The Beacon of Hope [Big West Hook]


To all Those who stand in the Defense of Fortannis: The Maelstrom and The Guardians of the New Moon call out to you.

Some of you may know me, others of you may not. I come to each and every one of you now, in the hour of The Maelstrom's most desperate need.

Those Wretched Beings of the Outside make ceaseless war upon the inhabitants of the Maelstrom and strike at us in our most vulnerable moments. It is in this fight against them that I call to Fortannis, to unite all of those Mist Walkers together in common purpose against our common foe. These beings seek to not only to corrupt and destroy the lands of the Maelstrom but to unmake all realms of Fortannis.

We are in need of aid from the all the lands of Fortannis through the Mists.

We are in need of supplies, clothing and weapons for our people understocked and fighting a relentless battle.

We are in need of materials and resources with which to fight Outsiders, these wretched foes. The likes of which are rare throughout Fortannis. The things that resonate with the land, seas and sky that we call our home.

More than anything, we need those of you willing to stand beside us in the fight. Every being, together, in arms against this vile threat of annihilation. While we call for supplies and materials, what we really need are the Heroes of Fortannis. The Maelstrom is faced with the threat of Outsiders.

Some of you fought Aelin Mor and the Outsider Sightless in the Neverwhen, some have heard tales of them and their forces. We face an extraordinary Outsider threat now, in the wake of their defeat in the Neverwhen. We have seen dark conjunctions tipping the scales of our world to a path forged by these being. If they consume Maelstrom, if we do not succeed, their influence and destruction will spread forth to all lands of Fortannis. They will not stop until Fortannis is no more. These are the truest enemies of Fortannis. We need you All to come help us fight them.

I call to the Lands of Acarthia. The Lands of Aer'Astria, Sedovia. The Lands of The Ceriopolis and Strayden.

I call to the Deadlands and Ashbury. To Barran and Caldaria. To Enerret.

I call out in dear need to all the Lands of Fortannis in the hours of our need.

Please, if you can hear this call send answer to Akemi, Kasuni, Terren of Knight's Ferry and myself. Call out here, make your voice known.

We have the knowledge to be spread on how best to combat the foe and of the coming dangers to our Realms that these Wretched Outsiders pose.

Hope burns Bright. Now and Always. We stand as one Fortannis United.

In Service to the Light and Fortannis
- Squire Shin Shanshi
House of the Zodiac
Order of the New Moon

(( OOG: Hey All, We're putting together quite an extensive In-between Game Downtime for the Maelstrom leading up to Big West! Also note, That this is the first hook For Big West! That's right, come help us fight Outsiders at Big West!! We're putting together a huge resource draw from all the chapters across Alliance before Big West - so if you're interested in contributing to the downtime, please feel free to send me (Shin) [], Raine Mauss (Akemi) [], Emily Mungo (Kasuni) [] and Spencer Winter (Terren) [] an email and I can get you linked in! Looking forward to it!))
Greetings Shin,

I was not called to the Neverwhen to fight Aelin Mor and Sightless, but you will have my magic on hand to assist in this challenge. I have a few tricks up my sleeve I plan to have available for this endeavor.

Alavatar Peece
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Ah ha! I knew I'd be in luck, I've missed the last few world, or is it worlds, ending calamities simply because I had not hit my hundredth birthday yet. It seems that I was right and another end of the world was just right around the corner for me to take part in. Now I can't come right there, I have a planned stop in another land that's currently in their latest 'we aren't sure yet what's going to kill us next' period. I might have some down time while I'm tinkering before bed so if there is a specific type of supply you are in need perhaps I can bring some that in addition to my, let's call it ambitiously novice celestial talents.

Kalith Toovir
- Valdanis Grand Melee Champion
- Sparer of Goblins (I still don't know why but she asked so nicely)
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Greetings Shin,

We in Acarthia have heard your call, and stand with you. Though our lands are similarly wracked with turmoil of a different kind, those we can spare will aid you.

Having not traveled beyond our local Mists, I have heard tales of the Maelstrom from both our own people, and several visitors from your lands and further. I have personal concerns, however, about my whether my presence would be beneficial - I am Marked by Flame, and I would not wish to undermine your cause by allowing unwelcome forces into your lands. I've heard tale from one of my compatriots, that he himself was used in such fashion, and caused something of a flood.

~Alexander Fairfax
Court Mage to the Barony of Rivervale, Acarthia

I will stand with you and spread word of this to the best of my ability. We of Acarthia have a gather soon, I intend to spread word and speak with those gifted with marks of the elements. You and I have spoken briefly of this before. I look forward to standing by your side once more.

Diavoláki Puck.
Squire Shin,

I will also do what I can to assist. Supplies should not be an issue, and I will enlist the aid of a few others to transport a fair amount. Having missed the battle against Aelin Mor, I don't know what these threats are, but I'll bring what and who I can to help. If there are specific needs we might be able to fill supply-wise, please let us know.

Lagarde Rhoade
- Captain of the Salty Vixen

I will stand with you and spread word of this to the best of my ability. We of Acarthia have a gather soon, I intend to spread word and speak with those gifted with marks of the elements. You and I have spoken briefly of this before. I look forward to standing by your side once more.

Diavoláki Puck.


For those of you who are elementally marked, I will begin to explore effective solutions for the Maelstrom. I will keep you updated so you may pass whatever information I find to the others.

Thank you all for your aid.

All of the best,

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I have sworn to help the people of the Maelstrom, and I will stand with them, and with you all, in this coming fight.

I am not strong, nor experienced, but I am determined. And I have hope.

Clerk Pluvianella Charbonneau
Senior Underscholar, Winter Vale College of Magic and Sciences
Initiate of the Speakers of the Land
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Shin, Akemi, Terren, Kasuni,

My oaths shall be upheld. You have my staff, quill, and bakery at your disposal. Any information on the enemy's weaknesses, so I may properly stockpile battle scrolls would be very useful.

Celestial Guildmember of Sedovia and Ceriopolis
Hello friends!

We are working on a general primer of information about the enemy we face, and I'll be working on a 'cheat sheet' abbreviated version of my longer introduction to Maelstrom primer (located here).

Two very important pieces of information to make sure get passed around right now however:

1. The mists around the Maelstrom are treacherous. I and my Clerks are setting up methods right now that will make travelling through them a little easier but if possible please arrange to travel with someone who has already made the trip before and knows the mists around here. If you, or your group does not have access to someone who has been to the Maelstrom before, please contact me ASAP so I can arrange a guide to your land.

2. I am the primary contact for managing supplies and food- if you are bringing supplies for the populace or have contacts and methods for ongoing supplies, please contact me so it can be logged in our inventories and distributed to the people it needs to go to (Captain Lagarde and Champion Kalith, I'll dream to you in a moment).

In service,
Clerk Terren

((OOG I am Spencer! My email as given in the initial post is ))
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Know I am with you. Whatever need you have of me, I am at your disposal.

Tell me how to help, and I will do so if it is in my power.

-Squire Hildir' Yggdrasil
House Phoenix

You already know that I stand with you, as a sister, as a guardian of the new moon, as a fellow squire. But I will say it again, to add to the resonances of hope and unity which gather in this dream.

I am with you. I am with all of you, for the light and for the land we make our homes in.

May we never recoil in the face of our enemy, may we be champions of right and good wherever we tread.

Friends across Fortannis,

Thank you, all of you, for the aid you lend to this cause. It will not soon be forgotten and it will be an honor to fight beside many of you once again.

For those I have not had the pleasure of meeting I look forward to shedding blood with newfound compatriots.

In service,
Knight Candidate Marisa Silverrose
House Phoenix
Order of the New Moon
Order of the Silver Rose

I will bring my magic to this cause. These Outsiders are terrible beings, and if I can help, I will do so.

Primal Shaman of Stradyn
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Shin, 'Kemi, Kasuni, and Terren,

I will always do all that I can to aid in anyway that I can. Tell me what is needed and I will do all I can to assist.

Pachow Panda
Shin et all,

You know that you can count on me to assist you in this struggle. I will be there in whatever capacity is necessary.

Vartane în,
-Durnic Daeron
Shin, Kasuni, Terren, Akemi,

I have been able to spread some information regarding some past events with the Outsiders that have occurred in the Maelstrom and how it was fought, as I have learned through Kjeld and Kasuni, to others in Foxbridge. I have not had been to your lands, but please count me in on helping destroy these Outsiders.
I am happy to bring material supplies as well, and will message Clerk Terren to see if I have access to anything that is of specific need.

I happen to have a personal distaste for Outsiders, Fae, and their ilk. I'd be quite happy to participate in... "removing"... any that continue to poison the realms of Fortannis. Translator enjoys the taste of their blood.

-Lord Polare Lissenstine of the Ceriopolis
Friends, against such an force, terrifying and foolish it may be to fight, you will have my unflinching aid. The shadows are gathering in the space between spaces. May they break upon our solidarity like water on stone.
Squire Greylight and Defenders of Fortannis,

It is always my pleasure and privilege to support Fortannis and the brave efforts of the stalwart souls who call the Maelstrom home.

Supplies will be mustered, and a handful of Acarthians will be there in person to support the effort. We will be ready to follow Terran once more into the breach. You will be joined in person by myself, Baron Morningtide, Blue, and Master Rork.

I will see about working with Rivervale and Bayenna in acquiring some more Acarthian Chickens to feed the brave warriors who make the trek.

Respectfully and Fondly,
Baroness K. W. Elavir
Shin, Kasuni and Terren,

I will come with my fellow Acarthians through the mists and aid you to the best of my abilities. I have not had a chance in recent months to cross the mists and help but I will at this time of dire need. I will speak with Warchester and the Baroness soon and see what I can help bring through the mists.

May the stars guide you,

Guildswoman Lumi Court Mage of Warchester