November 9-11 - 2.0 Playtest Preregistration!

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  1. Kevar

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    (Friday, November, 9 - Sunday, November 11th, 2018)

    PC Pre-Registered before Deadline - $70
    PC Not Pre-Registered before Deadline - $90
    NPCing is Free
    Note: Players 8-13 years old will be charged $40 . Players under 8 years of age not permitted.

    Second PC - $20

    Food Cost: add $20

    Payments sent to

    Pre-register via this link!

    • Meal Plan is only available to those who both pre-register and pre-pay. You must do *both* prior to the pre-registration deadline, or you will not be able to participate in meal plan. Both PCs and NPCs may participate in the meal plan.
    • You may send in your payment for the event fee early as well, as long as you send it in before the pre-registration deadline. Please do not send in payments after the pre-registration deadline. Payments can be sent to
    • Both PCs and NPCs may register for the meal plan. You may not participate in the meal plan unless you have pre-registered for it. We will not allow additions to the meal plan after the pre-registration deadline.
    • PCs who do not pre-register will be asked to wait until there is no more line at logistics before they are helped. Please pre-register to avoid being asked to wait until everyone else has gone through logistics. If your pre-registration is incomplete you will not count as being pre-registered.
    • Be fully prepared to check in when you arrive at logistics at the event. Be prepared with Spell & Recipe books, Magic Item reps & tags, armor, weapons, and any rituals scrolls being manipulated or spell-crafted. If you do not have these items available we will request to retrieve them and reenter the line. Additionally, if you are MERCHANTING please have all items prepared and sorted by production type and item in order to ensure a timely process.
    Pre-registration closes Wednesday 10/31/18. For out of chapter players I will need your transfers by this date to ensure your cards are up to date.
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    Meal Plan:
    Friday Night - Jambalaya and chips/salsa
    Saturday Morning - Eggs, Sausage, English muffins, fruit
    Saturday Night - Creamy Tuscan Chicken and salad
    Sunday morning- Cereal and oatmeal

    I still need a volunteer to help out!

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