Poker Tournament - Permanence Catalyst Prize! [February Gameday Teaser]

Good news,

My travels to the capital took less time than anticipated. I'm back in, even if it cost too much coin for this horse to ride. Do you think that after I sell it to the troops I'll have enough for something to make my tailbone stop hurting?
Ladies and gentlemen!

Just a reminder the tournament is just a few days away, and i know we are all excited!

Merchant services will be available, but please be polite and wait tell i am not dealing cards.

As for food, the martinelli family has opted to go a different rout and bring in their own cooks. So my normal drink and food services will not be available that day.

Now that everything is said and done. I hope everyone had fun.

I would like to thank our sponsors, the Martinelli family, for providing not only the grand prize for the tournament, but many other unexpected prizes for the runners up and for the other games played as well. We at the Five Crowns look forward to working with you all again in the future!

Everyone, please remember to not only fight back against the darkness, but to live and show it that you will not be beaten! That you will continue to shine brightly back against it as a people not beaten into despair!

We at the Five Crown have been honored to hold this tournament, and look forward more events like it.
It was a great afternoon of games. Thanks for all the hard work that people put into it. Very fun. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next gather.

Sir Tantarus