In the Portal Room- Epilogue: "End of the Line..."

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As Aezir stumbles through the threshold, a massive wave of magical energy blows through behind him, knocking down anyone in the large stone room, Breachers or public alike.

The entire complex trembles to its very core as the shock passes through it; stones shaking enough to release a fine powder of dust into the air. A chorus of surprised shouts fill the chamber, along with the clattering of people hitting the floor.

A massive "CRAAACK!" echoes over it all as the portal's arch fractures and crumbles, sending another quake through the ground.

Then, nothing.

Silence hangs for a moment as everyone simply remains where they landed, stunned.

Then the whole situation begins to dawn on those present; frantic murmuring begins, along with the sound of at least one person scrambling to their feet. A tall, dark-haired man is among the first - wearing heavy, dark silver armour, otherwise dressed in black and silver.

"WHAT?! NO!" He bellows, the outrage clear in his deep voice, his pale eyes flashing at those that had just flung themselves through the threshold. "What just happened?" Many others, dressed in the robes of the Arcane Sanctum stare at you all as well, their gazes demanding the same answer.
Pulling himself to his feet, Siegart groans and immediately grabs his right thigh where a considerable amount of blood is spreading across his pants. Both it and the tattoos on his arm feel like they're on fire. He coughs as he looks around, the dust in the air scratching at his throat he croaks, "Is everyone alright?"

His brow arches as the man in black and silver bellows and calls to him, "A dragon happened sir, the outpost of Parson's Breach is no more."
Aezir quickly gets back on his feet recognizing the man exclaimed "Basically, Lord Blackburn, it's all fucked." Spying Talon still with Aezir's and the Earthweavers' chests he rushes over. Opening his chest and grabbing a piece of paper he writes a quick letter. Taking Veritas from Talon and handing him the note he says "Take this and the chest to The Fatespinner, and get me a room in the Enclave and store my stuff there." Turning to look at Siegert. "I'm going to have to stop working for you until further notice. If I don't come back have Talon pay you out of our contract and let him keep the rest." Taking some of his supplies and coin he rushes out the building before anyone can stop him.
Kai coughs, then blinks and looks around. She has good view of the blood on Siegart's pants, as she is lying on the floor beside him. She coughs again, and then rummages in her shoulder bag, producing a purple scarf that she wadds up and pokes him with. "It's not a bandage, but it's clean and should help until we can get you a healer."
Scarlett's ears ring as he pulls himself to his feet, a stabbing pain in his temple. The world around him tilts back and forth around him as the reality of what just happened sets in. "Gone... it's all gone..." he whispers as he touches his head where the pain is and feels the blood soaking into his hair. He then stumbles to the nearest wall and slides down into a sitting position as his vision goes dark.
Kai has started to dig through her many boxes and pouches for her healing potions. She finally finds one for Sigert, just as Scarlett staggers up. She hands it over to the Tari Nor, and then glances back at Scarlett, who is now against the wall with blood seeping from his head. "Well ****." She scoots across the floor, and tries to make a binding of some sort out of the fabric of her winter hat, but she is clearly out of her depth here. She belatedly looks over at the other folks piled on the floor, unable to tell who else might be hurt, and panic raises in her. "MEDIC! WE NEED A MEDIC!" She dumps a cure-something into Scarlett's mouth, in the rush to stabilize him.
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Tengu rushes over from the far side of the room and assists Kai, quickly assessing and applying remedies with the Fox-kin. Having finally an opportunity to assess who had made it through he noticed that Stig was not there; the Biata only hoped that the hardy Northerner had made it to the safety of the newly raised Lux.
Ruki was slow to get to his feet....he looked around at his fellow Breachers. Hurt. Anguish. Fear. Anger. Sadness....this may have been the end for Parson's Breach, but this is only the beginning for Calandonia.

He moved towards Siegart with the Tari Nor's box in hand. "Don't worry. It's safe...."
Scarlett's eye's snap open and he gasps in a deep breath. "Oh good... it was just dream" he says in a state of shock, his head rocking back and fourth. After a moment he puts his hand to his forehead and opens his eyes to his friends around him. "Wait... it wasn't a dream... was it?" he says to Tengu and Kai.
With a grimace he downs the potion that Kai hands him and tries to stand. Grunting audibly Siegart makes his way over to Ruki and opens the box, stating "Good. That's the important part" before taking the box from the ginger human.

With that he moves over to the man in black and silver asking, "I can see whom you work for sir, though I wonder as to your distress."
All others present watch you recover from your arrival, clearly unnerved. The warrior-like man's face pales at the words offered him.

"Dragon? How'd it... so quickly... just saw it, from Rookroost..." he stumbles, nearly dumbfounded as the only one among you that he (currently) clearly identified was gone as soon as he appeared.

When the Tari-Nor steps over, his gaze scans over him, and some level of recognition alights in his eyes; his expression otherwise grim. "The Countess refused to abandon the Observatory without her people. We were able to get some out, but most are still there, Siegar-- Adeptus Major Autumn-Walker. Including her and the Marquis."
Having tended to those needing immediate aid Tengu stands and observes the occurrences going on around him. The name Lord Blackburn means nothing to him but this is apparently an individual of some import. A hundred potential scenarios begin flashing through his mind but of immediate import, to him, is returning to the site of Parson's Breach in order to assess the damages and ensure the safety of those left behind.

Approaching the Tari'Nor Tengu speaks in a calm manner "Siegert, we must act quickly. There were many left behind who may be in need of aid and defence. Shall we begin organizing a caravan of supplies and military support? I am not certain of all whom may need to be involved but I will consult with the Fatespinner in Isawda and Aezir's absences."
"However, on that note, I must take my leave. This conflux of Celestial energies is most discomfiting. If you require my presence I will be at the Earth Enclave."
Placing his fist to chest in respect to Lord Blackburn Tengu walks over to Talon. "I am prepared to take the Earth Weavers belongings as that I am going directly to speak with the Lady Zanthia. Would you prefer that I take the Earth Weavers chest and Aezir's letter?" Seeing that Talon was prepared to depart as well Tengu leaves VERY quickly, the pain caused by having Celestial magics all around him evident on his face and in his posture. (Continued in Earth Weavers thread.)
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Billin got up quickly and assessed himself, all seems to be in one piece, being one of the first through probably helped in that regard. 'Everything is gone' he thought 'everything in my workshop melted in dragons fire, now I have nothing to show for my time' he thought sadly
"No, not everything." Billin said aloud but only those closest heard over the shouting of Lord Blackburn. 'I have all of the friends and allies that I have made still with me'

Billin helps those around him to their feet and then wonders over to Scarlett "I am afraid not" he replies to the question, even though it was most likely not posed to him. "What do we do now?" Billin asks as he holds his hand out to help Scarlett up.
Getting up groggily and brushing the dust off himself, Sarryn shakes his head and heads over to Lord Blackburn, clasping him on the shoulder steadying both of them. "Aleks, we need to get a whispering wind to them to check if they're okay, and yes, it was THE dragon that showed up." Nodding to Tengu as he departs, "I agree, we need something to get both of them out, as well as Ana's people."
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Shock wears off and Evo re-engages. He reassures those remaining, "Friends. We are in the best place now to regroup. You all have agendas and lives to lead, but do not lose sight of the threats to our land. If you need anything that I can provide, or if you need direction, just ask me."

To any Calanhelm Sanctum staff present, Evo commands, "When he arrives, let the Archmage know I have gone to the Circle with what remains of the Breach's Circle."

To Sarryn and Blackburn, "Whatever damage the dragon will do to the Observatory will already have been done by the time we arrive. Send a message and I will be with you. "

Evo departs with the Celestial chest.
Scarlett stares at Billin's hand for a moment then grasps it and clumsily pulls himself to his feet. "The only thing we can do my friend." he says before Stumbling and catching himself by grabbing Billin's shoulder. Looking around the room at all of the people then at Billin and says "We rebuild... stronger and better than before. We will use their fire to fuel our forge and harden our resolve. Show them that we will not be intimidated and that our allies will bathe this land in light and vanquish the darkness." Scarlett tries to take another step but falters "Billin, would you mind assisting me and my things to the Hammer Outfitters compound? We must speak with our superiors about what our course of action should be."
Jack sat down heavily against the wall, his belongings scattered hap haphazardly around him. "I wanted to visit my home, but not like this... not like this." Jack closes his eyed and leans his head back. "I'm gonna go sleep for a bit". Pushing himself to his feet, Jack collects his gear and slowly heads to the nearest inn.
"Of course" Billin says as he helps Scarlett out of the portal room. 'We will not be defeated, not while we have people like Scarlett who never give up' Billin thinks as a smile slowly crawls across his face.
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