October 17 favored moments!


Hello everyone! Now that the october event with the Tiatar masquerade is done please share some of your favored moments! Be it role play, combat or favored scene you saw amd are able to share please let everyone know!

Ps. For feedback and ibga's there is a pinned post at the top of the OOG page. Please let us know there as well!
My top moments :

Got to run my first mod as a marshal. That was exciting.

The ball was beautiful. Also, being able to walk without a mobility aid was THE MOST FREEING EXPERIENCE even if I am now in great pain.

Another death to an npc I played, but this one got a life.

Read a fortune and the response was "that's eerily accurate"
My quickie list:
  • The opening song number...followed by massacre. I wasn't a huge fan of that fight, but the scene and the song were super well done.
  • RP, RP, RP, including the emotional rollercoaster of adopting and then having one of my adoptees resurrect. Lagarde was angry enough that I got pulled by 3 different people to make sure I was OK OOG...to which, I was absolutely fine!
  • The fox onesie. It still makes me giggle.
  • The kin party...not what we were going for, but still fun!
  • Discussion on the porch about the future. You know who you are. The whole scene, and the RP that came out of that.
  • The ball. Amazing as always. Kudos to Tiatar!
  • The new and improved walk of the dead. Hooooooly crap that was an incredible amount of work from the plot team. Stunning!
  • Whack-a-worm. Silly, but great fun, despite the winds.
Can't wait for November! Also already plotting mod day antics... :D
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  • Getting personally invited to watch Dargok make the absolute worst decision of his life.
  • Being jammed into a corner by a spirit with six others, dodging (Not the skill) the hit meant for me and possuming then watching the thing float off and as soon as it was gone bringing five people up rapid fire.
  • Going to the Kyn party and nearly cutting someone over a (IG) boundary violation. There's a lesson there about messing with little sister wolf I think.
  • Everything to do with the father and son spirits and bringing them peace in death. Seriously almost had me complaining about onions being cut.
  • Elwin had a date to the ball and he didn't screw it up!
  • The entire Theatre of the Dead and all the things Elwin can extract out of the fortunes he received.
  • Having an actual thing to do for a BGA!
  • Planning evacuations for key people with key people.
  • Getting a baller item for my first and not having to buy chain for two years!
  • Thanks for the awesome event. I can't stop it from bulletpointing on my phone.
  • Bulletpoint
  • I absolutely loved the moot. The roleplay was amazing and speaking as an elf, Sark personally struck a lot of fear into me with that "Elf Killer" sword
  • Muck and Mash's song was amazing!
  • I actually really liked the massacre following Muck and Mash's song. It's fun to win, but always winning big battles without much struggle makes them less exciting and scary. I loved cowering in fear from the nightmare creatures and my favorite moment was when Aneira was coming into the tavern while many of us were fleeing and her face went from confused to "We need to run!" very quickly.
  • The Theatre of the Dead was hauntingly beautiful. It was my first Walk of the Dead so I don't know what it was like before, but I loved it!
  • The ball was awesome and I was so happy we got to have our portraits "painted"
That was a great event! Thanks everyone. :)
Yet another amazing event, I always love playing with everyone! My brain is still somewhat in recovery mode, but here are some of my favorite things from this weekend:

· Friday night on the road from the cabins to the tavern, quickly realizing that what we thought was a typical road ambush was actually going to be a wave fight and that we were really REALLY lucky that we had a large group. The Devourer wandering through the middle of us a few times was absolutely terrifying to boot.

· Figuring out a biata-only solution to our lyric discrepancy for the Song of Fascination. Thank you Trace for letting me do the thing!

· Kaia becoming legitimately irate for the second time in game, around an entirely different set of people. Most seem to just assume she’s unhappy most of the time, but that’s really just her face! It’s fun seeing people’s reactions when they realize she’s actually got a strong opinion on a thing.

· Singing the Song of Fascination during the Halixma fight was actually a lot of fun! As a player I was extremely nervous about singing in front of people, especially alone. Huge shout out to everyone who joined in with that, by the time we had done it a few times I was enjoying myself instead of worrying about it!

· The Masquerade ball was a ton of fun, lots of great interactions and sooo many pretty outfits. Kaia also got to feel super special receiving flowers from people (even if one of them was related to her previously mentioned irritation)

· The box of mysteries. Nuff said.

· Sunday morning NPC distraction time. Thank you PCs who tried to help my sad little crunchy before being chased off by other crunchies! Same crunchies turned a different helper PC into sandwich time shortly after, which was also great.

· Apologies to the brand new Selunari player who I almost killed with THE SAME crunchy on my second pop. I felt so bad!
I had a few little favorite moments.

*The appreciation given to my creations; thank you! It means the world to me.
*Having Izual as my date (and Nirrabex, too); he was AWESOME! An absolute joy who helped wrestle us into corsets and dresses, waited tirelessly when it took us literally FOREVER to get ready, AND he brought us presents. Izual is best date. <3
*Achieving victory at last and managing to pass the orange off to Elevir (even if it was only a hand kiss)
*The serious business of starting the game with a ridiculously dangerous fight and almost dissipating.
Whew... a lot of good memories. But here are my top encounters that made my weekend fun:

-The intro mod. Fun flavor and a good way to introduce us to the chapter.
-Meeting so many new people and seeing so many wonderful costumes! Whew! Very awesome!
-Even if I arrived late to the Moot, it was nice to see it all play out at the end. And the roleplay with "The Unkillable" and the "Shaman Lady" was fun.
-Kitsuni's sword hilt adventure! So much fun!!!
-The endless advances for hugs and kisses from Peat and Ember. Hell... all the MWE that encountered the "many layers of the Onion that is Bones"
-Getting that stupid clovered orange... 8 times... ugh...
-The battles with the Devourer of Souls! So much fun!
-The masquerade and the Theater of the Dead. Wow. Very cool feel to everything.
-Saving the wine from would be thieves. Ha ha ha! So much fun!
-The Bird is the word! All of the time! Love me some bird-kin swinging a polearm over my shoulder. Combat buddies for life!
-The doughnut eating contest. Just. Wow... so silly.
-The ram-kin singing his song at the end, and Bones getting really into it.

Also, as a general statement, I loved how everyone was so warm and friendly to us travelers. It made me feel incredibly welcome and I just can't wait to come back for more!
New to being a PC! Gotta say, it was INCREDIBLE!!!
  • Encountering the Devour-er initially was pretty scary as a new PC!
  • Appreciated the plot that went into the Devour-er's story, very interesting!
  • Walking through the wind and snow to a battle in another spirit's mind! So AWESOME!
  • Ghoul lords.... "There's ghouls out there!" That guy got me good.
  • Enjoying my time in the masquerade. I watched a lot of people, a lot of cute couples out there!
  • I loved being able to interact with some of the other new players. The orphanage and I interacted a lot and went on quite a few adventures.
  • Mariel was super awesome! I really enjoyed being an essential part in getting him to find his purpose again to free all those souls and defend against the devour-er.
  • I liked how everything played out.
  • Just overall an amazing event!
Hey folks, Jay here. Just so folks know, I'm a teddy bear. I'm friendly, nice, and polite - Emaric on the other hand is a total **** and is intense, except to a few people <3. With that some highlights of my weekend:

  • Friday night, Kyn Party and Loss of Swords... grumble grumble
  • Saturday morning second breakfast workout, [Redacted]. ;)
  • Saturday afternoon, Flower planning and plotting.
  • Saturday night, Ball, Yup it was good.
Third larp event down! I'm stilling finding my sea legs in terms of RP and building a character, so this event was huuuuge for me. I've still got a very long way to go, but it feels like I'm starting to get the hang of it. In no particular order:
  • The Muck and Mash number. The shift from, "Hey, this is a fun sort of take on Halloween" to bone chilling fear was fantastic. Very well planned by plot.
  • The kin party Friday night! Copper got drunk for the first time at a gathering, and had a blast interacting with folks and passing out snacks. Hope everyone liked their pawpsicles!
  • Playing interceptor for fear'd folks at the Hag fight. Had a couple kin go feral and bite me when I did, which gave me a new found appreciation for the folks who make sturdy leather armor.
  • The (visiting, I think?) Biata in the Hag fight! Her break command RP was fantastic!
  • Joining Team Ambulance for the Halixma fight.
  • Kin family (and extended family) is best family!
  • The ball and how excited everyone was for it! Sadly I missed it, because of...
  • Copper's first trip to the rez circle and everything involved. OOG, sure, taking a death for my own stupid mistakes is a bit of a bummer, but I would never trade it back for all the amazing RP that followed. The realization of how many people were affected by the news genuinely choked both Copper, and I'll be honest me, up. The reaction of the group that left the ball to come find him (you know who you are) didn't exactly help with the feels train either :) Y'all are the best.
  • More personal RP / character moments, but just how perfectly the resurrection feels transitioned right into the Walk of the Dead.
  • That moment looking back during the Walk of the Dead and seeing the train of candles was beautiful. Baron/Baroness Tiatar wasn't kidding.
  • The Theater of the Dead was filled with a bunch of great little moments. This being my first Walk I have nothing to compare it to, but I loved this version of it.
  • Everyone being so accepting of my buddy whose first larp game this was! So accepting, in fact, that he's coming back next month.
Looking forward to seeing everyone again in November!
  • Dragging Puck off into the darkness (not too far) and then eating three of his fingers (always 3!). We made a dark lump in the grass and if Knox hadn't spotted us and insisted on investigating (over some objections) Puck was done for. As it was, they thought it was just the body of a PC and were quite startled when I jumped out from behind Puck to attack. Good times.
  • Watching people jump when the Box of Mysteries would shake as they approached. Or watching them jerk their hand out when they felt something grab back from inside the box. Its the simple things...
  • Scaring the bazookas out of two players as a Ghoul. Not sure who they were (pretty new players, I think). I was hiding in the shadows next to the stairs of Cabin 4 as they sauntered there after fighting other ghouls down near Cabin 1. Right as the front one put his foot on the stairs I leaped around the corner and let loose with a number of "10 paralysis" shots.
  • Having James and his young folks find the Giant Button blue card (and prop) that I put out. Pretty sweet for some first-time players, I think.
  • The amazing makeup that Sariah did all weekend. In some ways it was too bad that so much of it was for night-time roles.
  • Playing Chorus and getting to be the MC for the Theater of The Dead. From what I have seen the PCs really responded to that and I am just thrilled. I loved that Owen got to be part of the mimed scenes too.
  • Seeing Vincent spontaneously decide to run a mod just for Pages and watching Owen get dressed up to play a horse-sized duck.
  • The Dragon Council was so well done with lighting, sound, style choices and overall atmosphere. Huge shout-outs to Ian on the sound and lights and to Vincent with amazing effects and incredible role-playing. We also had a few unbelievably great NPCs who simply helped out and watched... even though it was ridiculously late at night. You guys rock.
  • Finally... as I'm waking up on Sunday morning at about 8 AM, I hear Owen talking in his sleep: "Wyatt, do you want to be in Tiatar?" (his brother is named Wyatt)
Thank you ALL for being a really amazing community. For caring so much for each other, working so hard, giving so much of yourselves, being forgiving with each other and making our game really special.
Templeton Grey here. We had a wonderful time! Everyone was so welcoming and gracious with the kids (players and NPCs taking them under their wing, interacting with them and teaching them) and I (who was constantly a step behind in calling out or understanding the effects in game), it really couldn't have gone any better. A few favorite memories-
  • Deciding as an 'orphanage' to walk up to the Tavern Friday night, my eldest ('Johan') w/ guitar-in-hand, blundering into the Devourer fight totally unprepared, and having heroic PCs escort us out of trouble and to the safety of the Tavern.
  • William and Bladrim were the best 'newbie' guides our PCs could ask for! Showed us 'the ropes' of the game throughout the weekend, and set us up with the wards and Jack-o'-Lantern we needed to have a safe night's sleep. :)
  • Ivee and Kennedy scampering off with the chest in the dark, mysterious electric eel pool.
  • The giant goose mod for the pages, that was awesome!!
  • The orphans getting hired to be guards for the ball, and then actually doing it.
  • Ivee's favorite was the ball with the beautiful dresses and costumes.
  • Castlelot's favorite was being a guard at the ball, fighting off cursed, and running through the shadows with a dark elf ninja
  • Johan loved the Hag fight, the ebb and flow of it, and of course using his 2-handed sword.
  • Kennedy (the littlelest hobbling) liked getting 10 cp :p
  • Templeton's greatest pleasure was seeing how much fun the orphan's were having, especially as they dove into New Acarthia with the help of comrades, mentors, and friends.
  • Losing my brand new silver'd sword to a ghoul, then lurking about and retrieving it later on the ground in the middle of battle!
  • Templeton's early morning walks with Kennedy at 7 bells, before it seemed anyone else in their right mind had roused :rolleyes:
A++ event, can't wait to play again, unfortunately won't be until mods in early 2018, but until then the forge fires will be lit retooling weapons, armor, costumes, and of course a giant's button shield. :D

PS - JeffL, I was one of those players ambushed and pummeled outside cabin 4 with your ghoulish 10 paralysis hits. Always keep the PCs on their toes, fantastic! :)
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Man, this was a great event for me. Lots of cool roleplay and character moments. In roughly chronological order:
  • The brothers Corinthus being reunited and fighting side by side for the first time since the War of a Thousand Skirmishes! Out of character, my brother (who portrayed my character's brother, naturally) telling me that his first event was one of the coolest things he's ever done.
  • Emaric telling Baron Morningtide that Demvarien is worthy to be a squire. A small moment, to be sure, but Demvarien didn't think Emaric had that high an opinion of him.
  • A fun misunderstanding with Kaia averted through biata memory sharing.
  • The mod for recovering the stolen wine. I feel like my roleplay during that said a lot about who my character is.
  • Having a heart to heart with my Baron and Baroness in my room about the meaning of my oath of fealty, interpretations of the Code, and the demands of knighthood.
  • Singing during the Halixma fight, despite being told later that it didn't actually do much after summoning her.
  • Dancing at the ball and having some idea what I was doing, thanks to Bria's dance lessons. I feel like I did well enough to convincingly portray my character.
  • Ronaldo, the painter at the ball, and his hilarious accent. The NPC portraying him was my dad and I couldn't keep a straight face.
  • The Walk of the Dead. Selling my character's body language through breathing and expression that at least one other player picked up on. Immersing myself in his state of mind, thinking about his parents and his future.
  • Having one more heart to heart and asking Baron Morningtide for the honor of being his squire as the Theater of the Dead closed down.
Just so you know, Demvarien... the singing absolutely did affect Halixma during the battle.
Izual/Izzy’s favorite moments


-Sad to have missed the Muck and Mash stuff but definitely had a blast in the ghoul fight after the guild meetings were over. Also having a battle buddy in that fight who no matter how silly I was and what danger I hunted was always just behind my right shoulder chucking arrows. I’m glad we got to rescue those stuck in the haven of the living.

-Crashing the Kin party to get Gourdeous Pumpkins, but then to be hit in the feels by how welcome the Kin made me feel. Thanks Blue, Lagarde, Rork, and Sleet.

-Super late night RP, great moments waiting for Tevas to finally get to site.


-Inducting a new step daughter into the Scions, welcome Nirrabex! She always felt like family but now it’s official.

-Dame Arikaya I love our friendship so much, and thank you for your continued tutelage and advice.

-Afternoon Hag fight, super happy with that challenge level of that fight, a town like battle without the majority of our Baronial team members made the fight both challenging and rewarding, since I was sure we were just not going to make it in time to save the squire. Thank you to all the NPC’s and plot members involved in the fighting there. Special call out to Miguel, Ian, and Jeff for really keeping me on my toes that fight, at least when I wasn’t Feared all the way back to the Tavern. Your special effect windstorm for that encounter was spot on. Never have I had to fight so hard to keep my shield in place to cover me, and keep my blade from dancing away from me, I definitely learned Mortalis is kinda sail shaped.

-Void Elemental crunch fights in the afternoon were so much fun, thanks Josh and his NPC helpers. The fight felt like such a team work win, I just adore times where team work syncs so well, thank you Lumi, Ember, and Zak for that moment.

-Arriving at the tail end of the Halixima fight and being able to help push the tide enough to end the fight was fun. But better yet it meant we were just exactly on time for the Masquerade!

-Tevas fighting alongside of you is always fun I always feel so successful when I pull “agro”.

-The Masquerade was amazing, I had 2 fantastic dates (Thank you Alis and Nirrabex you two really elevated this event from great to will be remembered for all time), so many fun conversations to be involved in, and silliness to be had (Cloven Oranges – thanks Peat). My very first Kyp encounter/interaction was fun. Noelle I am glad I got a chance to really interact with you this game.

-Walk of the Dead / Theater of the Dead, how does the fortune telling in this game by both Plot and PC’s continually end up with reminding me that I will have to survive after my closest friends are gone for good….. uhg so heart breaking. And then the Fortune out of a box, that just broke my character’s hopes and dreams so hard. Everyone I encounters on the way back to the cabins, I was stuck envisioning their final moments, thank you plot for hitting me in the feels so hard, so very hard. Sorry to my dates for not wrapping up the evening appropriately. Ember your kindness was very appreciated even though I didn't respond to it.

-Kendrick, Izzy loved your prank, nice job, Izual on the other hand wants to ensure you receive your Baronial punishment for it.

-Nyt thanks for all the fun RP moments all weekend long, especially with the <redacted>.

-Vellis thanks for being such a good sport with the Stone Elf hate.

-Belswin Thank you for all your help and advice!!!
-Vellis thanks for being such a good sport with the Stone Elf hate.

The Scions make being a stone elf really interesting in Acarthia! I feel like we're maybe making slight progress? Didn't get speared for driveby spells in the Halixma fight, which was a pleasant surprise. Sorry for occupying your living room for so on Friday; I didn't realize y'all shared a building with the Earth Circle.

The spirits at the ball were great. Logistical concerns kept VV from getting out and looking for spirits all day (except for the kitties), so getting to talk to a few dead people was good.

I miss bardic magic a whole lot, so I appreciated being able to be a part of the Halixma song.

Quick reshuffling of priorities on Sunday morning. There's an extremely short list of people VV will act as a backpack for, and a short list of circumstances where she'll add to it.

Seeing the Empress outside of the Maelstrom was deeply weird for VV, and I only wish I could have seen the conversation with the Spinners.

The hospitality of Acarthia in general, and Tiatar in particular, continues to be amazing.
This was a different kind of event for me this weekend, as I had to take an orange headband due to some ongoing medical issues. I'm not a stick jock by any means, but not being in combat at all was just weird for me. Some odds and ends off the top of my head:

-Snow! I love being out in a snow storm, especially during a game.
-The fae/fade spiders. Spiders + snow? I'm in! Thanks Jesse for not running me off due to non-com status once I plopped myself in a circle of power in the center of the web.
-Thank you to everyone who bought a flower for Ember and I this weekend. It was a great excuse for me to visit and chat with lots of people. We had 1/4 of our stock go bad overnight Friday, but sold out of the rest, so I imagine we'll be looking to do it again next year.
-Theater of the Dead. I enjoyed the Walk last year, but I thought this was a cool addition to the Lore.
-The Dragon Council. A really neat look at things, even though I didn't get a chance to talk about my spider.
-A big thank you to everyone that still invited me along on things, even if the encounter head then had to turn me away.
Some highlights for me:
-loved getting another essence for us elementals.
-Partying with the wylderkyn.
-All the interactions I had with selling people roses.
-Loved the Kitsuni's mod with the ice dragons, so fun and different and plot even made it snow for us, man they are working over time.
-Loved our little void killing group, they were hard, but we worked so well together and got them down. :)
-Of course loved the dancing!!!! Thank you Fynn for being my date and dancing with me, love you :)
-Loved everyone's outfits for the ball.
-Loved rp with the summer fae at the ball.
-Loved all the cloven orange fun.
-Loved hugging/bugging 1,000 bones.
-Such a cool idea with the theater of the dead.
-Thanks taylor for fitting in the early morning rp :)
-Had fun at the after party.
-Well not going to say Ember had fun with this, but great rping with baron darius.