House Therion

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Solveig smiles happily as she passes the needle and ink to Sarryn.
“yes my love, just dip it into the ink and pierce the skin.”
She sits back and lays her hand out on his knee.
Sarryn reaches over and takes the needle, a bit of a shake in his hand fearing of messing up the design that his wife has shown him. Taking a deep breath to steady his hands and looking deep into Solveig’s eyes he steels his hands and begins work on the tattoo. Pausing to look up “Is this correct or do I need to use more pressure?”
Solveig winces as she nods.
“that is the correct pressure my love.”
She leans back and closes her eyes as he continues to work.
nodding and then continuing with the work he does his best to make it as close as possible to the drawing. “There all done my love” wiping the blood away and kissing it gently “I hope that it is correct my love” placing his hand on the table he smiles while waiting to have a matching tattoo
Solveig smiles as she inspects the lines on the tattoo.
“it is perfect my love, now, close your eyes and think of the Lux.” She chuckles at her own joke and begins tattooing him.
“Think of the Lux?” Sarryn snorts and a slight grin comes to his face “I love you thank you for being my amazing wife”
Solveig chuckles, grateful that Sarryn enjoys her awkward humour.
“Thank you for doing this with me love, it really means a lot to me.”
She does the last poke and wipes away the blood and ink.
“There you go love, all finished.”
Flexing his hand “Always, marks us that we will be together no matter what. Also I guess we probably shouldn’t go out fighting for at least a few days, don’t want to get the blood of our enemy’s all over us. Stay in for the next few days?” he says with a raised eyebrow
“I have no idea what we could do...” grinning Sarryn gets up and walks over to the door making sure it’s locked and then turns to the closet opening the door and pausing
Reaching in behind the clothes that are hanging Sarryn pulls out a couple boxes and places them on the table. Then goes back to the closet and pulls out a few sides of leather. “Haven’t used this in a while but I have a couple ideas of some things we could make”
“Was thinking of making some armour for us and also some for our house. Almost like a uniform, something not to large but something we could all share in wearing”
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