May 25th Weekend Preregistration: The Legacy of Kings

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  1. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    Site will be Camp Pokanoka
    We look forward to seeing you at the weekend!

    The event for PCs will cost $70, however anyone who preregisters will only pay $60. NPCs event cost is $10. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday are included with your event fee.

    The site opens 6PM on Friday May 25th, registration will begin at 8PM and game on should be at 10PM. Sunday will be plot loose ends and clean up. The sites address is : N 2703rd Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350 -- Camp Pokanoka

    Preregistrations should include needed tags, your production, magic items, spells, and any food allergies. These must be sent to no later than Tuesday May 22nd at 11:59Pm. Or you may use our brand new handy-dandy preregform found here.

    Prepay via paypal to...

    Please note if your a first time player you should still contact us so we can help you with character creation before the event.

    1. Vicki H (Elle)
    2. Sean V (Neahni)
    3. Brian L (Corbell)
    4. Daphne P (Eve)
    5. Jared S (Pyke)
    6. Kyle S (GRONK)
    7. Carly B (Fiona)
    8. James F (Grimshaw) Sat
    9. Derek S (Sam)
    10. Jeremy J (Radon)
    11. Tina J (Chesthira)
    12. Kyle H (Edwin)
    13. Seamus C (Benjamin)
    14. Micheal F (Gab)
    15. Ryan S (Roderick)
    16. Jared H (Thorn)
    17. Ryan B (Binks)
    18. A B (Kieran)
    19. Kyler Y (Emrich)
    20. JT (Joseph)
    21. Nick P (Foss)
    22. Tom M (Bart)
    23. David G (Kalith)
    24. Jessica P (Crescent)
    25. Emma B (Illana)
    26. Luke N (Migs)
    27. Leanne L (Skylark)
    28. Zach S (Hal)
    29. Alana E (Vanya)
    30. Matt E (Garwon)
    31. Tyeisha G (Nessie)
    32. Courtney L (Lu)
    33. Andrew N (Rusty)
    34. Adam P (Asura)
    35. Sid P (Ragnarok)
    36. Aaron B (Varus)
    37. William P (Erick)
    38. Alex M (Jrajj)
    39. Dani C (Isabo)
    40. Matt M (Desylva)

    1. Tristin W
    2. Emma A
    3. John G
    4. Rob D
    5. Melaina F
    6. Amie W
    7. Jenn P
    8. Kristen S
    9. Gabe R
    10. The Stoba
    11. Bada
    12. Dan B
    13. Jared M
    14. Nate Br
    15. Skippy
    16. Robin R (Sat)
    17. Luke E
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  2. tennyo.san

    tennyo.san Artisan

    Hi everyone!

    The pre-reg form has been updated to ease the process for people doing production and those not. People who don't use a production skill will now be able to skip that section similar to how the magic section is. For those who do, the Production section is broken up with a page for each production skill and only 1 required question per section (if you have the skill). There is also a note page with helpful reminders. I hope this helps make things easier!

    Thanks for your patience,

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  3. Is this a 2 or 3 day event?
  4. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    It is a standard weekend.
  5. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    2:1 Ratio! May not last long lol. But glorious for the moment .
  6. Corbell

    Corbell Newbie

    wow that is allot of NPC's.
  7. PYKE

    PYKE Adept

    on that note. I will be sleeping in the woods by myself enjoying the screams of the players as they see a hoard a little goblins storming the town just demanding copper or they will whine with horrible screeching yells for the day.
  8. matrim1985

    matrim1985 Adept

    Oh, I'll find you Pyke...
  9. Grimshaw

    Grimshaw Newbie

    Sent. The Orphanage Director Flies at DAWN!!!!
  10. Eldandiril

    Eldandiril Scout

    I'LL find you, pyke..... o_O
  11. PYKE

    PYKE Adept

    What will the sleeping arrangements be? Primitives? Or tavern only?

    Jared s
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  12. Eldandiril

    Eldandiril Scout

    Get you prereges in guys. I don't want to HAVE to work too hard on my birthday this week.

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  13. Lurin

    Lurin Count Chicago Staff

    I just got back from TC and boy are my arms tired (buda-bum) I sent an e-mail to get some info on Kal and Crescent so I pinky swear if we get those back today we promise to pre-reg on time!
  14. Vampy

    Vampy Newbie

    I paid and I am ready to go!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  15. Corbell

    Corbell Newbie

    Leanne just got told she has to work this weekend and won't be able to attend after all :(
  16. matrim1985

    matrim1985 Adept

    Weather is going to be warm, rain maybe Firday night.
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  17. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Fighter Owner Chicago Staff

    Entire weekend will be no armor day. IE physical armor need not be worn.
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