May Event Favorites


What an incredible event; so much to do and so many positive interactions.

1. The new players from Gavaria; even with amnesia they jumped right in and fast tracked the entire game.

2. Merchant Row just impressive as all out.

3. The player base being good natured about my hawking and barking things like "bottle service" and "chocolates for sale".

4. The red, yellow, blue split. That was a cool way to get players to mix it up. I found myself being a backpack healer, as an alchemist, passing out shield potions and touch cast purifies.

5. Spider Island was just all out nuts. Everyone worked hard and took care of each other to survive.

6. The parliament scene was intense. Thank you for all being good sports and contributing. The roleplay was wonderful and seeing the Margrave must make the final decision in not one, but two ties kept the scene alive. There was an intensity that was palpable.

7. Late night singing shenanigans; after the fight against the Barron hearing out of the dark that’s it, I’m going to kill Heinricht and having to run up that hill. Good fun.

8. The food was wonderful. Kudos to the kitchen!

9. Every interaction with Sam; I have only been playing alliance since Jan. Sam has been patient with every question I have (both in and out of game) and it has helped me grow. Thank you.

10. Lady Bunchberry; being sponsored by Lady Bunchberry has made me grow in so many ways. It is a great feeling being trusted with so many supplies to help out not just the Chicago game but also to be trusted as a traveler to use resources at other events like Crossroads and Raleigh.

11. The loot splits; I enjoy the auctions as they are very informative, and they are done very cleanly. I like how we come together as a town and divvy up treasure in a responsible and mature manner. It set my expectation on how loot should be shared in this game, and I use Chicago as a baseline when I travel to other chapters.

12. But the best part of the game is all the players and the staff. This is a wonderful community that comes together and goes all out. From trying strange treats, eats and drinks to including people regardless of level or traveler its just one hell of a great game and I wanted to say thanks.

-David (Heinricht)
In no particular order:

  • The wolf mod was amazing!
  • drinking the unicorn blood
  • talking about the leaves, and how life goes so quickly even among the long lived. with Julia's elven npc
  • Dig Dig!
  • The con man Henry Smith, and momma shtick.


I almost forgot how much I enjoy npcing :) was a nice change for me this weekend!

  • Spider island and the clean and safe fighting despite the tight quarters and steep drop off to the side of the path when we got to the field.
  • the reactions to the Dig Dig all weekend long, kept hearing about them!
  • PC's not going all murder hobo and re-locating the dig dig's :)
  • The field battle during the final town mod.
  • Is it a stalagmite or stalactite?
  • the trolls.
  • The not so bright dragon poacher.
  • The look on Matt (Gorwon)'s face when I introduced Cornelius the hunter. "What do you hunt?" "Oh just rabbit, goat, and bear"
I've slept since event so I'm sure I missed a few that will pop into my head as time goes by.


And how could I forget about town giving up all the Sprng flowers so our little Alicorn could feast! Such a cute and wonderful RP experience.


Had a great experience for only being my second market as a PC. All of the event was great but these are definitely some highlights:
  • Relocating the Dig-Digs, definitely not going to be a problem.
  • Puzzle treasure hunt with only the smartest adventures; "I throw the golem out the window 1..."
  • Exploring the inner working of the city and finding Roy, discovering some horrifying information.
  • Spider island, even if I was mostly just defending at the back.
  • Glug glug glug
  • The food! Amazing considering how many people there were and the tiny kitchen there.
  • Getting to be part of the merchant's row and getting feedback on my boffers.
And of course:

  • Getting to use my Biata abilities in such a significant way
  • All of the support in and out of character afterwards; I wanted to cry


As a general the new people (NPC and PC alike) were great and I loved the weekend as a whole but for specifics:
  • The lizardmen favor fight with the Puppeteer Spider was so cool finding out what was causing what effects
  • The cranberry farmer trying all the new foods
  • "Hi Mila!"
  • Spring Celebrations, cue hand waving and giggles
  • The Hatchery on Spider Island and all the less experienced PCs working together and overcoming it so quickly
  • Spider Island, especially the Dusk Mother
  • Euthymia and the mind reading situations
  • The fight into the Coward Baron's courtyard
  • Specifically during the previous fight; when I jumped in front of an NPC who was attacking a caster just as he said '500 body' and the interaction after ending with me killing the NPC
  • Fan etiquette lessons
  • Hearing people talk about the bread I sell/ Having people come up to me asking about bread
The thing that surprised me was how much I enjoyed my first resurrection and the situation surrounding it. The roleplay (during and after), the serious and very niche situation that Gerty, Bada and I were in. It was such a mind boggling experience hearing how others were reacting to the situation, especially hearing about Roff saving Gerty. The care of Aura who guided me back in the circle. I was an emotional mess both in and out of character and I wouldn't change a single moment of it.

Thank you guys for making my weekend


Getting to ride Compound Interest, and riding in the cart pulled by Vaelin on the way to grab the tent. I don't get to do much fun stuff anymore as Margrave, and even less when you're the only (higher) nobility in town, so cherishing the little things is in order.

Role play with Euthymia, the new Biata in town. Got intense, made sure to serve tea and dumplings after to her. Absolute Rockstar, saved the day in the eyes of many not once but TWICE using her mental abilities in less than stellar circumstances. Fantastic RP. Her testimony made the issue of the Baron more open and shut than it would've otherwise been.

The moment where Glenn and Auryn locked eyes at the coronation and both decided independently that they needed to move closer to the Queen and prepare to cover her in case of assassination and the rapidly organized evacuation effort and intelligence scramble directly after.

The fact that the town actually listened to Auryn and their deputies for the weekend and the people that gave helpful suggestions and started their opinions. I'm not used to directing things solo as the only town noble and it was my first time making a large amount of make or break decisions like that, and y'all brought up a lot of potential avenues I didn't immediately think of.

Heinricht, who ran the Senate with levity and Roff, who helped keep it on track. You two helped cut down on my anxiety coming into the sentencing while encouraging player participation and overall helping reduce the amount of decisions I had to make that night by a fair chunk. And DeSylvia, who spoke up and maintained a more neutral opinion which helped Auryn not get as bad of tunnel vision.


I struggled a lot this weekend, but the fact that people took care of me and made sure I was hydrated/had eaten meant a lot, and made me sit down when I started to crash. I'm very used to being the one doting on others, never usually being taken care of. It was nice.