The Beacon of Hope [Big West Hook]


Squire Shanshi,

Through means which I prefer not to discuss, I can often hear the whispers of events through the Mists and once per year the 'means' allows me to travel. Many whom I had called friends and allies now reside in Malestrom and I will come to the aid of all.

Although I lack powers in both wizardry and war, I have a certain knack of finding and collecting things that are often thought lost or are well hidden. With your permission and guidance from any who have knowledge on such things and perhaps with some also interested in taking upon the quest, I plan on attempting to locate those spirits that remain hidden and see what, if any, can offer help. I will not discuss anything further as it is not known who may also be hearing this message but suffice it to say, I will be there.

And knowing how much he worships me, I'm quite sure my friend, Kintar - hater of all things necrotic - will find me there as well.


Charlottesville Staff
Warmest greetings Squire Shin,

Your situation is a dire one indeed.
Unfortunately, I am currently helping my people rebuild the Kingdom after far too many wars. My people have little coin to spare, but I can certainly send some coin from my personal treasury to aide your endeavor.

Perchance have you, or anyone else you may know, come across a Dwarf named Valím? He has recently vanished from Ashbury. I suspect he may have ended up in one of your lands. If so, have him dream to me and I will find a way to move some gold to your noble case.

Squire Altohtaro Armand
Northern Imladar Regional Command - Special Forces Division, Ohtar
Imladari Ambassador Pro Tempore to the Duchy of Ashbury
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Squire Altohtaro Armand,

I can confirm that Master Blacksmith Valím is safe and resides within the Maelstrom while he attends to personal matters. He has been of great help to the effort here in my home- I will pass your concern and greetings on to him and ask him to dream to you.

I know some of the situation within Ashbury and am immensely grateful for the help you offer, especially while you are in the midst of rebuilding.

In service,
Clerk Terren


Akemi, Kasuni, Sir Knight Terren and Squire Shin,

I apologize for the lateness of this reply, our land has been dealing with a political nightmare as of late. I wish to inform you that those of us formerly of Parson's Breach in the land of Calanda have heard Squire Shin's call. We shall bring what aid we can to help in your land's time of conflict.

Master Scarlett Sunforger
Artisan of the Hammer Outfitters
Aspirant of the Outer Earth Circle
Oh... Oh my goodness-

Uh, p-please... I am not a knight in any, way, shape or form- I am simply originally from a village called Knight's Ferry. My people use the name of our birthplace as our surname. I am certainly flattered Master Scarlett, but the path of the knight is not for me.

It will be a pleasure to see you once more as always, though I wish it could have been under different circumstances. Hopefully some of the faces you bring will be ones I recognize as well- I look forward to seeing old friends.

In service,
Clerk Terren


My dear friend Shin,
I will do my best to be there and assist in any way. My duties in Foxbridge may delay me some, but I hope to be there soon.
Ambassador Orin Sylvanus


Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
I'd like to bring up an uncomfortable subject for those of us who will be assisting in this matter. It is one that many people prefer to not discuss - until it becomes an issue. It is one that many people consider crude, or gauche, or inappropriate to speak of in a heroic context.

I speak of major pieces of treasure and valuables.

Too often this becomes a source of conflict as folk from different lands - with different methods and expectations - find that something very valuable is in the holding of a potent enemy that we defeat.

To (hopefully!) avoid this topic as a source of anger and frustration - something which I have seen happen far too many times at Fortannis-wide gatherings - I would nominate Clerk Terren as a fair-minded adventurer to deal with (auction/trade/liquidate/split/whatever he determines) any significant valuables that appear in major battles attended by a significant portion of the group that will be arriving shortly in the Maelstrom. This allows us visitors to bow to local custom, and Clerk Terren has shown himself to be someone trustworthy and interested in even-handed treaties and dealings. It's not really necessary when you're going with your own group of trusted companions, but large battlefields can be chaotic at the best of times.

It is up to others whether to agree to this plan or not, but I would strongly recommend you at least consider following Terren's determination in this matter. Otherwise each group, adventurer, and land ends up trying to go their own way - which can lead to anarchy and disharmony on the battlefield. Such things can doom a well-laid battle plan, and I'd rather head such things off beforehand than try and get an answer on the fly.

(Sorry to throw this on you, Terren - but I think you're the best person for a tough job, and I trust you to do it well!)

-Lord Polare Lissenstine of the Ceriopolis
*a startled sound*

I- I- oh- well- uh- uh-
*a silent pause*

Well, a-as most of you who have met me know, I care extremely little for loot. It is my experience that I gain more in friends and allies and goodwill than I ever have in coin from a loot split.

Actually, uh, a few people have come t-to me already asking about loot.

If we are, well, if we are being blunt and forthright about the situation and I am being placed in charge of it, I have a few rules. I will reiterate these rules at the gather as the hour grows upon us and not e-e-everyone may be dreaming.

Please keep and split whatever loot you find on individual missions with your own small groups as you please.

I have a f-few people who can help me conduct the loot split, chief among them Clerk Andrew the Bard. Please give loot you find during major battles to Clerks- they can be identified by large silver feather pins with a book in the center. A specific 'bag' person will be identified prior to large battles, but I trust any of the other Clerks to hand in loot as well. Clerks will also be named at the start of the gather, as t-they will be acting as information desks for our visitors.

Magic items and ritual scrolls found during large scale battles will be auctioned off. The t-times of the auctions will be announced, and they will begin at the time they are scheduled for in whatever we have that passes for a main gathering spot.

Myself and a-a-all the other Clerks and and people who help with loot are extremely busy and we don't have much time. Any u-u-unclaimed loot from splits will go into the Clerk's box to be used to buy supplies and food for the Maelstrom and it's populace. If you wish to donate your share, or part of your share, that will be absolutely acceptable and we very much appreciate it.

I c-c-an't stop anyone from stealing loot from the battlefield. Nobody can. I ask, then, plead even, if you are a person who tends- for whatever reason- to take from the field- please do not double dip as it were. Please do not put your name down for loot split if you are also taking things. There are enough people coming and enough people that leave their names off of loot lists- myself included- for other reasons that it won't "give you away." Even if you take something that seems small, leave yourself off the loot split list. I'm not interested in your justifications for stealing from the b-battlefield- just if you insist on stealing from your friends, allies and my homeland, well, please don't steal twice.

Obviously if individuals are caught taking from t-the battlefield, their peers will determine retribution for them. If people wish m-me to make decisions along the lines of punishment I will- but I would rather leave that as a bridge to cross when we (hopefully don't) come to it.

If you find items that seem to have an unusual relevance to Maelstrom- items heavily tied to it or which seem to resonate with it ((OOG Maelstrom specific plot items)), I implore you to turn them over to a Clerk. They may be key pieces needed to save my homeland. I don't know if any such items will appear, but if they do please at least come speak to me. We don't have much coin, but we can scrape a little together if you truly wish to be paid for the item. If you are one of the abovementioned people that takes from the battlefield and you find such an item I will not ask any questions if you bring it to me. My home means more to me than persecuting an individual.

Our land doesn't have much and faces times of great, great hardship and that grants a somewhat different perspective on things as small as coins- so I ask everyone to please keep in mind the needs of our friends, allies, kinsmen, and neighbors. We are all here to fight and save our homes, we're all risking our lives, and I will always trust all of you unless I am given a reason not to.

See everyone soon.

In service,
Clerk Terren
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Squire Shin et all,

I have been wandering for some time, but I have been to the Maelstrom once and have loathed Outsiders for a long time. I will bring aid in the form of healing magic.


Luinil Oberon
Chancellor of Woodbane