Metal Meltdown: May Favorite Moments!

Discussion in 'Oregon: Out of Game' started by Krystina F, May 22, 2018.

  1. Krystina F

    Krystina F Newbie Oregon Staff Diversity Committee

    Woooo! Let's get this thread started.

    Please post your favorite moments of this past weekend's event! So many awesome things happened.
    I'll post mine later when I have been able to think a bit more (sooo many work emails to get through, booo:()
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  2. Brian Hudson

    Brian Hudson Newbie

    Explaing to the Red Thorn Tribe what a "bozo" was, and that, no, Lyn was not actually insulting or challenging. The inflection wasn't right. Oh, another for bozo? Fool, maybe. Explaining inflection with Bryan sitting on a stump, pointing at me and mellowly saying "Fool." with a pseudo-lizard smile, then him jumping up and bellowing "FOOL!" in my face, that was pretty cool. But he got the idea of inflection down.
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  3. Durnic

    Durnic Squire Owner Oregon Staff Marshal

    1. The Saturday night fights were amazing. Both as an NPC for the low-level side of things and as Durnic during the high-level fight.
    2. Cigar rituals.
    3. Interacting with Michon Von and Duskalos during the cigar rituals.
    4. Drunk Durnic!
    5. Getting to play with TWO artifacts?!
    6. Goblins.
    7. Guiding my second resurrection ever. Sorry, Pachow; I had nothing prepped.
    8. Talks with Raganzi about perception issues. Finding out how I am fitting into said perception issues and geting pretty surprised by it.
    9. Watching the Milita really come into their own. You were all kicking a lot of *** and it was fun to watch.
    10. Talking with Mandara Bola. Durnic tries to leave the Old Man alone as much as he can, so those conversations are always a little tense.
    11. Coming into game on Saturday morning and having multiple unaffliated people come up to me to talk about the things that Hengin did. Then finding out that they weren't all talking about the same events! Dammit, Hengin!
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  4. Hava

    Hava Newbie

    It was a low key and lovely game for me.
    * I had a great time right off the bat with the Red Thorn Tribe discussing verbal politeness in social interactions .
    * Doing readings for three people. Readings are some of my very favorite times at game.
    *Being contacted by representatives of the Savage Lands and Wildemore.
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  5. Azath

    Azath Newbie

    • The Oberon hook was as entertaining OOC as it was nerve-wracking IC. Khyriel was half-expecting them to rift out with the charmed characters, so he was gearing up to grab Oberon with one hand and Hava with the other (and maybe throw out a leg to tag somebody else for good measure) as soon as he started hearing "I rift...."
    • Linguistic pragmatics time with the Red Thorn Tribe
    • No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy unscathed, but the Scrappy battle plan at least didn't go into body :p
    • The most dramatic goblins ever, who were over the moon when Hengin offered them copper to go away (and then they promptly mucked it up by attacking Lycos and Pachow in their over excitement)
    • Hengin's rituals. I really like watching the different ways that people roleplay those and Hengin's have been the most engaging performances so far.
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  6. Krystina F

    Krystina F Newbie Oregon Staff Diversity Committee

    Oh I'm sure I'll have more later, but for now:

    --"Hey Durnic, I've never closed a [stone] portal before. What do I do?" "Just throw lightning through it, that should work."
    You all can blame Rick for accidentally being hit lol.... Also, I genuinely am sorry for hitting anyone, I really did try to aim above the heads!
    --Óle laughing out of pure fear while calling out the lightning bolts during the Portal fight. She is definitely not a front line fighter.
    --10 seconds away from my first 5 minute countdown. Holy crap.
    --Oberon's Fae party in the Tavern, and trying to talk to two silent Fae about how they ended up members of his entourage.
    --Pre-game dreaming with Hengin, "Hey I wanna summon a thing" "Ok...." "The Omens are with me." "Let me consult my dead brother.... ok, I think we're good." Clearly nothing bad can happen there.
    --Hengin casting rituals in general is just amazing to watch, "Ugh this iron ring is heavy."
    --The Illahee Vision ritual with Luke, Ashok, Amory, Óle and special guest Angry Arch Magus Dwarf, with Ian watching from outside the Circle. Dat Beard Tho.
    --Getting drunk with Shashenka & Hava on Tadeusz's wine.
    --Pretty much any interactions Óle had with the Red Thorn tribe, ever.
    --Telling Mandara Bolla he is a very gracious dragon, and him questioning if I met him in the time slip, and I said yes, and him being surprised that I still felt that way.
    --Watching newer players navigate the subtleties of Mandara and having Óle be like, "oh, yeah, they are going to get eaten at a later date. Tooooo many questions."
    --Some how being the one the Militia turned to so that the traps Bjorn set were also trapped magically. Óle is still skeptical of people thinking she's useful.
    --Yelling at Raganzi
    --"Sorry I was too busy counting all your money, but I think you're all making a big mistake."
    --Michon Vaugh and the mutant deformed baby skull, I mean Daskolos
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  7. Sita

    Sita Artisan

    Oh what an event....

    *Story time with Killian. First time Amory has talked about the First Forrest IG, and technically she didn't talk about it.

    *Missing Mandara Bola by 30 seconds, and getting kidnapped for my troubles.

    *Being on the fae side of the Oberon shenanigans. It was fun trying to tempt people to drink the wine!
    *The folks who acted out Oberon's story really made that fantastic to watch.

    *The rescue mod. You guys were trying so so hard to flick a life spell through that wall.

    *Getting tackle/hugged by Ian after being rescued.

    *Watching the Militia fight during the Scrappy battle and the portal fight. It's really been impressive to see how you all have grown as a fighting force.

    *Drunk Durnic, Marshmallow Face Stuffing Challenges, and more reasons why adventurers should not mind children.

    *Ruining Evan's Valenzian General's day by sneaking around and life-ing the bodies he thought he was taunting us with.

    *Vision time with Luke! I love watching Luke do visions. I am sorry that we screwed things up for him though....
    *Related - Glaring at the Arch Mage and asking him if he actually knew what he was doing to the land by killing a Guardian? And being very disappointed in the answer.

    *Every conversation with Mandara Bola. Amory cherishes that friendship, and sincerely hopes she isn't annoying the dragon.

    Thank you all for the RP, the stories, the fights, and the fantastic weekend. I'll see you all in November, and can't wait to hear the stories you'll have to tell!
  8. Accleates

    Accleates Newbie

    So many amazing moments this event! I will try and keep it brief:

    Story time with Amory. It was a very emotional and rewarding RP and I am glad we got the time to do it.

    Planning the Scrappy fight. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and were willing to try something new.

    Watching Bjorn set up explosives.

    Learning so much during the portal battle. We had a solid plan going in but I definitely took notes for the next time we face something like that!

    Training so many people on weapons!

    Surprising Ruby with a horse and all the fun RP with her!

    Plot as always being amazing

    The community as always being amazing!
  9. TiffanyTaul

    TiffanyTaul Newbie

    OMG okay highlights! Okay okay!!!.... Here we go!!

    First I felt sooo bad my body more or less rejected me this event even when I WANTED to do stuff.
    It was fun playing games with some peeps and seeing susan's sword teacher then sneaking off with his ale!

    I loved playing the shards coming from the lake what a work out going up and down that hill!

    The portal fight what a cool way to do it and just keep lining up to respawn LMAO!!

    GOBLINNNNNNNNNNSS!! the poor now homeless goblins!! But such awesome roleplay from the PCs!!

    Loved chatting in afters and starting to feel a bit more welcomed!! such an awesome group!!
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  10. Amber-Rose

    Amber-Rose Newbie Seattle Staff

    I had a really good time this weekend, as always x'D . I can't really pick a favourite moment so I'll outline a few of my highlights.

    • "Hey, so, is Tal mad at me? I thought we worked this out, but he never showed up at the lab and-... why are you guys looking at me like that?" (Not an accurate quote, but more or less covers the basic points.)
    • Going on the Friday night mod with the Ravens, re-meeting Drax and solidifying Isodel's (not exactly stellar) opinions of him.
    • Drama drama drama in the Raven cabin (always drama)
    • Working with Drax during the Scrappy fight. Isodel's opinion on him was kind of a roller coaster this weekend.
    • Oberon Party
      • The singing and story telling was fun, there should be more of that in game
      • Taking every drink I could intercept... and poring them in Lynn's glass...
      • Isodel: "<quiet>Paralysis gas poison."
        Lynn: "... poison shield"
        Isodel: "Paralysis gas poison.</quiet> Oh! You go on, we'll catch up shortly!" -pulls Lynn back down into a sitting position-
        (Then putting the blank book in his hands and somebody else saying he should imagine writing lines was kind of awesome too. 'I will not take drinks from Fae, I will not take drinks from Fae, I will not take drinks from Fae' XD .)
    • Awkward conversations with Reganzi, then self appointing myself his new Public Relations Consultant
    • Screaming match with Bjorn while Ravens and newer adventures watched/listed on awkwardly
    • The whole lowbie portal fight! I am pretty sure I was the highest level character there (which isn't saying much, as half my build is in production skills, haha), being pretty sure I was going to get left on the field to bleed out at one point, and feeling like a reasonably useful participant by the time we got back.
    • NPCing the Rebirth Party! I was dying chasing Lynn around but I wasn't going to give up first!
    • Apparently making it canon that Isodel's response to being really upset is to **** off into the woods by her self to mope. At least she left a note! (On the bed of someone without read and write, admittedly...)
    • Being 1000000% ready to yell at Bjorn... then he admits he was wrong and being like "well, crap, now how do I respond"
    • Spiiiiiiiiiiiders!
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  11. Azath

    Azath Newbie

    Inquiring minds want to know more.
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  12. Ellie

    Ellie Newbie

    Um okay

    -Being complimented for my research log a lot. Having it feel important to the community and being able to leave it in the tavern for anyone to read.
    -The big scrappy battle plan working and then plot twist it was just a junior. Very cinematic
    -Portal battle, the final push when we all decide to charge the portal with one last push. Also very cinematic.
    -stumbling on the crime just post progress and then using tracking as using a forensic skill.
    -the wishing tree trip. That was a lot of fun
    -The Foxbridge Militia Scarecrow. Teehee
    -Soli deciding she will only speak now to those she considers friends and loved ones and chosing to be silent and meek with all others. It's a good balance for her as she continues to grow and let herself be more vulnerable and reliant on these people she's getting to know

    I think that's it for me.
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  13. Terrence

    Terrence Newbie

    Drinking with Oberon. Major thumbs up to Paul and Evan for improvising a story during this encounter. It felt like watching a Whose Line is it Anyways episode. I really wanted to follow Oberon to a fairy kingdom of lotus eaters and ambrosia drinkers. It's a good thing friends were there to stop me...

    Hanging out with friends at the grove and philosophizing on friendship. Walking upon the clearing and seeing Farren and others relaxing against the roots of the tree was a wonderful 'pearl' of immersion for me.

    Also the portal fight was really exciting and well balanced for the lowbies. Loved the spider mod too, NPCs did a great job with the hook.

    I'm really enjoying PCing. A lot. Thanks everyone for being awesome.
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  14. kmgates711

    kmgates711 Newbie

    Favorites from Bevin/Kristin!

    - Those Goblins. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm so sorry that Amory and I were bleeding hearts, I'm sure Azyck would have handled the problem JUST fine, but we had to stick our noses in there. Haha. What a fun encounter to walk in on.

    - Stopping at the Foxbridge Faire and always finding something I want. ALWAYS! Such a wonderful addition to the game! Thanks, Jessica and Co.

    - Ruby. Precocious young thing, aren't you? You are definitely more than you seem. Thanks for great RP, Amanda!

    - My first mental encounter ever as given by Ardryck. Bevin was SO and taken aback by the intimacy of those 10 seconds... She's pondering how to feel about it. Thanks, Jimmy!

    - Meeting the Red Thorns and realizing I probably insulted them and trying to make amends. What a great bunch of people and RP. :)

    - Drunk Silver Blade interviews. Bevin was so confused if this was a good sign or a terrible sign. Guess I'll find out soon!

    - Speaking of the Silver Blades... Bevin finally has found some direction and possibly a "niche" in the community. She spent a lot of time listening, observing, questioning, and discussing this event and I appreciate everyone who helped me come to the decisions that I did. Thud, Raganzi, Tal, Pachow, Hengin, Killian, Durnic, Ole, Isodel...pretty much everyone I interacted with this game had some effect on this decision. Thanks, everyone!

    - Killian's leading of the Scrappy fight. Well done! I love creative solutions that aren't just "hit them with swords." I mean, you still blew them up, but it was definitely better than just go hit things. I loved how well we all adjusted the plan when things went a bit awry.

    - The "Support Group for Women Who Have to Deal with Men Who Are Constantly Disappearing and Making Stupid Decisions" Sunday morning shenanigans.

    - "I've decided to join the Silver Blades, Paladin Llane!"
    "Oh, really?"
    "Yes. They need more women and less elves."

    - The Saturday night fights. GREAT encounters. The second fight was terrifying at moments, and I loved it.

    - Beatrice and our discussion of warm fuzzies and coldness. Focus more on those warm fuzzies, always! <3

    - *Scrappy Sr. throws DFM, hits my sword* " it?" Durnic to Bevin "Don't you have a Spell Shield up? A DODGE? Anything?!" "I'm a Hobling! DODGE!" Lol. Thanks, Durnic. Appreciate the reminder.

    OK, my list is getting long. Better stop while I can. Thanks for a fun game, everyone. Plot is always giving us new and interesting situations to solve and I appreciate the time and dedication they give to run such a great game. Ya'll are the best! :)
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  15. Krystina F

    Krystina F Newbie Oregon Staff Diversity Committee

  16. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

    I want to thank all the people for being good sports. Tossed out some tough stuff this event and everyone rolled with it.

    Some of my favorites:

    *I'll just throw this DFM real high so they know the danger.... did... that just hit her sword? Oh no, she's dropping it. It's sticking! Dodge. Whew.*

    Followed by throwing one into Bjorn's chest to see him grin and "Resist".

    Wait, _neither_ of you have a magic armor? Well... okay we are doing this.

    Valenzian spies have the WORST follow through. Always.

    "Lightbringer? Heck of a last name. "

    "Bevin. Walk away. Now. "
  17. Draxious

    Draxious Newbie

    Spending the entire Saturday under a subjugate for the Velenzians gathering intel for them. Worrying at 2 a.m. if I was heading to my next event still under it Till handed a Subjugation antidote potion.
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  18. Amber-Rose

    Amber-Rose Newbie Seattle Staff

    Aka: The Babysitters Club
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  19. Avaran

    Avaran Baron

    *So* exasperating to deal with...required supervision is so draining.

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