"I search you"


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So this happened at the last event I was at. Player 1 walks over to NPC1, states "I search you". Player 1 at no point in time has either knelt down or gotten in arms reach to NPC1. Player 2 notices this and kneels down, places his hand on NPC1's torso and states "I search you".

My question/comment is, should Player 1's searching be valid? Now there are no hard fast rules on this (and I don't think there needs to be), but to me I would not allow them to search them. Just like with first aid the same should apply to searching (I do agree that first aid is a skill and searching is not, palming is another story ;) ).

In this situation the NPC told the Players to physical search him. To me he must of felt this was the most fair way of doing it. Again im not looking for any type of official thing, just people opinion.
I feel you need to role-play your search. If you aren't even close to being able to do a search then 'I search you" just doesn't cut it. If I was the NPC in your example I probably would have given the treasure to PC #2. PC#1 didn't get to it soon enough and was usurped by PC#2.


In the times that has happened to me as an NPC, I ususally pull the same card; either physically search me, or describe your search.


I generally apply the rule as an NPC and PC if your hand can touch me and you have demonstrated this then the search is valid and it takes a long as it take to search said thing as long as it take for the NPC to get out the treasure. I will on occasion ask people to describe their search if the intent is to have them searching for something specific.


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I would give my treasure to which ever guy was not Dave Balsome.


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Coincedentally, all of my treasure is Spirit Locked until searched by someone other than you.
I hate the serching thing but funny storie (I think its funny)

We fell this Goblin that has beed waylaying people all night much much to easly 9he was amazingly good at RL sneeking)
we have him dead and he says (roleplay serching physical contact ok) so we are serching him rolling him over going into pockets ect..
and 2 very nasty dark death thingies are sneeking up on us and I say look out behind us!
one high lever player (wont name him for fear of embarsing him) looks back says Oh god Run run run and him being very very powerfull I run over branch litterd ground in the darkness faster then I have ran before!
hey when your level 8 and a level 30++++ says OMG run run you RUN!

I personaly dont feel its right to in the middle of combat serch my (very few) kills so I get almost no Tresure
I see healers get nothing at all as there not fighting and only healing
I have mostly group with a bunch of casters and healers and we get so so little coin
last event I grouped with a bunch of fighters and got a lot.

I dont like the way its done now but it is realistic and sometimes realistic is not fair



I had an instance once where a player gave me a harsh look when he attempted to search me while he was already searching the other npc on the other side of him. And by that I mean he looked at the other NPC and said, "I search you", then looked over at me and said, "I search you too" I said to him, but you're already searching someone, and then he gave me the look.
Personally, I'm in totally agreement that you should RP the act of searching someone, at least to the point where you are on a knee with a hand on or out toward the NPC, sometimes searching takes time to find what you're looking for. I guess we should be glad its not a timed skill. Imagine taking 30 secs to search, and then having the NPC say, "You find Nothing"....ouch..

Robb G

haha.. actually, that would be awesome if it WAS a timed activity.

but then again, people would just wait around for the bodies to disapate.


Just so I am clear. Who does not feel it is right to search in combat, you or your character?
Based on your last post you have found that the best way to solve the problem of searching is to diversify your group skill set which really is the point of this whole game. Get everyone involved with everyone else in some way shape or form.
me the Player Frank Smith
I dont want to be yelled at personaly to be serching someone elses kills or serching while a battle rages on and people need help
its a totaly personal problem.

if I roleplayed my character better I would serch everything that fell as I am playing a merc and he should be taking the shoes off the feet of the dead
its a totaly OOC problem I have.

I sugested the loot be given by a marshal at end of battle to encourage and make turning in tags more desired and to make the game more fair for everyone
it is totaly not IC and the way it would work to do it any other way then it is now.
sneeky and rotten Characters should be able to loot kills they didnt kill and loot durning battle this is totaly realistic and if they can get away with it thats the way it is.
I personaly feel bad for healers who self sacrifice and fighters that dont serch untill after battle or when things are going well and get a chance

The main idea of the game and larping is to haev fun its a balance between reality and fun and its so very hard to do
fun (for me) is everyone getting a fair ammount of tresure and no one feeling hurt or left out
totaly unrealistic not the way it would be IRL but its a personal want for a for lack of better term Commie system
everyone doing all they can to win the day and after everyone getting an equal share but its not going to happen

Robb G

i can't stand behind your idea because by your own admittion you want it changed for the purpose of "it's fits your OOG personality"

Any rule or policy change should always be thought of in a global sense. how will it affect everyone? what benefit does it give to the game? what negative aspect of the game does it fix?

i do not believe that the way treasure is handed out by NPCs is a negative aspect. it is relatively realistic. just because you feel bad about it or don't participate in it because of your OOG issues doesn't mean it needs fixed.


I have at any given time 1 if not 2 persons on my team whos job during wave battles or any fight is to search our kills. I have been at times that person that all they did was search kills...I also "sold" my services to other players following them, healing them as needed and searching their kills...of which I get a cut of that which I collected..
Yes it would like it changed for my personality but it would help others also

its a debate between Realisim and fariness and Fun

Realistic would be whover loots it gets it
Fair would be ever one trys there best in a fight and everyone benifits equaly
Fun would be that everyone gets tresure not just the people who serch but every one gets tresure

its not just me that it would benifit it would benifit the healers who dont kill stuff and cant sersh
it would benifit the lower level players that are taking a larger risk of death but killing less and getting less tresure
it would benifit the more noble players who wont serch while others are in danger

there is no right or wrong anwser its a philly argument over Comie system VS reality VS fun and any way you work it some will be not be happy

PS: personaly I dont care about loot
Yes I would like to find a lot and be rich and have great items but its not my goal or somthing I have to have
I worked as a body guard getting 1 gold a day for many games turning down a share (they tryed to force me order me to take a share) last game when deviding the pooled loot it came to 94.6 devided between ten of us and I took the 4.6 to make math easy becouse truly its not an importan thing to me
but I would like to get more goodies and I would like a better system where everyone comes away with tresure and is happy not just a few people are happy
every one getting money and goodies makes no one getting nothing and in the debate between some getting less vs some getting none I would rather have some getting less then people ticked becosue they got nothing


Robb G

I think it's relative. i don't agree that your "commie" system would be fun or fair (both being relative terms)

I think you need to look into IG solutions to your OOG dislikes of the system.


But it wouldn't benifit the low level players as much, because in the system you spoke of, you get treasure based upon your level. If a level 7 Adept goons a baddie and takes his rit scroll, then thats far more treasure than he would have gotten in a "fair" world. The fact that I might be able to kill something, and if I have time to search it MIGHT get a cool item or a lot of gold, is what is fun and exciting for me. I also know many healers who brave the lines and are standing with the fighters who often follow in their footsteps that have the time and the oppertunity to get treasure. IMO that makes sense. If you are willing to take the risk of being where the steel and spells are flying, then you earn your chance to pick up the stuff. If you just stayed on the side lines to be "safe" then you don't get the treasure from the fights. This leads to the discussion that has happened many times before of conpensating your healers for their services.

I guess my biggest point is with what your saying is that as an individual, just by yourself, it can be hard to get treasure. You've got to get lucky either in killing something yourself, or getting a chance to loot something cool. Otherwise, join a team. If the fighters are making all the money, find a few fighter friends, have them be your sugar.


You are correct it is a philly argument that spawns others as well such as"
what is "Fair": Should someone who contributed greatly to an encounter be compensated the same as those who may not have even though all parties tried "thier best"
what is "Fun": Those characters that consider "treasure" to be fun should be searching things. Those characters that don't find the same fun in treasure don't search things (there are those people out there). If the character is inteded to be the former but acts as the latter then some self exploration needs to be done.

As far as the noble character looking out for the greater good. I am all for that type of character however they usually learn that to survive they have to have someone looking out for thier own well being (like hiring a young adventurer to search thier kills so that both of them can afford to eat in the tavern at the end of the day.)
it would becouse the new players have to stay back becouse they are one or two hit kills
they dont swing for a lot of damage so dont get the killing blow
they are new and dont fight for what they deserve
healers and spell casters that are low level dont get to kill anything and they save lives and help

I was extremly lucky to be with a group all by my first event that was very nice and devided all tresure equaly and thats great but not ever one gets that