Stormbreak pre-reg for June 30 event

1. Kelly Allard
2. Scott Kondrk + prelogisted
3. Dee Kondrk
4. Heidi Hooper
5. Mike Ventrella
6. Eric Gibson + prelogisted
7. Mitzie Gibson
8. Dominic Alioto + prelogisted
9. Kris Kitts + prelogisted
10. Dustin Crewell
11. Erika Noach
12. David DeMartino + event membership
13. Emily O'Neil + prelogisted
14. Kenneth Swartz + prelogisted
15. Lexx Ravenhallow
16. Gabriel Obermayer +prelogisted
17. Dylan Conklin
18. Nicholas Turano + event membership
19. Akiva Blickstein +prelogisted
20. Nick Browne + event membership
21. Daniel Gelerman
22. Jessica Cutter
23. Robert Stoel
24. Mitchell Wrobel + event membership
25. Alexander Kracht + prelogisted
26. Dirk Kassner + prelogisted
27. Ryan Kelsey + event membership + prelogisted
28. Miles Lizak
29. Tyson Weise + prelogisted
30. Matthew Dioguardo + event membership
31. Michaela Nolan + event membership
32. Jon Calderon + event membership
33. Elizabeth VanFleet
34. Guest of Elizabeth VanFleet
35. Amanda Troy
36. William Mann
37. Mandy Sevetsky + event membership
38. Will Kinkaid + prelogisted
39. Jason Herbst + event membership
40. Colby Lingerfelt
41. Ashley Thomas
42. Dustin Springer
43. Christine Maudlin + prelogisted
44. Daniel Ortiz + prelogisted
45. Jordan Krebs
46. Paul Boyle + $50 food donation + prelogisted
47. Peter Tancredi + trial membership + prelogisted
48. Danielle Darwell
49. Cassidy Cording
50. Adam Cushion

1. Henry Hart
2. Hoyce McGurgle
3. Magdalen Blankenship
4. Aaron Marks
5. Chris Frueh
6. Jason Potechko
7. Jeremy Brand + trial membership
8. Adam Schaller
9. Keir Sayenga
+ yearly membership

Phoenix (4 beds): Commoner's Cabin
Gryphon (4 beds): Dominic Alioto
Dragon (4 beds): Mage's Guild
Pegasus (6 beds): Dylan Conklin
Gargoyle (8 beds): Black Tusk Warband
Wyvern (6 beds): Century Hawk Mercenaries

Fire (4 beds): Kelly Allard
Water (4 beds): Erika Noach
Earth (2 beds): Kris Kitts
Air (6 beds): Kyle Spriggle
Spirit (7 beds): William Mann

Note on housing: There are enough beds for everyone, but we ask that you be kind to those who may show up and don't have a reserved space. If someone has no place to sleep and you have a spare bed, please be kind and let them stay there. Also, please don't reserve one of the spots that has 6 or 8 beds if there are only 4 on your team -- get one of the smaller cabins instead.

One cabin has been set aside for the "commoner's cabin" for those who did not make arrangements beforehand for sleeping space.
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Gettysburg Staff
Paid and pre-reg'd



Before we get too far here - do you want to officially enforce a 3:1 ratio (not counting Plot-staff)? Also, holy crap folks! I'm super excited that 3 days after event 1 we already have 8 pre-registered players!! : )

Mike, you did not include Magdalen Blankenship - the third (and arguably most important) member of our plot triad. You can assume that the three of us will be NPCing all events for Stormbreak (but really, we shouldn't be counting towards that 3:1 ratio).

Thank you all! Super excited to see where you folks take the game!



Gettysburg Staff
Just paid to play Tibialis and reserve Earth.


That last pre-reg is for Dustin Crewell :)


HQ Staff
Just paid for Erika Noach and David DeMartino to PC and to reserve Water!

I have received a payment for a room reservation but the person did not pay for the event yet. You MUST pay for the event before reserving a room -- the rooms are not for NPCs, nor do we want people to pay the lesser fee and then wait till the last minute to pay for the event, thus keeping paying players from getting a room.

I'm sure you all agree with this policy (I hope!)... I have sent emails to the person who paid for the room but haven't heard back yet.


Your favorite swamp witch will be making her way into your hearts and the DARKNESS IN YOUR HEART as well.

That's uh, Emily O'Neil as Hypatia Vasko.


Paid for Oxalis of Wyndael! Can't wait to see y'all again!
Paid for Daniel Gelerman to PC Hoknath of the Blacktusks.

Daniel Gelerman also paid for Nick Browne to PC (3-month trial membership and Stormbreak event)

Ericka S.

Ericka Skirpan paid/registered for Vesper Simanova for June 30th event.


Robert Stoel to play the PC, Vordt.

Matt D

Registered for 3 people (Matt Dioguardo, Jon Calderon, and Michaela Nolan).
PayPal payment is most likely under the name Grace Dioguardo (don't put her name down, she's not playing! only put the names listed before! thank you!)

-Matt D