OOG Prep Questions for Dragonfall


Some, or most, of this may be FOIG, but I'll be the fool that asks anyway :)
  1. Will the event be taking place returning to Valbrough, or elsewhere?
  2. In the time since June, for a character that has been in Onothera, has anything of significance happened that I would/should already know about at the time?
  3. Is there a live-time connexion between the Kalinthas plot and the Dragonreach plot?
Questions 4 and 5 have been redacted. Thank you!


Hi Taed! Hopefully this helps!

1. Dragonfall takes place in Valbourgh
2. This would be addressed within an IBGA
3. Yes.


To expand on 3.

We never ever ever ever will have non live time connections between games. Everything passes at the same rate as real time.

If you're even studious enough, you'll notice that Dragonreach's calendar is behind 2010 years but progresses at the same rate.

Kalinthas is too poor paying for tavern food to have a clock or calendar. (Or I don't actually know what the people there do for counting time)