She felt the rage well up inside as she said she’d speak with the others. Everything she had done, with the vain hope that she could prevent more deaths like Cassiopeia’s, had been for naught.
Her fists had trembled that night as she listened to what the others had to say.
It had felt good to tell the duke they would never stand with him and to strike down all of those undead.
She stopped in front of the fire as she thought of the duke. His smug behaviour and all of the harm that she had found herself a part of, the pain of those she considered family and friends....
She slowly drew her knife and slid it across her hand, the edge biting into her skin next to the scars from last weeks oaths. She watched as the blood dripped onto the floor with silent determination.
she moved her bleeding hand over the fire burning in the hearth. There was a faint sizzle as her blood fell.
She whispered to the flames as she’d been taught to.
“Dam, hear me now, wherever you are. My name is Solveig of house Therion. You will do well to remember that name, for it is the name of your end. You have hurt those I love, you are a blight upon our realm and you tried to take my husband from me. By the blood in my veins I give this oath: I will strike you down, no matter how many times I need pass through that circle, I will destroy you and everything you’ve built.” She sighs and then raises her voice. “Solveig of house Therion will be your end.”

Solveig sighs deeply as she wraps her hand in a cloth. Much to do, so much to do she thinks. She leaves the hearth and heads to the kitchen as there are sounds emulating from it, perhaps someone was home after all.