The 16% Question


Oregon Staff
siriuslyyellow said:
Well, that's essentially what I meant. Instead of forcing PCs to NPC, show new players the benefits of NPCing and maybe chapters having trouble getting NPCs will get more. I feel like because a lot of people talk about NPCing as if it's work or something undesirable, that is what makes some new players feel like they don't want to do it. It's all in how it's presented. "Not sure if you like the game? Come NPC, it's cheaper and easier and there's no commitment!" is a lot more enticing than "Hey, you should NPC because we need people to work rotating shifts of generic monsters for the players to kill in the forest." Again, just my two cents. :p
Well, that is how Oregon (and Seattle) puts out NPCing. And from talking to the various people who NPC, myself included, almost all of them do it because they enjoy not having to be pinned down to 1 character all weekend, they area able to learn and use a wide range of skills, along with it being a great way to build up your character so that when you do roll around to PC (or start PCing at chapter C or D instead of your home chapter A where you NPC) you are not starting at 2-3rd level & you already have had the chance to run the gambit of skills and will probably have a pretty solid 'I like to play these skills' character already in mind instead of rolling up from 1-5 and figuring out 'wow, I really don't care for swinging pipes but gee I wish I was playing a caster now.'