Stradyn LCO Special High Magic Abilities

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  1. Kasuni

    Kasuni Squire Owner Seattle Staff

    Hey Everyone!

    As some of you heard, in Stradyn, there are some special LCO High Magic Abilities available for purchase at logistics:

    Earth High Magic
    Earth Atunement (Minor) - 2 High Magic per 5 day effect - May throw 50 charges of "5 elemental earth"
    Earth Atunement (Major) - 5 High Magic per 5 day effect - May throw Unlimited charges of "5 elemental earth"

    These are available beginning at our June 30th, 2017 Weekend Event!
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  2. Draven

    Draven Baron Seattle Staff Marshal

    I weirdly just saw this post.
  3. Samyania

    Samyania Artisan

    Late to the attunement party again. Tsk.
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  4. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

    Just to clarify, this is Elemental Earth, not Elemental Healing, correct?
  5. Kasuni

    Kasuni Squire Owner Seattle Staff

  6. Kevar

    Kevar Fighter

    It's ok, you can make it Elemental Healing. I am OK with it. (You quiet down over there Ben!)
  7. Hava

    Hava Newbie

    Can these be used by a celestialist?
  8. Hava

    Hava Newbie

    Also, how much are they and is payment in coin or Goblin Points?
  9. Renner

    Renner Adept

    It earth high magic, so usable by earth formalists if they use high magic points.
  10. Draven

    Draven Baron Seattle Staff Marshal

    That's correct. These aren't items, but a way for Earth Casters to use their High Magic points that are accumulated via the Formal Magic skill.
  11. Alavatar

    Alavatar Baron Marshal

    May an Earth Formalist purchase either multiple times? If yes, do the effects stack? (i.e. use 15 HM to purchase the "Earth Atunement (Major)" three times for unlimited 15 Elemental Earth for 5 days)
  12. Avaran

    Avaran Baron

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  13. Draven

    Draven Baron Seattle Staff Marshal

    Hey there, Adam.

    Yes, it's correct. If you have concerns, I'd recommend taking them to Emily privately, as this isn't really the place to start a conversation about whether they're good for the game or not.
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  14. Chasmania

    Chasmania Artisan

    Is there an in game explanation for this additional high magic ability, especially for characters who haven't been around for a few years?
  15. Chasmania

    Chasmania Artisan

    Also, hypothetically speaking, of course, could one purchase "5 elemental chaos"?
  16. Saephis

    Saephis Squire

    Yes, AFAIK. I like swords, though.
    FOIG, as of June 23rd.
  17. Samyania

    Samyania Artisan


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