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Hey ya'll, thanks so much for coming out to Chicago's May event of 2022! I'm gonna kick off favorites for this round, written in the order my brain remembers them.

- Dragon in a Box! Suprise, it ain't an escort mission, now fight a dragon.
- Using the prepared line "WHERE IS MY NIECE!" as Euron when I lost sight of Pavia in the clamor
- PC reactions to the Dusk Mother and the set up of the final stand of Spider Island
- Getting up before almost anyone else Saturday morning so I could hide outside a PCs cabin to try and assassinate Thaddius. Darn you J'Rajj for being up before me and seeing me outside. The jig was up and I took my shot and missed.
- Kujo grabbing me while playingTiberius Mavelli after attempting to assassinate Thaddius on the Senate Floor. Whispering into my ear the whole time whole forcing me to grovel at Thaddeus' feet while the Councilers decided his fate was such a good scene.
-Follow up scene of Thaddy being crowned Emporer of the Ternian Empire. Alexander gave a great speech and it was amazing to see Thaddy twirl around holding his new sword aloft as the whole crowd chanted "MAXIMUS!"
-Hearing about and seeing all the great mods and scenes run my my fellow plot members. I love yall and appreciate all the work you do
- Roff did the thing. He cast an emergency Spirit Walk ritual on the field to get into a limited Circle of Power to save Gerty from rezzing. Coolest emergency ritual ever.
- I enjoy the heck out of playing Euron. I have a blast every time he appears on screen and I love RPing with PCs as him. I loved guiding PCs, both old and new, into Gavarian noble politics.
- I loved the impromptu Parliament of Adventurers. I expected folks to just kinda jabber and come to a conclusion. It was so awesome to see Heinricht jump up and do the Parliment coordinator thing!
- The Ember Ring is a great chance to hang out with folks I don't always get the chance to talk to and I enjoy it immensely. Also those chiken skewers had no right to be that good.
- I have lots of gold for dumplings
- PCs being introduced to the Iron Skeleton and Curse Spike Corpse cards. I like those cards.
- New Players are the life blood of our game and its beautiful to see you all getting involved! NPCs and PCs alike, welcome!
- PCs getting involved and exploring Gavaria. It's crazy awesome seeing yall explore out new world and it with so much joy.

Addendum section:
- New Biata players weapons. Wow I wish my first round of weapons were that high quality! Also I loved the makers mark on all of them
- "My name's Jojo. I can read."

And so many more! Thank you to everyone for coming out! Special thanks to our NPCs, especially our new ones. See yall when I see yall!

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From what I saw of the weekend, ¡it was a lot of fun! Some stand-out moments for me in no particular order:
  • The Big Towny had some really swanky props and, overall, very clean fighting.
  • Chatting up Kira on the the strengths and weaknesses of noble structures in different kingdoms. Later when Euron was giving his nobility elevator speech, I had a blast sharing some elven side-eye with her about Gavaria's cultural choices.
  • Talking at length with (now Emperor) Thaddeus about the nature of justice, councilors, leadership, mercy, who to trust and distrust, subjects vs servants. I especially enjoyed watching the character change in the morning from a wide-eye soldier "just doing his duty" readily accepting everyone's advice; to a more cautious Emperor in the evening, "I will think on what you say, and make My Decision." It was phenomenal.
  • Some very honest and interesting personal conflict between Dram, Adlao, and Franz on one side and Loreli, Aurynn, DeSylvia, and Sam on the other regarding adventurer's duty and the nature of morality. It was an intense conflict, but I think it was a showcase example of how Players can disagree on high-stakes matters, find a resolution, and grow their characters in the process. I appreciate that in a game where any kind of PC conflict is often thought of as the third-rail, these players stepped into the wind, acted maturely, and built an excellent story.
  • The preparatory part of the Vision Ritual between Isabo, Adlao, and Mila. Each of them spoke their character into the sending, integrating their history, moral, purpose, and intent - it was a grand example of communal storytelling and cooperative role-playing.
It was great finally seeing Gavaria released and all the interactions from it. Some favorites:

- The Gavarian PCs from Atish. You guys were great new PCs and you all jumped into everything so well.
- The Dusk Mother. I wanted a Starship Troopers meets Aliens mod and got it. The set came together so well and when I cut myself out of the webbing and started running at PCs it was great. Also the fighting was very clean. I can't wait to see the video of it.
- Speaker of the Dead Veronica Silver. I really enjoyed talking about the world to various folks from a magical standpoint and letting people know things they think are one thing in Prademar are certainly not the case in Gavaria. Dragon Slaying is totally a profession, if you have a permit.
- Everything Granny Moseby #1. I hooked this concept at Nationals but no one did the Lost Page mod of it. It was late Sunday and I was certain it wouldn't be run and out of no where 4 PCs come to do it. I look forward to this late night going forward. Also Granny Moseby #2 was a fun end cap to the event.
- Duchess Alice "endorsement" of Pavia. How Emma kept a straight face delivering so much sass was incredible.
- Commentating about the Sun Night judgement with Jrajj and Sam as Mauuve the Leader of Bristlebark Mercenary Group. Recovered all 200g in restitution for her group from Baron No Name.
- The Aquavian Cabal. Glug Glug Glug.
- The Ramen. Amazing.
- Hearing from folks about the Fimir mod Friday. I love those guys. Dig dig, mine mine, work work.
- The Ember Ring is a great way to decompress and look forward to it each game. Love catching up with folks and relaxing over cigars and food.
- Staff fighting vs Thaddeus. I love people watching me duel using a staff. Staff is just a fun weapon.

- More to come I'm sure....
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- Finding out stuff about the undercity from Royventure
- Lots of new Gavaria exploration! This is the first time I haven't been 15 years behind on the story of a campaign.
- Spider island fight was 100% fantastic. Great statting, AMAZING rep for the dusk mother.
- The elemental plane encounter - River, droplets, rain?
- Great roleplay around the Baron stuff.
- Of course, the enslavement-circle-murder. I cannot remember a more tense moment in my life than pretending to try to save someone's life while 30 people stare at me. And of course, the roleplay after.
- So many merchants selling so many things! I swear y'all gunna bleed me dry. The BREAD, yo!
- GRANNY. GODDAMN. MOSEBY. Go visit her. Do it! Just not in June, she gets the cramps.
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-Spider Island: Holy crap, was it everything I wanted and more. I loved the intense conversations, the planning, the fear and hesitation, and finally the group coming together as a whole to finally bring to an end the boogeyman Spider Island. I was so close to tears when King Lolindier handed us the seeds to replant the forest and I can't wait to cast those rituals to make the land grow again.

-Passwall: I am already obsessed. I am so excited to get my fingers in there and learn more. The High Orge Count, (whose name I know vocally but not written). I want to be his best friend. I am so excited.

-I always enjoy any interaction with Sir Euron. I also want to be his best friend. "This is the line. You are being watched." will be echoing through my mind for a while.

-Everything with the crowning of the queen. Where I was disappointed in how quiet I was when addressing the court (I may have hyped myself up too much that I forgot how to speak for a bit there) but the assassination attempt, coordinating the combat, going after the baron and the debate. I loved it.

-Euthymia, my girl, I am so proud of her. Her roleplay of her going through her first mind dives and her roleplay afterward. My goodness, it was so great to see a new player dive in head first and shine like that.
One more thing! Getting to aid in battle command in a few battles. I am still new and I made mistakes, and I am learning, but having the opportunity to get into it and be leading was great. It is starting to tip my brain to go more knight than lady for nobility but I keep bouncing back and forth. I think at this point I am just going to do what I feel is best for my character and see where it lands.
-the cranberry farmer with the gnomes, Favel you were awesome!
-I dyed Queen Pavia's dress Saturday morning with Hawaiian Punch! I left the og at home and got what i consider 100x better from goodwill!
-having an attempt at my life and seeing everyone come together to protect a monarch of a kingdom they barely know. I didn't take any damage!
-seeing players come together to decide the fate of the baron
-merchents row in general, super impressive
-seeing the players having a good time on a mod i was super anxious about running
  • The push into the castle courtyard was an incredible rush. Dark, enemies all around, the line advancing -- all the while Aiden was silenced and trying to let loose a battle cry. (Sorry for shouting out "hold the line" after the silence ran out :) I'm learning!)
  • Dragon smuggling is a dangerous game for all involved.
  • Lord Protector Euron being a wonderful person after Aiden drunkenly interrupted him while he had the floor during the trial proceedings.
  • Joining the Atish Militia! Long live Queen Pavia! Long live General Daybright!
Above all, the best part was how patient and helpful everyone was, taking the time to answer questions and get us involved -- y'all are wonderful humans. And hats off to the plot team and NPCs who made everything happen.
Ok my brain is event addled but a few of my favorite moments stick out in my post nap, pre-bed brain.

  • Every interaction with PCs I had as "Billy the Jester and Crumper of Baron Tommy Madeira" but the best moment absolutely had to be Euron's side eye...oh wait no that's straight eyeing me until I left a table where I was interrupting his conversation.
  • Super clean spider Island fighting despite being intense vary little in the way of face/nut shots. Love that.
  • Willowby the Assassin of Queen Pavia totally just failing cause folks where super aware of the s*** about to go down
  • 7 gallows and biata mind stuff that went with it
  • Elemental plane stuff- the awesome attempts at communication to someone who does not speak "common"
  • I was really appreciative of everyone's concern and understanding since I am recovering from being broken with some gnarly ankle/back issues and really had to step back and take it easy this event.
  • Nay and Hanako giving me a back up chorus for the Mist Guardian sing song negotiation...big hearts to you both
  • The Adventurer Parliament - I remember saying to Tabby did they just form a Senate as I was just sitting in awe
  • The Ternian Senate RP was beyond good.
  • MAXIMUS! Much Love to Brian. I have really liked every retirement of a character we have done in recent years but his was the best yet!
  • Honorable mention to Merchants Row just really adding pizazz to the game
Had a great time despite the conditions of the site, here are some of my favorites:
- All the new players, it was great to see so many new faces and to interact with you all
- Spider island bag of parts, Gurdy had to comment on how useful it was. All three charges used in one mod.
- The Adventurer Senate, and the palpable silence when I suggested a public execution.
- I go to sit down and enjoy some water while relaxing. Kira looks at me, "That guy just asked us 5 times if/how we have killed royalty in the past." I immediately get up and follow Rob.
- Ember Ring meetings, always great to decompress.
- The Council meeting of the Ternians and Corvin's chokehold on the Senator "Say it loud enough for all of them to hear you!"
- EMPEROR THADDEUS, long live the Empire and the Emperor. Its sad to see people you love retire, but this was a great way to go.

Thanks to Plot and NPCs for making this a memorable one.
Favorites of the Weekend
- Having 8 Weapon Proficiencies, Durinn swinging 10s was so good, never going back to swinging anything less.
- Being saved from Resurrection by a Corrupt Spell of all things. That Drider should have left me to dissipate.
- The Spider Island Hatchery Team made me so proud. All the newer folks worked so well and fought very clean. You guys rocked it.
- Getting a full Summon Extra Planar Creature Ritual Set knowing full well Durinn is going to find a deep dark vault to hide it all in #Oathsworn.

Ryan C.
Favorites from May 2022

new players that just went with it all! “My favorite biata” - you killed it on so many amazing levels! Great acting! Great store! Great costume! You are a natural at all this! And Faval - you did so well and I felt so bad for your farmer I gave her way too much money! Cranberry business better skyrocket…. Cranberry coffee may be a thing… Tulis getting cranberries to be the national fruit and a try and get a cranberry festival going ! Evil fae be damned! Shhhhh

NPC kindred spirits! Hugs! I wanna be friends!

Killing blow 1….

Mila and Emma… you know.

Tuli isn’t great in a court room… (even tho I loved watching it and loved how lawyered that was lol)

Some of Tulis backstory actually mattering at a surprising moment!

Making the sounds of the dying cows as the island came down on them “we enter a new land with sacrifices moooeeeewwahhhh”

Everything with Thaddeus as I was a bit of his shadow this weekend. Not sure if Tulis IBGA propaganda songs helped him become emperor but im gonna say they did! Watching him politically talk to people was awesome to!

“You always have a home with me “.
“Oh I already have a room in your castle and it’s messy- you’re not ever getting rid of me!”
“Tuli- clean your room!”
“Look at this stuff! Isn’t it neat! Wouldn’t you think…”

“I’m never gonna cry in a RP mod!” Eating my words (almost!) as I had my first time getting close to tears with Corvin, Thaddeus, Sam and Sid. Still didn’t cry but … ok I get why people MIGHT now! (Not just cry from laughing so hard!)

*evil stare*
“Im not scared of you.”
*harder evil stare*
“You’re in the company! I trust you with my everything!“
“Fine! I’ll give you five gold!”

Sam walking up and staring to suffocate Tuli after he finds out how much gold I had on me after having a monopoly on coffee.

Actually going on an adventure with the company at the start of spider island! We get split up so much it was nice to be together for a min! Aramis we have a new song for you! “In your heeeeaaad!”

Rage screaming about hills with Mila walking out and seeing Kira just “glowing” and not sweating … she is real fae… right? (Gonna be an amazing swan!)

Market row and all my new cool stuff! Thank you!!!!

also just the attitude of leadership! Thanks guys. This site had a lot of challenges and you guys just went “watch us STILL have an epic weekend!” - thank you thank you thank you! It’s not easy to be the one making it all happen!

my golden sword passed weapon inspection!!!! It was the weapon I wanted to pass so hard… then finding out it counts as a one hander! I had others pass and others pass with a “after you fix this part and show us again” but didn’t end up selling any because I want them to be a bit better first … still not giving up-
P.s. Cranberries are the top export of Atish along with Sugar and Salt.
Thank you all for making my first event so fun!!
The Spider Island fight uphill was awesome, it was a long hike but the good flat ground at the end made it worth it!
The spider shell was so well crafted, and the Duskmother was scary!!!!
Two assassinations in two days? Crazy stuff! I had to throw the shot at Thaddeus and I was so afraid I was gonna miss
Dyeing the Hawaiian punch dress, did not think it would come out so bright
Oh the bread was so good, so were the dumplings, I'll miss them,,,
Late night tea on Sunday, delicious!!!
My cranberry business is booming
Saw deer in the woods!
  • Thaddeus's retirement. couldn't have gone better. 10/10 would have him retire again
  • combat MVP goes to Roff for his spirit walking inside a circle to save gerty
  • non-combat MVP goes to Heinricht for leading the adventure senate
  • Race changing Star to be a mini-me and teaching her to fight with claws
  • Star being my shadow for the baron fight in the field. having a flanking buddy by your side at all times is really nice.
  • Running blackjack and other games. While I may not have come out positive, it's still really fun. Also Ibn al-hameed coming back for more after winning about 25 gold off me, then proceeding to lose it all in 5 hands.
  • Mauuve the merc's ...what was it...."public surface bank and loans"
  • wearing my new armor and looking badass
  • oh and sorry sid, I sleep like crap during larp so I'm always up before everyone
A few favorites of mine, in no particular order:
- Finally getting the whole Dusk Mother set up! It was fun seeing it all come together after being a bunch of separate parts in my house for a month, and I'm glad PCs enjoyed it.
- Roff's epic Spirit Walk to save Gerty! Simply incredible.
- Emperor Thaddeus Maximus and all the interactions that went with it! Super cool end for a super cool character.
- "Of course I can touch my knees. Why wouldn't I be able to? This conversion is over." - Anton Kirk, who can definitely touch his knees
- Telling the stories of the various villains that the PCs have defeated over the years with one last visit from Fabian Dar. Even as we move to new and exciting things, may the chapter's history never be forgotten!
- Non-Newtkinian Substances, and the faces of Ethan and Ian when I hit them with the pun after soooooo much buildup.
- Chats with Kelly and Dan, both in and out of game! Y'all are great folks and I love having you come out!
- "You can use your thrown weapons, but only if you throw them at Alexander." - Kelly
- SO many new players! It's awesome to see y'all joining the game, and y'all look great as well!
- A lot of great-looking NPC roles! My favorites were Claire's general and Emma's duchess.
- Ramen! Seriously, it was SO good.
- Aquavian Cabal! Glug, glug, glug.
- Dragon in a cart! The look on Rowan's face was amazing.
- Star versus J'rajj duel, with Star coming out the victor!
- All things Granny Moseby.
- Trip to and from the event with Benike! Time and miles fly when you're having fun.
  • Mauuve the merc's ...what was it...."public surface bank and loans"
"Common Surface Savings and Loan"
People leave things on tables so I can take them!
OH! How could I forget- The Assistant Crumper!
"Unauthorized crumpin? That'll earn you a crumpin."