Laws of the Lands

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    I bring greetings to those across the mists with a request for information.

    My name is Sir Darius Wagerset, hailing from the kingdom of Acarthia. I have recently been tasked by the Paladins of the Order of Lucious to rewrite our laws. As of this past year, our fair lands have undergone a notable change in elemental forces, which has weakened many of our people to the point that they cannot resurrect successfully. The result of this is that crimes which carry a mandatory minimum sentence of execution become far more punitive than they might have been before this affliction.

    I understand that many people in shards across Fortannis have experienced similar difficulties with resurrection. To aid in this endeavor and ensure that I gather as much information as possible, I entreat those from across the mists to share the laws of your lands. If you do not have an organized government, still I would appreciate hearing about the general customs that guide your lands and how infractions are handled.

    Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.

    In Service,
    Sir Darius Wagerset, Knight-Sophist of the Barony of Rivervale,
    Duchy of Acarthia,
    Kingdom of Acarthia
  2. Inaryn

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    Greetings Sir Darius,

    The lands of Enerret have similar issues with not all or even many of its native peoples being stalwart spirits. That has not deterred the kingdom of Tharros from including the death penalty or harsher in her laws. Please find below the laws of Tharros, the land in which I currently reside and serve as a recognized Knight Errant.

    In Service,
    Dame Ny'ranï Sheehar al'Basteau
    Knight Errant
    The Order of Madeleine, Kingdom of Parna


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