In the Portal Room- Epilogue: "End of the Line..."

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With nothing more than a brief glance towards Lord Blackburn, her expression neutral, Victoria looks back to Siegart. "Understandably priorities for many have changed. Do what you must. When Ruki and Xamot are ready I will meet with them as they have requested, word will be with the guards to show them in." Turning towards Az'Caine and Zanthia, Victoria nods her head in respect and says "Forgive my abrupt arrival, word reached the Palace very quickly and I thought some extra hands may be needed. Luckily we had a few blankets and supplies left over from the refugee crisis last winter so things were close to hand. I shall return to the Palace and ensure any other assistance needed within the city is in place. I wish you good luck on your upcoming journey, and as always, if there is anything either of you need from the city before you depart it is yours." Nodding her head again in respect to both of them, Victoria turns to leave knowing she has done all she can here and would only be in way or cause distraction by staying.


Barra waves off one of the Duchess' attendants and feels his head clear as he finishes tending his own wounds. Glancing around, he decides that there is little he can contribute here anymore. Bowing to the gaggle of nobles talking in the middle of the room, he quickly stumps out, hoping to avoid catching the Fatespinner's eye and muttering to himself about dragons, breachers, and the general foolishness of everyone that isn't him.


Zanthia nods to Lord Blackburn as he leaves, as well as Duchess Victoria.

"Excuse me, Lord Az'Caine," she says bowing, before turning to the room in general. "Earth Weavers of course have lodging at the Enclave. All those without accommodations can come with us now until you make your own arrangements."

With this, Zanthia and the remaining Earth Weavers depart for the awaiting carriages outside.
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