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  1. Mike Ventrella

    Mike Ventrella Duke Owner Moderator HQ Staff

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  2. Avaran

    Avaran Baron

    The High Ogre race packet ends quite abruptly and makes me think it is incomplete. The final sentence is: "High Ogres occasionally" and then it ends.

    Is this intentional or is it incomplete?
  3. Mike Ventrella

    Mike Ventrella Duke Owner Moderator HQ Staff

    Nope, a page got cut. I had to add it back in and change the layout, so the new version is complete. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
  4. Golanth

    Golanth Newbie

    @Mike Ventrella Ok so with the Wylderkin race, are dragonkin an acceptable iteration of the race?
  5. Durnic

    Durnic Squire Owner Oregon Staff Marshal

    No. They must be an animal known to us on the planet of Mundania. No mythological creatures are allowed for Kin. You could be a dogkin, but not a cerberuskin. You could be a lizardkin but not a dragonkin.
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  6. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    (You could totally be a Komodo Dragonkin).
  7. Toddo

    Toddo Knight HQ Staff Marshal

    Or a Bearded Dragonkin. Or a Dragonflykin.

    Also, no cryptids. I'ma Falcon Punch anyone who sends me a character history for a chupacabra.
  8. Durnic

    Durnic Squire Owner Oregon Staff Marshal

    What about a chalupacabrakin?

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  9. Toddo

    Toddo Knight HQ Staff Marshal

    Check and Mate sir.
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  10. DiodaGoat

    DiodaGoat Newbie

    Not gonna do it, but for sake of discussion, what about extinct animals? Moakin would be fairly epic. Dodokin would be a great npc race.
  11. Toddo

    Toddo Knight HQ Staff Marshal

    If it's a recent extinction and we know what the animal looked/acted like I'd allow it. I'd say we have enough data on Dodos for a kin.

    As much as I'd love to and have made teams in my head, I'd disallow Dinosauria cause we don't know fully what they looked like and only guesses on behavior. Always check with your local plot team.
  12. What about micro-animals?
  13. Toddo

    Toddo Knight HQ Staff Marshal

    Not sure what that term means, though if it's what I think it means you'd better have a really good paramecium costume.
  14. Micro-animals are simply microscopic species that fall into the kingdom Animalia, like dust mites or tardigrades.

    Although I can't find in the rulebook where it explicitly states that a kin must be based on a species from the kingdom Animalia, it makes a number of references to "animal-like characteristics", so I'm assuming a kin has to be an animal. Thusly, no parameciumkin. However, tardigradekin is technically completely valid.
  15. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Oregon Staff Marshal

    *coughs* Then you better have a killer dust mite / tardigrade costume.
  16. Toddo

    Toddo Knight HQ Staff Marshal

    If you can rep it so that I can tell just by looking at you that you're an amoebakin I'd allow it. Good luck with that though. :p
  17. Sheakhan

    Sheakhan Adept

    Why do humans not get any Race Packet love? I'm assuming they have a culture and stereotypical behaviors like the other races. What makes them special or worth playing?
    I'd love to see some background on them, and an official reason to choose to play a human aside from "Because I hate makeup."

    Are humans in Fortannis nomadic? Do they gather in tribes? Are they native to this plane, and if so how has their civilization risen from it's infancy? Do they fight wars? Do they have kingdoms or empires or city-states? What are human politics like?
    What sort of customary greetings or gifts are humans prone to? What makes them unique or keeps them relevant at all in a world where every other race has a relatively sizable advantage over them?
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  18. Durnic

    Durnic Squire Owner Oregon Staff Marshal

    Now, I may be wrong but: Humans are so extremely varied in all of the things that you just mentioned that I believe it's left to the local Plot Teams to define them more specifically. Alliance is like almost all fantasy worlds in that regard, unfortunately.

    An example could be "Dark Elves value honor above all things" but a human could value honor as well, not value it at all, or not care one way or the other.

    I know Alliance Seattle has been working super hard on all of their race packets and since that's your home chapter, that's who I recommend contacting about a human race packet.
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  19. Sheakhan

    Sheakhan Adept

    Unfortunately the human race packet they are working/worked on applies to humans from the area we're currently in. Not Andar (unless I'm mistaken, but the one I saw was not Andar specific). There doesn't seem to be either a national human packet, nor a Seattle specific one that would apply to my character or his brother.
  20. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    To be honest, the lack of a race packet never really bothered me. The raccoon brothers in Seattle were totally fine with creating their own culture background, because at the time, the idea of race packets was pretty foreign to us. If I need to make another character sometime, a race packet will be cool to look at, but eh, not necessary.

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