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Just for fun I created a Spotify playlist of character soundtracks, as well as player submitted songs that reflect the chapter. If you would like to add to this list post here. Please only submit for one character if you do. Its a small work in progress. The current list as follows:

Alliance players, Traverse City and Wayside breathrem especially, who play in SoMi are welcome to our reindeer games as well of course.

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--------Character Sound Tracks-----------

Ardos: Geurodo Valley
Ardos: Hey ho on the devils back - Katzenjammer

Banradi: "Home" by AlicebanD
Banradi: "A Bar in Amsterdam" by Katzenjammer

Cyn - Hands - Jewel
Cyn - All My Life - Van Canto

Casan: Trip Like I Do - Filter & Crystal Method
Casan: Won't Back Down - Eminem

Gideon: Immortals - Fall Out Boy
Gideon: Princes of the Universe - Queen

Halfdan: Blood of Heroes - Megadeth
Halfdan: Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold

Kitaruen - While Your Lips Are Still Red - Nightwish
Kitaruen - Victims of Contingency - Epica

Mathis: Swing Low by Rocco DeLuca and
Mathis: The Boys are Back in Town by Thin Lizzy

Naomi - Wanted Dead or Alive - Jon BonJovi
Naomi - Here We Are Juggernaught - Coheed and Cambria

Pyke - Gonna take a miracle - The Elders
Pyke - Wrong side of heaven - Five Finger Death Punch

Quinn: Arsonists Lullaby - Hosier
Quinn: Lateralus - Tool (tribute)

Sloan: Monster - skillet
Sloan: Chalk Outline - 3 days grace

Taios - Icarus - Bastille

Zane: Battle Cry - Imagine Dragons
Zane: A Night and a Day - Pepe Deluxe

------------Chapter/Event Sound Tracks-------------

OEF - Cowboys From hell - Panthera
Ian - Veil of Night - hitRECord
Tom - Sons of Skyrim - Gilead
Travis - Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy
Cyn - Dragonwake - Van Canto
Naomi - Bleak Event: Tubthumping
Dan: Song of the Dragonborn - Skyrim Soundtrack
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Character Sound Track
Halfdan: Blood of Heroes - Megadeth
Halfdan: Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold

Chapter/Event Sound Track
Dan: Song of the Dragonborn - Skyrim Soundtrack
Character Pyke
Gonna take a miracle - the elders.
They're coming to take me away - Napoleon XIV
Character Kitaruen
Used to be Nightwish "While Your Lips Are Still Red"
Now is Epica "Victims of Contingency"
Fake it- Seether
The Offspring "Defy You"
The Killers “All these things I’ve done”
The Heavy “How Do You Like Me Now?”
Rise Against "Help is on the Way"
Flobots "Rise"
Ed Sheeran "I See Fire"
P!nk "Fuckin' Perfect"
Ilarion (SoMi) -
1) Adventure - Matthew Parker
2) Skylarking - BT (digital/orchestral remix from album 'Electronic Opus')
3) Skylarking - BT (original electronica version from album 'A Song Across Wires')

Grianadhmad (Traverse) -
1) Letters From the Sky - Civil Twilight
2) Hymn to the Old Growth - John Herberman
3) See You Again - Charlie Puth
@Grianadhmad I feel really attacked with the "See You Again" lol
Mutt (top 3):
Savage Garden- Crash and Burn
Daughtry- I'll Fight
Phillip Phillips- Gone, Gone, Gone

American Authors- Best Day of My Life
Marshmello & Bastille- Happier
The Script- Superheros
One Republic- I Lived
Judah and the Lion- Uh-Huh, Yeah
Three Doors Down- The Broken
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Can't leave out the Pride theme song
Waking lions -Pop evil
Also to that end:

The Slayers: To Glory - Two Steps from Hell


Battle Cry - Imagine Dragons
Explode - Jetblack
(Blacksmoke by the Prodigy *not on Spotify*)
About to get crazy - oh the larceny
Got a quite a few for general game feels here.
Tommee Profitt feat. Svrcina - Tomorrow We Fight
Svrcina - Battlefield
Ruelle - Game of Survival
Les Friction - Who Will Save You Now
Zayde Wolf - Heroes
Zayde Wolf - Born Ready
The Heavy - Short Change Heroes
Cage The Elephant - No Rest for the Wicked
J2 feat. the Triple Killers - We Will Rock You
RIVVRS - Walk in the Wild
Adam Jones - You Can Run (Since hearing about Janet this song always pops to mind for some reason.)

Travis really can't just all the Two Steps from Hell music go for Alliance here? All the epic feels...

For Blue herself... christ limit 3?? ....I rebel and submit 4!
LEDGER - Not Dead Yet
Hidden Citizens feat. Tash - Casualty
Imagine Dragons - Zero
Hidden Citizens feat. REMMI - Stay Alive