Poker Tournament - Permanence Catalyst Prize! [February Gameday Teaser]


Greeting ladies and gentlemen!

May I have your attention please?!

I have a few words to say and an announcement to make.

I would like to remind us all that in times of great strife, and conflict it is important we not only fight to survive, but to live. We must always remember to find happiness and joy where we can. For if we let the darkness take that from us, then no matter how much we fight, it has already won! Even here, so close to the front, and dealing with the evils we do, we must find time to smile and have fun.

So, with that in mind, I am happy to announce in two months time the Five Crowns; myself, Talladar, and Kevar, will be hosting a Poker Tournament, sponsored by The Martinelli Family.

There will be a ten gold buy in. This gets you a seat at the table and chips.

The stakes? The Martinelli Family has very graciously offered the most coveted catalyst in all of Strayden, the cCatalyst to the Permanence Ritual, a Coal of Sparkling Fairy Dust to the winner!!

This tournament is open to all who wish to test their luck and skill for a chance at the prize!

The winner will have the prize delivered to them after the Tournament, guaranteed by the Martinelli Family.
Master Brayden,

Will the gold from the tournament be given to the Martinelli family as compensation for the catalyst?
Master Zeth,

That is a good question.

The coin is going to the Martinelli family as well as covering expenses and costs of hosting the game.
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Will this be No Limit Hold ‘Em? I’m assuming no re-buys.

....It occurs to me that I’ve played a lot of cards since becoming an adventurer..
Another excellent question.

Currently the details are being talked over and there will be more information hopefully soon.
You know what. After that game of Super Wizard, I'm in.
This tournament is not held on a normal gathering, but we are looking to start mid day I believe. If this changes I will make an announcement.
wait wait wait ... a tourney for a catalyst ... but "not held on a normal gathering"?
Yes, as a normal gathering is a three day market. This will just need a single day we are specifically opening for the purpose of the tournament.

People may come and trade as they wish, I will not halt the flow of trade, however, the tables will be arranged to favor the tournament and it's participants. As well as me and mine will be focusing primarily on running the tournament.

The bar will be open, and I may hire someone to serve drinks as I am deal for the tournament.
Apologies for the delay Sir Tantarus for the delayed response.

I will be discussing this with everyone else and get back to you as soon as i an able, thank you for your patience.
Yes, you are absolutely allowed to cast rituals. However, we are asking you do so in a side room or outside as not to interrupt the tournament.

If you are looking to partake in the tournament but need to cast rituals, you can send us a message and we can work things out to make both happen.


(Out of game: If you are casting rituals, especially if you are wishing to play in the tournament, pleas email plot the details so they can hash it out. Thanks)

Have the specific rules and format been decided upon? Many of us are curious to find out precisely how the tournament is planned.

-Lord Polare Lissenstine
Hello Master Brayden,

Unfortunately my research trip to the capital will interfere. I sadly must withdraw.

Greetings my Lord,

We will be playing no-limit Strayden hold'em.

Sorry for the delay, communication with our sponsor has been slow due to the roads being as dangerous as they have been.

Master Brayden

Oog, we will be playing texas hold'em.