National Race Packets


Gettysburg Staff
Some chapters (like AGB) do create Human race packets. This is all, however, probably a topic for another region of the boards.

Mike Ventrella

HQ Staff
These national packets are the basics of each race. Each local chapter then has its local "cultural" package. An elf will be an elf no matter which chapter, but an elf from one chapter may have a completely different culture than one in another chapter. (In the real world, we're all humans but the culture of a human in America is vastly different from the culture of a human in China.)

A human packet could be done for each chapter, because it would only be the culture. And there could be even more than one culture packet for humans. (In Ashbury, we have more than one elf packet, more than one dwarf packet, and more than one biata packet depending on where you character is from.)

There is no need for a national human packet.


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