[.11] Rogue State


I just switched my character over to the new set up. Level 21. I have gotten 10x more deadly. I am a huge fan of alchemy. And as a sylvanborn I have a lot of craftsmans. I will be playing more with a bow for longer scourges coating my arrows with 5 or 10 extra damage.
I put build in take outs for my weapon skills. Didn't buy one backstab or back attack. But I have 5 assassinates 5 improved assassinates. 7 waylays 4 dodges. 2 doom blows and two strike from the front skill.
Granted in not going to be on the front line doing much damage but can fill in if needed.
Then when the opportunity comes I can put something down quick.
Put all this with magic items. A rouge will truly be an assassin. That can stay up through a hard battle and be instrumental in finishing off a bbg.

But this is how I built mine