November 9-11 - 2.0 Playtest Preregistration!

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  1. Kevar

    Kevar Fighter Marshal

    (Friday, November, 9 - Sunday, November 11th, 2018)

    PC Pre-Registered before Deadline - $70
    PC Not Pre-Registered before Deadline - $90
    NPCing is Free
    Note: Players 8-13 years old will be charged $40 . Players under 8 years of age not permitted.

    Second PC - $20

    Food Cost: add $20

    Payments sent to


    Pre-register via this link!

    • Meal Plan is only available to those who both pre-register and pre-pay. You must do *both* prior to the pre-registration deadline, or you will not be able to participate in meal plan. Both PCs and NPCs may participate in the meal plan.
    • You may send in your payment for the event fee early as well, as long as you send it in before the pre-registration deadline. Please do not send in payments after the pre-registration deadline. Payments can be sent to
    • Both PCs and NPCs may register for the meal plan. You may not participate in the meal plan unless you have pre-registered for it. We will not allow additions to the meal plan after the pre-registration deadline.
    • PCs who do not pre-register will be asked to wait until there is no more line at logistics before they are helped. Please pre-register to avoid being asked to wait until everyone else has gone through logistics. If your pre-registration is incomplete you will not count as being pre-registered.
    • Be fully prepared to check in when you arrive at logistics at the event. Be prepared with Spell & Recipe books, Magic Item reps & tags, armor, weapons, and any rituals scrolls being manipulated or spell-crafted. If you do not have these items available we will request to retrieve them and reenter the line. Additionally, if you are MERCHANTING please have all items prepared and sorted by production type and item in order to ensure a timely process.
    Pre-registration closes Wednesday 10/31/18. For out of chapter players I will need your transfers by this date to ensure your cards are up to date.

    Pre-Registered PCs - If your name is red, your pre-reg is not in the CMA (for who knows what reason) and we're working on it. I should have reached out to most of you, but if you haven't heard from me, please send an email to

    1. Bissonette Kit
    2. DeBruhl Ben
    3. Doyle Luke
    4. Duble Chris
    5. Farmer Corey
    6. Fultz Heather
    7. Gardner Codie
    8. Gigante Jessica
    9. Gourdine Anthony
    10. Hagen Lauren
    11. Holman Layn
    12. Iverson Paul
    13. Johnson Kyle
    14. Kenneally Tabitha
    15. Koenigsaecker David
    16. Lewis Brad
    17. Marion Bill
    18. Marion Alice
    19. Miller Rachel
    20. Moody Isabelle
    21. Newcomb Seth
    22. Norton Julissa
    23. Oberlin Erik
    24. Papageorgacopoulos Eleni

    25. Randall Josh
    26. Rawson Evan
    27. Sage Travis
    28. Shettel Emily
    29. Stowell Andy
    30. Strausbaugh Anna
    31. Sweeney Brett
    32. Syring Jason
    33. Thomas Jason
    34. Wagner Chantell
    35. Wessner Ryan
    36. Mungo Tony
    37. Thayer Ben

    Pre-Registered NPCs
    1. Bainbridge Nathan
    2. Fesler Robert
    3. Gregory Amy
    4. Gregory Bryan
    5. Gregory Etienne
    6. Hemm Amber-Rpse
    7. Johnson Brian
    8. Jordan Levi
    9. Martin Barb
    10. Olson Naomi
    11. Olson Tait
    12. Reed Michael
    13. Sleight Nathanael
    14. Smith Noah
    15. Stana Stephen
    16. Steele-Sierk Emma
    17. Stratman Jennifer
    18. Vaughn Gavin
    19. Woodward Kristin
    20. Woodward Brent

    Fultz Heather
    Gigante Jessica
    Gourdine Anthony
    Hagen Lauren
    Johnson Kyle
    Koenigsaecker David
    LeBlanc Brandon
    Lewis Brad
    Marion Alice
    Marion Bill
    Miller Rachel
    Moody Ruudy
    Papageorgacopoulos Eleni - Meal Plan Only
    Randall Josh - Meal Plan Only
    Rawson Evan - Meal Plan Only
    Sweeney Brett
    Thayer Ben
    Thomas Jason
    Wagner Chantell
    Bainbridge Nate
    Gregory Amy
    Gregory Bryan
    Gregory Etienne
    Jordan Levi
    Woodward Kristin
    Woodward Brent

    Meal Plan - If your name is red, you owe for the meal plan! I'll update this as I get more PayPal confirmations from the GM. You can always show me a PayPal receipt on site as well. No need to panic! :)
    DeBruhl Ben
    Duble Chris
    Fultz Heather
    Gigante Jessica
    Gourdine Anthony
    Hagen Lauren
    Iverson Paul
    Johnson Kyle
    Lewis Brad
    Miller Rachel

    Moody Isabelle
    Oberlin Erik
    Papageorgacopoulos Eleni
    Randall Josh
    Rawson Evan
    Shettel Emily
    Sweeney Brett
    Syring Jason
    Thomas Jason
    Bainbridge Nathan
    Fesler Robert
    Gregory Amy
    Gregory Bryan
    Gregory Etienne
    Martin Barb
    Johnson Brian

    Jordan Levi
    Woodward Kristin
    Woodward Brent
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  2. Iytsuna

    Iytsuna Newbie

    Meal Plan:
    Friday Night - Jambalaya and chips/salsa
    Saturday Morning - Eggs, Sausage, English muffins, fruit
    Saturday Night - Creamy Tuscan Chicken and salad
    Sunday morning- Cereal and oatmeal

    I still need a volunteer to help out!
  3. Tantarus

    Tantarus Squire


    Can we get an update on preregs received, Please. As we are close to the deadline and I would like to confirm.

  4. Kevar

    Kevar Fighter Marshal

    Confirmed. 1:1 NPC to PC ratio.
  5. Tantarus

    Tantarus Squire

    With these numbers, PCs might need NPCs to double hook as pcs for us :p

    Or people could prereg not last minute I guess.
  6. Nightbringer

    Nightbringer Newbie

    I know people who have pre-regged yesterday/today who are not showing on the list yet, but still the ratio is going to be umm... challenging. I'm used to anywhere from 1-5 to 1-8, I feel like this will be closer to 1-3.
  7. Tantarus

    Tantarus Squire

    Yeah it is going to be great!
  8. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    1-3 is probably the best ratio. 1-2 and you have to be really careful about your NPCs being too powerful.
  9. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Administrator Chief Technology Officer South Michigan Staff Marshal

    If you've preregistered but needed account adjustments like you preregistered with a character that you made instead of the one in the system. You'll want to make sure your prereg is still in. I've done a fair amount of deleting of folks stuff to get accounts into working order, and with those deletes and preregistrations you may have made with deleted characters are gone.
  10. Samyania

    Samyania Scholar

    Is the cleanup discount still in effect?
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  11. Kevar

    Kevar Fighter Marshal

    I didn't get a list from last event. :( Sorry.
  12. Samyania

    Samyania Scholar

    I'll give y'all $10 at some point then

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