Reward for Recovering Dagger


To anyone on the kalinthian isles that can safely assist ፤

I seek to recover a dagger of pewter obsidian alloy ⸴ engraved with kishaj in the shape of the apis constellation on both sides of its blade ⸴ which was lost approximately a month ago on the island of isla primos · It is not possessed of any magical powers or mystical destiny within my knowledge ፥ it is simply a piece of my cultural heritage that has intense sentimental value · My few private inquiries have thus far turned up nothing ⸴ and so i am offering a reward ·

The blade's last known location was an abandoned farm fifteen miles south of the town of crypt · In the interest of safety i must caution any seeking my reward that the animals of the farm in question had contracted some sort of rabid illness ⸴ though before we left the area we had disposed of the creatures and burned their bodies to prevent the spread of the infection ·

My duties in and for dragonreach through the mists may prevent me from returning to the kalinthian isles for some time · So while ideally i would love to have the dagger returned to me as soon as possible ⸴ i also realise the infeasibility of such a request · Simply to know that someone has my dagger safe and secure until my return would be sufficient ·

For the acquisition and return of this dagger i am currently offering ten gold pieces · But if the finder was able to bring or send it to dragonreach sooner than my return to kalinthas ⸴ i will add another five gold pieces to the reward ·

Blessings of my ancestors and yours on your search and safety ⸴
እላሪኦነ ዲሆርሷ ራሚለ ኤረጠደሪመ
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I remember the dagger. I’ll see if I can take some folks and get it next time I’m in the isles. Uh not positive when that is cause things but we’re getting your dagger back at some point dang it!


Thank you blue · My statement still stands ፥ if you get it for me ⸴ you will be rewarded · The offer applies to adventurers and kalinthian natives alike ·

~ i.d.r.e