Gettysburg Staff
To any one who is coming, espescially from out of chapter: It is greatly appreciated if you can go to our website and fill out a pre-registration form or e-mail ohiolog@gmail.com and send us the same information that is on the form. Also, do not forget to have your home chapter send your character in advance.

Dar Beltaine

Awesome, does that mean you will be driving down with us? Call me if you can.




Camp info for Ohio

Ft. Steuben Scout Reservation
79601 Adams Run Rd
Freeport OH 43973

The buildings are nice and warm, all the beds have matresses. There are 2 sleeping areas for the PC's, so if you want private space please bring stuff to section off your area. I am unsure about the showers or if they will be on. The camp sits on 1500 acres and has plenty of space to run around. The only downfall is that the NPC shack is right next to the PC's but we have had to do worse.

Please note: Prereg is extended to Thursday night at midnight. Please send them in now if you havent already.

Paypal: vandlar@comcast.net

Snail: Michael Webb, 2202 Harvey Ave East Liverpool OH 43920

Checks payable to Michael Webb

Thanks, I cant wait to meet everyone!


As was requested by Justin, i'm asking for info from you guys on this thread as well. I run the tavern in the winter, and am looking to find out if there are any special dietary needs of anyone who is coming. I need to make sure i can plan for them ahead of time. Please PM me if you have anything special. I'll post a menu by Thursday at the latest for the event - so if you don't have info to me by Wednesday, i may not be able to work around them. Menu will be posted on the IG Ohio boards. Thanks, and can't wait to see you all out!


For making the 12+ hour drive out to the middle of Ohio through snowstorms and whatnot and for being fantastic both IG and OOG. It was great having you there and I hope that not only will we see you in Ohio again* but we can come up and visit you on your own turf-- a lot of us have been/continue to make such travel plans... :) I'd write more but I'm in "recovery mode" (and, thus, have the minimum brain activity right now).. please don't forget to check out some of the post-event topics on the Ohio boards-- I'm sure you guys will be mentioned... once everyone else recovers too.


*(when the memory of the drive fades from "grueling" to merely "oh, it wasn't so bad"... which I acknowledge may take a looooong time.)
Thank you very much for having us. It was well worth the trip, and I'd love to be able to make it out there again some time.

Take care, and I hope to see you out here soon.