Prereqs for Formal Magic


I understand that in both Celestial and Earth Magic, to purchase an nth level spell slot, you have to have n+1 of the previous level spell slots up to four. (i.e. to purchase Earth Level 4 the first time you have to have 2 Earth Level 3s, to purchase it a second time you have to have 3 Earth Level 3s, et cetera.)

Does the same apply to Formal Celestial or Formal Earth? That is, do you have to have 2 Earth Level 9s before you can purchase Formal Earth? Or is it just as soon as you have any Earth Level 9?

I am still months away from purchasing said formal but I'd like to be certain of what I'm doing. Thank you ^_^


You only need a single 9th level spell in order to purchase formal magic. You could have only a single 9th level spell and 50 levels of formal magic if you wanted! That being said I recommend still getting all of your 9th level spells since many formal magic abilities are tied to how many 9th level spells you can cast.