Removing the Planar lock

To be fraudulent, you would have to intentionally be trying to deceive somebody in your theories. I don't believe this to be the case. I don't understand your research, nor do I care. I'm just not willing to buy willing to buy what your selling.
That is perfectly acceptable. If everyone can safely assume you put no stock in my research, then there should be no need for you to further comment. I appreciate you taking the time to explain your view in a civil discourse.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, of the Seekers.

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First, you are correct I have not studied the inner workings of magic. Because I don't care. They work the way they work and that's all I need to know. Second, there are some things that are not supposed to be messed with neither by man nor immortals. You are shirting that line. There is a reason that the order of Arden locked way those magics.
Third if I had a silver for everyone I heard from other people that you have led on adventures who said Wycliffe almost got us all killed I could build a new keep.
fourth, you are still very young, and new to adventuring. You have need of the discretion or the skill to get me to trust you.
Fourth again I did not call your research fraudulent. I only said that I didn't trust you. This is a perfect example of what I was talking about. I said one thing you heard something else.
If you do not care either way, then I fail to see why a comment such as the one you first made was necessary. YOU may not care, but there are others that do not share that sentiment. Instead of publicly bashing my work with no evidence of fault in my logic, you could have simply said what you really meant, namely, "I do not trust you, Velnaeus, and so I am personally going to ignore your research." That would have been much more productive, and let us avoid this entire discourse, not to mention save you the trouble of conversing with me.
As for your Keep made of silvers, people can say what they like, Baron HaVok, but when I go on an adventure with others, everyone in the party is making a choice to accompany at their own risk, a fact I make very clear. Not only that, but on every occasion I have led an expedition for my research, I have both paid the other adventurers who came handsomely AND forewarned them of the danger. I always ensure that those who come with me to pursue new knowledge are aware of the risks, and they have the express right to refuse to accompany me. If, after I have warned them of the dangers, they then turn and blame me for nearly dying by the dangers I warned them of, that is on them, not me. For example, I led a group to a place guarded by Marble Golems, which I had warned them beforehand that we would be fighting against Marble Golems to reach a portal, at which time I would need to retrieve what we came for from inside it. Ahlana, who accompanied us, was randomly possessed by the urge to jump into the portal while I was retrieving what we came for, a coincidence that had nothing to do with me, but her own meddling with higher powers. Were she to have gone through with it, she would have, without a single doubt, permanently died, and I have heard tell that Ahlana blames me for that near permanent death, but in fact, I was the one who bodily wrestled her away from the portal, nearly being pulled in with her, risking my own permanent death to save her FROM HERSELF. Everyone got out alive from that adventure, but I was still blamed for the trouble, even though they were warned, and that, in a nutshell, is the kind of things people say: they use me as a scapegoat. Besides that, we are adventurers, on what major venture is someone not "almost killed"? The Key word there is "almost".
I am relatively new to adventuring, you are correct, but not to this world, and while my experience with other beings is limited, I have studied my craft for nearly two centuries now.
Finally, the word "fraudulent" does typically mean "Purposefully deceptive" in common terms, but when used to describe a study, it can also colloquially mean research which ignores pre-established facts or skipped fundamental steps in it's experimentation. I would not expect you to know that, as you do not care for research, but I did not misread your words, the words themselves had an alternate meaning than what you indicated to have intended.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, of the Seekers.

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You're both going to continue to talk past each other on this medium. Perhaps it best if we drop this argument and continue to focus on the task at hand.

Vel, if you have a contact on from the plane of fire who can assist, let's explore that option. It seems we are short handed of elementally touched folks. What do you need to do to get a hold of your contact?

After we have words with Ernest, we can move to make a plan of attack.

Last minute issues have sprung up and I will be unable to travel to this next market. That said, I have thought about these maters more and I want to first address some concerns, and put forth a possible solution.

Firstly, Vel

The way creation and void interact is specific to this mist sphere. The planes, the core eight, transcend the mist spheres to a degree. For this reason, the base eight were chosen to be linked, letting the quasi remain locked from these lands. These planes would still exist, but you would not be able to reach them, and they would not be able to touch the material.

Now, on to the possible solution.

Gideon, if you are willing, you may be able to create a gate with the blessing of the Mist herself. She is very fickle, so only bring those who are well spoken. Remind her that you seek to return balance to the lands.
A planar asylum will still be needed, as well as a planar gate. You can cast the gate at a higher difficulty and with a cat to give those that pass through it a temporary asylum as well though you will need to see if that is within your ability.

Good luck all of you,
Thank you, Link, I believe you are correct in that statement.

As for Brand, because I know his name, we can likely summon him with a Summon Foundation Elemental scroll. He is a Lord class Elemental, though, so the ritual should require fourteen tomes, a level of skill I do not possess. Also, will an Elemental Lord from the plane be enough of a link? That's another question we'll need answered by Ernest before we do anything.

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We are in a Planar Lock. If we had the connection to be able to summon a fire elemental, we could just go to Fire and connect the plane.

Ah... then I won't be of any use. If Brand cannot get here, I do not actually have any special link to Fire. That does leave the possibility that the words of power I'm seeking currently are tied to the planes, but I wouldn't count on it as an option until we actually have the other half of the word and can verify whether they are directly tied to the planes or are a facet of will magic.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, of the Seekers.

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