Ogre Necromancer


Tempest said:
My Ogre (and his mind set) is from a different rulebook.
That's not an explanation that the Alliance system permits, much like you can't throw flame bolts that do 16 points of damage because your spellbook came from before the numbers were changed, and you can't incant "From the North, I call an Ice Storm forth" (more's the pity) because that's what your pre-split, long ago spellbook has written in it. The intention of the roleplay restriction is to bar ogres from using Necromancy, the effect group. If you are circumventing that restriction without rules-enforced reasoning (i.e. Enslavement, Vampire Charm, are Undead, etc.), you're playing neither by the spirit nor the letter of the rules.

Getting the cheating card out awfully quick JP?
Not really. Honest mistakes ("Oh, I didn't know flame bolts did 20, I've been taking them as 16 all weekend") are cheating as much as flagrant violations ("Oh, that rule doesn't apply to me, because I'm old" ;) ). How a marshal deals with it will depend on the underlying causes, though.


Robb Graves said:
haha.. good idea.

"I've had this character for 12 years and have had X attitude since day 1."

"we don't care, the new rules book supersedes all. change your character concept and retcon his history to fall in line or we'll race change you"

"f you guys." ((changes chapters, or larps))

Despite this being a joke, I've had/seen this discussion more than once. It was said more politely but it was the basic conversation. A few including the final line and action of not returning.


Tempest said:
My Ogre (and his mind set) is from a different rulebook.

It isn't an IG 'legal' distinction. It is the way certain races and certain chapters had their races set up. Past tense.

Getting the cheating card out awfully quick JP? :yummy:
I think an important thing to remember is that the in-game world is not governed by what we can and cannot do, but by a collection of written guidelines (rules), and as such playing within the framework of the rules is important. They are all we have to define the various abilities in the world (what we can and cannot do), and having 20 different definitions of what a Flamebolt does is just as harmful as having 20 different viewpoints on what it means to be a PC Ogre.

To me, it comes down to being a good sport about it. Yeah it's not ideal, but the writers have decided it's best for the game, so respect that and move on. The game is very accommodating to a lot of different people, which is good, but it needs to go both ways on some things.

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