June 17 favored moments!

I'm normally horrible about these so... lets get it shared!
  • The trial was amazing to watch and see the range of emotions, followed by the blood curdling scream that set EVERYONE on edge and after their weapons.
  • Falling completely into character Friday night, having a flash of 'this is my first death' before the person I was with found the door handle and we rushed to safety, then watching the horror that was the ship fight from entirely too far away (with good reason).
  • A Dark Dank dungeon as I absorbed as much information as I could about both interviewers and interviewee...
  • TEA! Finally! BrambleNut tea is delightful, and definitely spelled that way and not with another B.
  • Helping Squire Noah with a team full of Rivervaleans. I love when I get to go out with them.
  • "Duty does not stop even if you don't watch the time."
  • Major impressment with everyone that came to crash a cultist's picnic. Things could have gone sideways at any time, but everyone played it cool.
  • Teaching a bird to read and write, and trying to figure out words to demonstrate sounds... X is still hard!
  • ANOTHER soul shattering moment as details of Dreadrot's forces attack and people scrambling to provide assistance.
It was an amazing event...
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Hello! Wanted to pop in and say a few things:

Friday night:
-The trial. Though I was distracted with guard duty what I did see and hear was great. I liked the atmosphere, the tone of the situation and the RP of all that were involved. So glad I could spectate!
-The 3 thieves in the tavern. Brom had come in after they had already started to hock their wares. Seemed sketchy. Mirror-monsters appeared. Helped fight them. Came back to even sketchier "not thieves". The whole situation played out intensely and I enjoyed it greatly. The 3 NPCs (who's names I sadly don't know) were fantastic and RPed it super-well. Very enjoyable experience!
-Coming together with Connor, Adrian and Radulfr to discuss ghoul stuff. Don't want to get to into the details but I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 of us talking, brain storming, sharing info and ideas and basically uniting in our shared cause.

-Helping Squire Noah with his task. It was great to run a mod with Rivervale and Aikoll. As always it went down well as we are such a well oiled machine after so many years adventuring together.
-Soldier spirit mod: Abi did a great job portraying the soldier spirit. Jordan I am convinced went easy on me in our fight but it was super enjoyable none the less. A fun diversion for sure!
-Getting to help Bobby/Squire Connor with a lead on some criminal activity. Again I don't want to go into details OOG but it was great to watch Connor step up, come out of his shell, and handle the situation so dutifully. Brom chose his squire well :)
-Even more ghoul research! I am eating up this plot line like it is my job. I mean, ghouls are undead, Brom is a Vigilant member, so it IS his job... but... yeah... you know what I mean.
-Noble court. Some tense discussions and decisions to be made. Quite enjoyable.
-The mirror monster fight was fun and unique. The timing of it was clever and I think I speak for all involved when I say it was a super fun fight.
-Dinner with Rivervale. I love our team so much. I also enjoyed interacting with Trace as Squire "Good Heart". Great conversation and company!
-Undead mist fight. Holy heck that has got to be one of the most enjoyable field battles I have participated in since the start of the game. Everything just clicked and made that fight virtually perfect. Plot and all the NPCs involved knocked it out of the park on that one.

These are but the highlights that are fresh in mind. I have a great weekend and thoroughly enjoyed all my interactions with PCs and with plot. So sad I have to miss the July game. I mean, not sad because my daughter will be born around that time. But sad I can't live another life with so many great people and lovely friends.
Such a great game! SO BUSY!! So many great moments, and never a dull second.

  • Feeding thunder lizards in the healer's guild with Puck
  • Walking up to the midnight metal serpent and exploding it with Puck! SO MUCH DAMAGE
  • Playing around with the death rod in the middle of the field. Finally solving the problem only for it to re-appear later on that night.
  • Getting really excited to kill some order elementals, and then quickly realizing how worthless I am against them
  • Wizardin' School! All of the travellers are fantastic, so much fun!!
  • Getting to spend more time as the satyr, this time visiting people he already knew
  • The mage's guild mirror group exploding the serpent on saturday! Poor lagarde, being our meat shield
  • Convincing many people to touch the death rod. What could possibly go wrong??
I already can't wait for July!
The travelers and I had such a great time. Thank you Denver for your amazing setting and cast of characters. Acarthia is one of Luke's favorite lands to travel. I appreciate the intro mod where plot updates us on how we can help blend in and be a part of your guys amazing world.

The opening trial. I wrote a whole speech to explain why lagarde shouldn't get axed. I never got to read it though. I've been to 2 games in Denver, and both times PCs have been executed by PCs, and talks of executing more PCs later were thrown around. Damn you guys like killing each other.

The Wild king. He was so badass. I loved each of the 3 trials he gave us. They were hardcore oldschool adventurer awesome. Luke has a time spell! Each hunt started off with the horns blowing, and getting our adrenaline pumping. We enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you plot for this! I also loved all of our interactions with the wild king himself. It's too bad he ripped out that one wylderkins heart and now people are angry at him. Luke came close to using his boon to have the wild king be his bff so they could hang out and eat ice cream while they vented about their respective home worlds.
In Lukes head it went like this...
Luke: "In my home world I have to deal with raccoon-kin getting into my garbage and making a mess, then whining like they're the victims when I tell them to stop making a mess."
Wild King: "That is easily solved by hunting them down with dogs and skinning them into clothes. I'm a fae lord so I have to deal with-ugh-politics."
Luke: "Politics are Confusing. Fae politics are the worst."
Wild King: "You think YOU hate Fae politics? FAE hate Fae politics. We have to go to 50 years of fae law school just so we're able to talk to each other without inadvertently promising our neighbor our firstborn child when they ask for a cup of sugar for cake."
Horned King. Badass.

Puck and Luke had been planning to summon an air elemental,and running around buying and trading the resources for the job was an adventure in itself. Getting in on the elemental plotline has been a goal of mine since I came out in October. Getting to summon my first elemental was a blast. Ian was fantastic!

Wizard school. West coast loves our Wizardin. Playing a wizard is one of my favorite parts of this Larp. Wizards rule yo.

I made a crayon drawing of Blue, Lagarde, Sir Yarrow, and Luke going back in time and running away from a giant chicken.

I knew next to nothing about the civil war stuff, but having an npc come in and cause a political panic was really fun to watch. Your guys world is so deep and immersive.

Thank you for everyone who helped me power up the vengeance ritual on death Barron Egil. I hope he doesn't take it the wrong way, but I can't wait for him to have his throat slit by somebody. It'll be great!

RP moments with so many people! Alis, Blue, Lagarde, Tiatar, scions, the awesome and AMAZING people who gave Luke a badass sword! I can't wait to come out and try your chapter again in a few months!