October 17 favored moments!

I think I waited too long and already forgot somethings.

  • Peat's new brew. That stuff is gooooooood.
  • Walking up the road after our mod (Thanks Eric!) to what seemed like a little battle and then having the devourer plow through people. Whhhy oh why did people turn their backs to it?
  • Getting walked through the visuals of the elemental cave of wonders, and pondering if there was finally a mark I'd consider.
  • Kyn Party Friday night, it was loud but lots of fun and drinking.
  • NPCing for Jenn's mod Saturday morning, I was with friends and it was interesting watching the team go through and the choices they made. We were a bit easy to squish but it was still good. Even if it was snowy and cold.
  • Abel whispering to the wind that they weren't present for bacon, nope I was getting ready to help trick and murder them all :)
  • Watching a player go back for the trapped. Can't leave bacon squire behind.
  • Lunchtime conversations.
  • Seeing Kendrick's face at Dame Ashlynn.
  • Helping wreck void walker face with Iz, Ember and Zak. Such fun. And man, those guys did not like my wand.
  • The ball! So fun, I wish we could've gotten Halixma down faster, but being on team murder and trying to figure out a pass around all her ghul friends was fun and scary.
  • The new walk of the dead, I really liked it and what it had to offer. I'd modify it to maybe have more specific spirits linked to characters or back story if NPC staffing allows, but I really liked the change. I do think I forgot to put how I'd change it in my feedback.
  • More late night partying! Team Party Hard!
  • Sunday fight was way easy to squish the devourer with the knowledge people gathered. Go team study stuff! (I was not part of that team)
Overall a really fun event, thank you to everyone <3 We have a great game
So many wonderful moments this past game:

-Getting to NPC for the first time! It was fun chasing you guys around!
-Ain't no party like a Kyn-party! Got intoxicated for the first time in my character's history (thank you Peat!) and had some hilarious moments with everyone.
-Felt loved and protected by my new family (thank you Uncle Elwin!)
- Baron Darius' reaction to the fox onsie.
-Saturday morning adventures ;)
-Whack-a-worm in cave of the winds lol that was an awesome mechanic and a really fun little side quest!
-The ball! It was wonderful to see everyone looking fabulous! Also, finally learned what the cloven orange means. Also, watching people's reactions as I told them "I came stag!" . Thank you all for putting up with my shenanigans
-Poor Captain Roberts....(thank you dad!)
-And then, getting pulled aside by Gwen and Blue to hear Copper res'd. It was shock, followed by sadness, then anger. Thank you to all that came back to the cabin with me. What a wonderful (and intense) RP moment. I saw a whole new side of certain characters.
-The walk of the dead was a beautiful sight, to see the lights like stars in the sky.
-Watching people react to the video about the future and realizing it's gonna hit people we care about.
-Sunday RP :)